Tony Petrello: Helping Nabors Industries To Prosper

Petrello is the gas and oil giant Nabors Industries chairman, CEO and president. He provides the company with visionary leadership, excellent strategic planning initiatives and clear, powerful direction.

Tony Petrello is an inspiring success story. He grew up in a working-class community in Newark, New Jersey and his hard work, natural intelligence and leadership skills have made him the highest paid CEO. He is also adept at handling his operating functions and helped to make the company hundreds of millions of dollars.

Through the work of Tony Petrello as Nabors Industries president and CEO the company has been able to out-produce the competition and continue to burnish its position as the leading land based oil and gas contractor. This has often been challenging as the price of and cost to produce oil and gas has fluctuated wildly over the past decade. But Petrello has proven his worth and the company has continued to prosper under his leadership. He has been able to help them find many diverse opportunities for exploration and be able to penetrate lucrative new markets.

After earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics from Yale University, Tony Petrello opted not to pursue a career in academia. Instead he enrolled at Harvard University’s law school. Once he completed juris doctor he was hired by the New York law firm Baker & McKenzie. It was there that Nabors Industries became aware of Petrello and was impressed by his abilities. Nabors is one of Baker & McKenzie’s largest and most important clients. They were able to convince Tony Petrello to leave Baker & McKenzie and become president and CEO of Nabors Industries in 1991.

Since joining Nabors Industries Petrello has received several promotions. In 2003 he was promoted to deputy chairman of the company. He became the chairman of Nabors board of directors in 2012. Petrello is also the director of the Hilcorp Energy Company as well as Stewart & Stevenson LLC. Using his prodigious skills Petrello has played a significant role in helping all the companies with which he works to do well in a dynamic, very competitive environment.

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