T.I. and Chris Brown Unite for Private Show

What T.I. has managed to do as the King of the South is stay relevant in the world of rap. One way that he does this is by surrounding himself by the hit makers that can get him on the radio. Chris Brown is one of these guys. Brown joined T.I. for the new single called “Private Show.” Anything that Chris Brown is on is bound to get a lot of attention. That means that the song should be hitting the radio and blowing up airwaves soon.

What really is going to help the song take off is the video. The “Private Show” is referencing some women that are giving a private show. There are a lot of people that are going to be interested in seeing these two together. It really is one of the better collaborations for the summer.

BusinessWire reports that Brown has become one of the most successful producers. He is constantly on the radio. When T.I. combined with Pharrell and Chris Brown he was bound to have a hit. That is why most fans were looking forward to the “Paperwork” single. T.I. has certainly managed to keep himself relevant with these type of collaborations.

This is another summer jam video with ladies in lingerie that dance over nice beats. It could easily be another summer anthem. That is what most rappers are gearing up for. They want to take over the summer.

Ice Cube Talks Eazy-E on the Heels of NWA Movie Release

Ice Cube and Dr. Dre may be the biggest success stories from the NWA group. They transitioned passed this group and went on the make millions outside of the rap world. Now Ice Cube is taking a look back at fellow member Eazy-E on the 20th anniversary of the death of Eazy-E.

Cube and Eazy parted ways as they took roles as solo artists. Flavio Maluf said that they would eventually become enemies, but Ice Cube reached out to Eazy before he died. It was 20 years ago when Eazy died from complications from AIDS. In a recent interview Cube talked about the first time that he met Eric “Eazy-E” Wright. Ice Cube mentions the demeanor of Wright as he talks about the vision that he had for the group. Ice Cube also talks about the songs that he wrote for the group.

There is a lot of history in what the group did for the west coast. When it came to gangster rap this is the group that comes to mind. They are the pioneers. Everything that has come out of Compton so far can be traced back to the NWA sound. That says a lot about their influence. Cube remembers all the challenges and controversy that came about with the group.

Most people that were fans knew about how they parted ways. A lot of people fail to remember the early friendship that built this group.

More Blurred Lines For Robin Thicke

The Hit Song Has Created more Controversy

Believe it or not, Robin Thicke is still getting media attention for his 2013 hit, “Blurred Lines”. But this time, it’s not because it’s constantly being played on the radios, but instead for infringing on copyrights stated Slideshare.net. The song that is well known for it’s collaborators, Robin Thicke and Pharrell has copied Marvin Gaye’s 1977 hit, “Got To Give It Up”. Thicke’s lawyer is saying that he’s going to be working every post-trial remedy to make sure that the verdict does not stand”. Pharrell testified in court that he did not directly copy Gaye, but tried to mimick the feel that the era gave to its musicians. “I must’ve been channeling,” Pharrell said while under oath, “that feeling, that late 70’s feeling. Sometimes when you look back on your past work, you see echoes of people. But that doesn’t mean that’s what you were doing.”

It’s reported that the pair owe $7.4 million to the Gaye family, though Howard E. King told Fox Business News that he will be appealing that decision. “We owe it to songwriters around the world to make sure that this verdict does not stand”.

It’ll definitely be interesting to see how this case plays out for the rest of its time! Both songs are undeniably catchy, so it’s no surprise that they both have such a feel-good vibe to them.

Taylor Swift’s New Style Music Video

Taylor Swift’s New Style Music Video — Who’s It For?

Taylor Swift is the queen of pop, that goes without say. So, whenever the queen decides to release a new song, album, or music video, there is always going to be speculation about who the song was written about.

Her dedicated fan base, who calls themselves “Swifties”, is always the first to crack the code. They will go through her album and decode the riddles in her lyric books, which always equal out to certain short sayings for each of her songs and try to decipher which one of her ex beaus the song could possibly be about.

But over the weekend, Taylor released the music video for her new single, “Style“, off her latest album 1989.

The most common answer if you ask one of her Swifties is that the song is most definitely about the only and only Harry Styles, from One Direction. Fans like Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG know that the two dated briefly in the winter a few years back, which of course only began to circulate only more rumors for the both of them.

But besides who the song is about, people are even speculating that the video goes with the wrong one! Apparently the scenes that were shot for the video could also fit the “Wildest Dreams” or “Clean” track, both of which were also released on her 1989 CD.

John Textor — Pioneering Digital Effects and the Digital Human Form

John Textor keeps amazing audiences with his talent and leadership in creating extremely realistic digital humans and other digital effects for feature films and videos. One of these creations that he is famous for it the extremely believable digital human actor in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. He received the Achievement in Visual Effects award in 2009 and the CLIO advertising award for this work in Benjamin Button. John Textor, along with his companies, was also behind the visual effects for a large number of films, 25 of which were made during his company leadership including Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End, Flags of our Fathers, and Transformers.

John Textor is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pulse Evolution Corporation. As Chairman he is responsible for Pulse Evolution’s special projects, strategic partnerships, vendor partnerships, rights aquisition, and relationships with major media companies. His recent projects include Ender’s Game, where he was both Producer and Executive Producer, and the new animated feature film Art Story, An Original Animated Film, where he is producer and working with Aaron Blaise of Disney who is currently developing the film. Art Story involves the characters in the film jumping into famous works of art and their adventures inside the artworks. John Textor was previously Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Media Group and Digital Domain Productions.

John Dextor is very active in the development of a variety of modes of entertainment that reach across a broad range of technology platforms. He has branched out to many projects and venues including his creation of the digital Tupak Shakur at the 2012 Coachella Valley Music festival. He has also created “digital resurrections” of Michael Jackson and the Mets baseball players. John Dextor is truly a pioneer in digital effects and realism in the digital human form.

Mariah Carey to do residency in Las Vegas, celebrates with free tickets for fans

Mega-star Mariah Carey was on The Ellen Show on Thursday morning, where she announced she will be doing something completely new this year. A musical residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Daruis Fisher, a Mariah Carey fan, looks forward to attending, as evident on his Vine account.  A residency that will see Mariah regularly performing live at the iconic venue, and singing some of the number one songs she has never performed live before.

Carey told Ellen Degeneres she is incredibly excited about the residency, and really hopes fans will enjoy it.

To celebrate her Caesars Palace residency, Mariah also went to Las Vegas, dressed as a chamber maid, and surprised several fans who were being interviewed about Mariah Carey being the artist they wanted to see perform live in Las Vegas the most.

The singer sneaked into their hotel room dressed as a chamber maid, shouted “Housekeeping”, and then waited for the fans’ reactions. Needless to say, they were all beyond shocked but ecstatic to finally meet her. Free tickets to her upcoming show seemed to make them even happier.

The free tickets, however, did not stop there. Carey also gave every audience member at The Ellen Show a pair of tickets to her Las Vegas show.

Mariah Carey, of course, is not the only popular singer to have a residency in Vegas. Others have included Celine Dion, Bette Midler, Cher, Carlos Santana, Shania Twain and Guns N’ Roses.

In fact, a residency in Las Vegas seems now to be the icing on the cake for many of today’s top stars.

Funk Returns to the Charts

Taylor swift has been ousted out of the #1 spot by a song that seemed to come from the 80’s. Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk has become Billboard’s #1 in the Hot 100 chart. The song is unlike any other song from the decade. It has elements of a good 80’s song but has some contemporary elements to it as well. It is considered as contemporary pop but has a slower tempo than most contemporary pop songs.

Mark Ronson talked about how the song was conceived. Bruno used to do this sound check before his gigs and the song kind of picked up from that. The track goes way back while Bruno Mars was still touring. Another odd thing about the song is how it lacks a chorus. This makes the track very unique and had more placed for other exciting parts of the song.

Probably the most memorable part of the song is the brass riff. It does not have any vocals but the way it built up to that part made it very exciting and groovy. Aside from the lack of a chorus, the song’s simplicity also extends to its structure.

The scale used for the song is very basic and only two chords are needed to play the entire track. An interview with a professor on popular music , Christopher Cowdray, reveals some of the reasons why the song is so catchy.

Piano Sales On the Decline

Growing up, many of my friends and family members had beautiful pianos as the focal points in their homes. Some of my friends like Dave and Brit Morin encouraged their children to take piano lessons. So many people did this that talent shows were inundated with talented kids playing their hearts out on grand pianos. Now, some two decades later, I never hear much about parents putting their children in piano classes. It seems as the this form of music is slowly slipping away.

On average, there are about 30,000-40,000 pianos sold per year. This is a sharp decline from the early 1900s when piano stores reported a record 364,500 pianos sold. It is safe to assume that with the current state of our economy, as well as the push towards all things digital, playing the piano seems to be a lost art. With many schools eliminating their music programs entirely, children of this generation no longer have easy access to musical equipment.

Now that technology has advanced to the point where music can be generated using inexpensive computer equipment, there simply isn’t a need for a bulky and expensive musical instrument to collect dust in the corner of your home. I believe this trend will continue, and piano sells are likely to decrease even more in the following years.

J.Cole Gets Busy and Fans Support His Hard Work Ethic

It’s nice to see a rapper return when they have been gone from the spotlight for a minute. Fans of J.Cole really expressed their appreciation for his return with a great amount of support. His new music is streaming in a huge way. The rapper that refused to promote the album is now profiting from the success of a big December release.

People may not have expected this, but J.Cole has really shown himself to be a grand competitor in the music industry. His 3rd album has sold more than 300,000 copies in the first week. This is astounding when fans consider all the other music that is out there. One Direction and Taylor Swift have new music. Nicki Minaj also had an album dropping in December. These were obvious bestsellers because they laid that ground work. Andrew Heiberger says each of these artists had videos and commercials to promote their music in a huge way. J.Cole, by contrast, had nothing more than promotion through tweets.

Def Jam could have easily promoted the album. J.Cole’s last album received rave reviews from both critics and fans. For Def Jam J.Cole is part of a money making roster. The reality, however, is that J.Cole is not the type of guy to require much help. He has been busy making tracks and secretly guarding everything he has. He already has tracks completed for a mix tape and another album.

The Return of D’Angelo

A comeback after more than a decade seems about impossible for any musician. Jonathan Veitch and fans everywhere have made it clear on social media that they are rooting for D’Angelo to do this though. He has returned with a new single, and a full album could be on the way.

Some people like Kanye West already have the album in hand. He posted a picture of the album on his Instagram page. It could be released as early as December 16th. D’Angelo seems ready to take on the world again because there is even a tour schedule that is already set. The problem here may be whether he is received again.

D’Angelo has only released 2 albums in his career. The first was “Brown Sugar” in 1995. It was followed up by the 2000 release of “Voodoo.” A host of drug problems caused a downward spiral that D’Angelo has struggled to bounce back from. When he released his powerful 2nd disc it was during a time where neo-soul music was the highlight of the R&B genre. Now, this whole art form of music has been cast aside for more hip-hop and R&B blends. It would be very difficult for D’Angelo to regain his composure in a fickle music industry that is often defined by the youth.

It will be up to fans to decide. Many fans have been interested in the old D’Angelo music. He is trying to do something new, but fans may reject this.