Desiree is the Success Behind Tidal

Those who love music must have heard about Tidal, a music streaming company that is now doing well. There are many competing companies regarding music streaming, and that is why you have to provide quality services if you are to stand out from the crowd. Tidal had previously lagged behind compared to the competitor companies, but it is now picking up after Jay-Z came with strategies to elevate the company. Many may wonder what Jay-Z has done to push the company to great heights. Jay-Z is a rapper who has been working in the music industry for over twenty years, and that is why he knows what it takes to take a music company to the right direction.  Check this out!


Hiring Desire


According to, he bought the company with the aim of achieving a lot of success in the music streaming business. However, at some point, things seemed to work the wrong way. It came a time when top leaders started defecting from the leadership, and this gave Jay-Z a hard time during to figure the way forward. Jay-Z is not someone who can give up quickly since he believes in achieving everything that comes to his mind. He figured out and came up with the best move that left people startled. He decided to appoint Desiree to lead the team, and it worked. Remember that he has worked with Desiree and her husband for many years and he knows that the lady is capable of doing wonders.


Desiree is all Tidal needs


Desiree is all that Tidal needs to come to the top. It is because Desiree is someone who is experienced in both business and leadership. The lady has helped many musicians who have thrived in their business. Beyonce and Rihanna are some of the musicians who should thank the hard work of Desiree because of how she has helped them. She has also collaborated with Jay-Z helping him to accomplish and land million dollar deals. Jay-Z made the right decision to appoint someone who is talented and good in business to run Tidal, and as things are happening, Desiree is going Tidal achieve great success.


Josh Verne’s Recipe for a Prosperous Life and Business

Josh Vern in an interview on becoming a better person in life and business, shared about his experiences and what has always worked for him over the years. Josh noted that while it’s good to take bits of advice, it’s risky to take it from a single source and it’s equally risky not to take any at all. His advice is to listen to several people, analyze what works for you, and merge it with your vision to create a workable plan. He further advised individuals in business to involve their employees, make them a part of the solution, and create strategies that will ensure both the business and team member will benefits.

Josh also noted that he doesn’t believe in giving up on an idea, but by personally involving himself with the activities and understanding the concept, he can identify what is not working on time and come up with a different method to make it work. He recommends aspiring entrepreneurs to identify their passion, ask questions to understand concepts, know what risks they can undertake, remain modest and grounded, possess a positive attitude, and create no room for failure.


About Josh Verne.

Josh Verne is a Philadelphia-based businessman and an internet enthusiast. He boasts over 20 years’ experience in leadership and ability to grow startups. His career started at Home Line Furniture where he worked as president between 1995 and 2011. He then acquired work pays.Me, a company that encourages financial growth by allowing individuals to access easy-to-pay purchases. In 2015, Josh founded his current business FlockU, a site built by students that enable them view and exchange ideas.

Equities First Holdings – Importance of Finance and Its Role within Business

The vital utilization of financial instruments, for example, loans and investments, is critical to the accomplishment of each business. Financial patterns additionally characterize the condition of the economy on a worldwide level, enabling central banks to appropriately plan for monetary policies. In the current monetary crisis, it is essential for businesses to seek for alternative lending solutions. Equities First Holdings was launched in 2002 and with 15 years experience of supporting startups and individuals, the giant in lending services has continued to give solutions and urgent stock-based loans.

When any elements of the financial progress breaks down, the activities of the business are affected. Finance is the progress of creating, shifting and utilizing cash enabling the flow of cash via the organization in the similar way it facilitates global cash flow. Money is brought about by the force of sales when the company trades its services or goods. The cash obtained is then spent in production where it is applied in obtaining more products for trade. That means without cash, the process of trade for any organization would get affected. Whenever permanent or short-term financial challenges arise, thus they affected the operation of your business. Understanding the significance of your business financing, Equities First Holdings is a special company that comes into handy when startups or even individuals are in crisis.

All the world economic facets rely on the orderly progress of finance. Capital markets give the cash to support enterprises and businesses give the money in supporting individuals. Equities First Holdings is hyper-focused allowing the organization to function on the deal by deal basis. After applying the loan, the loan process is unique being simple, secure and transparent. For borrowers, the first step is to contact the team of professionals concerning the amount of funding and the proposed collateral. In today’s technological world, Equities First Holdings makes all the difference.


Desiree Perez and the Success of Tidal

Tidal has undergone several advancements as a music streaming company. The company has also released album exclusives recorded by prominent artists such as Kanye West, Rihanna, and Beyoncé. Tidal’s dominance in the music streaming business can be attributed to its top-notch executives. Desiree Perez is one of the officials who recently joined the company’s leadership team. She is renowned as a close business partner of Jay Z for the last twenty years. Perez was also instrumental in managing SC Enterprises. Under her leadership, SC Enterprises expanded its services from local to international clients. Her husband, Juan Perez, is an executive at Roc Nation Sports, a brand owned and co-founded by Jay Z.  Source:



Desiree Perez has been praised for her fierce negotiating skills. Music bloggers have compared her to Cookie of Fox’s Empire TV Series. Perez is focused on exercising her executive skills for productivity purposes. She was instrumental in the implementation of Beyoncé’s Formation tour. She also negotiated with Samsung to sign Rihanna. Perez also belongs to the Hova Circle that comprises of Jana Fleischman, Chaka Pilgrim, TyTy Smith, and Jay Brown. The Hova Circle controls the publishing, management, and label operations of Roc Nation. The circle is also the brains behind Tidal’s dominance in the music streaming. Perez, Brown, Smith, Pilgrim, and Fleischman act as Tidal’s strategic planning think tanks. They usually evaluate new service and music releases to ensure that they suit modern music demands.

Read more here. has been targeting young music consumers thanks to Perez and other members of the Hova Circle. Perez once noted that young music consumers have a significant impact on albums and single sales. She also added that the streaming marketplace is competitive because of the technological innovations being developed these days. Besides adding Desiree Perez as an executive, Tidal also released Tidal Discovery as a playlist for new releases. The streaming company also released Tidal Rising for emerging artists and Tidal X for exclusive live performances. Jay Z channeled the expertise of professionals such as Perez in strengthening relationships with the company’s artists. His unique taste in music and vision has also been instrumental in the growth of Tidal.

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John Goullet’s Commitment to Offering Unique IT Solutions

John Goullet, a master’s degree holder in Computer Science, combines his entrepreneurial skills and IT expertise to succeed in any venture he undertakes. His ability to read, understand, and change with the changing market trends makes him one of the most prominent IT gurus in the U.S. John knows how to take advantage of his competitors’ mistakes and doesn’t hesitate to copy the positives from them.

John’s Career

During his early days in the IT industry, John specialized in offering IT consultancy and IT staffing services. After some few years in the industry, he founded his firm named Info Technologies that provided IT solutions to some of the premier companies in America. Within the first five years of its existence, Info Technology had accumulated assets estimated to be worth over $30 million, ranking 8th among the fastest growing firms across all American industries. The company merged with DIVERSANT Inc. in 2010 to form DIVERSANT, LLC. From 2010 to date, John serves as the company’s Principal.

The Idea of Forming DIVERSANT

IT experts in the U.S. are inadequate compared to the huge market demand, a fact John understands very well. In a feature by Ideamensch in November last year, he explained that he had had the dream of addressing that inadequacy long before he began his IT career. Being the brilliant guy that he is, he came up with the idea that establishing an IT staffing company was the solution to the shortage problem. Deriving his motivation from other successful people in the Industry, he realized his dream in 2010 when he formed DIVERSANT, LLC. John is optimistic that the future of the American technology industry is bright, specifically for the competent companies like DIVERSANT.

His Social Life

John’s hobbies are reading and working out. He told Ideamensch that he wakes up to a one-hour gym session every day before leaving for office. John makes himself productive by getting to the office early in the morning and leaving early in the evening. John Goullet’s favorite book is Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War written by the security expert, Sebastian Gorka, and any business book by Jim Collins. Currently, he is gaining interest in golf and is taking lessons to sharpen his skills in the game.


3 Tips on Choosing the Right Lawyer in Brazil |Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Brazil is a land with many lawyers. This feature makes it simple to get a legal representative when the need arises. However, you should not rush into making the decision since not all lawyers have similar experience and qualifications. Put effort into getting an attorney such as Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He is both qualified and experienced after having been in the field for many years.

Qualifications and Experience

Put the attorney’s skill and expertise in consideration first. In addition to having attained the right certifications, they should have been in the field for a substantial amount of time. Ask the attorney to show you similar cases they have handled before. Ricardo Tosto has been in the law field long enough. This time has been long enough to help him get acquainted with many cases. He has defended both national and multinational corporations.

Highly Reliable

A good attorney should be in a position to ensure that your case is being handled in the right manner. Even though many lawyers in Brazil are reliable, it does no harm to be extra careful. A lawyer like Ricardo has shown his reliability to the extent of representing the government and politicians of different views and ideologies.

Deeper Understanding of Brazilian Law

Hiring attorney services can be quite expensive. While looking for a lawyer to represent your case, make sure they meet your budget while at the same time have a deeper understanding of the Brazilian legal practices. Such a counsel increases your chances of winning the case and hence rendering their services worth the fee you will pay.

Consider someone like Ricardo Tosto, in addition to having been on the field long enough, he has also contributed heavily to the Brazilian legal system. For instance, he pioneered in the adoption of the current legal mechanism used in Brazil. He has also mentored many lawyers who have passed through his office as interns. His credibility can further be proved by the fact that he oversees the progress of most important cases in his law firm, Leite.

Eric Lefkofsky: The Business Of DNA

The three famous letters DNA are an abbreviation for Deoxyribonucleic acid. Everything that a person physically is can be traced back to the genetic coding of their DNA. It’s truly amazing that something we will never see with the naked eye is directly responsible for our entire physical being. With the changing of our genetic structure over thousands of years, humanity has changed mostly for the better. Unfortunately, there are still ailments that exist in the blueprint of the human genome. Geneticists toil endless hours to understand and correct these ailments. It’s difficult work and organizations like Tempus require the greatest of minds to achieve this goal.


Tempus is a company at the forefront of incredible genomic technology. Tempus is currently developing an operating system that will acquire, file and accurately access genomic data. By having massive amount of genomic data filed away, physicians will be able to more accurately treat their patients by having an understanding of their illness at a genetic level. This understanding comes from a blend of both molecular and clinical data to better personalize patient treatments.  Check on


Tempus was co-founded by entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky, who is also known as the CEO of Groupon, an e-commerce marketplace. As the co-founder and CEO of Tempus,  Eric Lefkofsky guides the vision of the company while providing the proper choices to keep the company financially afloat. As a founder and CEO of multiple companies such as the aforementioned Groupon, the supply chain management company Echo Global Logistics, marketing company Inner Workings, advertising and software company Mediaocean, the data analytics company Uptake, and a venture capital firm Lightbank, Lefkofsky is more than qualified at the helm of Tempus.


Revolutionary work is being done at Tempus to provide doctors with a better means to serve their patients. With each day humanity’s genetic future looks even brighter.

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The Brown Modeling Agency: Leading The Austin Fashion Industry

Justin Brown worked for various modeling agencies as a model and in other capacities to help put himself through college in pursuit of a degree in business management. He eventually came to realize that he had more of an interest in working behind the camera and flash bulbs rather than in front of them.

In 2005, after gaining valuable experience working in Los Angeles and New York, he moved to Austin. In 2010 he started The Brown Agency. Now an industry leader, their models can be seen in ads for companies such as Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Loreal, and walking the runways of New York Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, and a number of other runway shows across the country.

The Brown Agency oversees the careers of over 450 models and actors, all professionally trained to meet the highest of standards. The agency provides talent for print, commercials, television, fashion, voice over, film, runway, corporate events, trade shows, and conventions.

It’s no secret that Austin has its own unique style and flare, and so do its models. It’s this uniqueness along with the agencies focus on training that has made The Brown Agency so wildly successful in not just Austin but throughout the fashion world.



Goettl is an air condition company that is spread across the world. The company is a non-profit organization whose aim is to help the community by installation of air conditions in their homes. Through their innovative ways and the use of technologies, the company has proved to be the best and reliable in supplying of air conditioning worldwide. Goettl has helped a lot in ensuring that people save on electricity bills, conserve and save energy. They largely insist on fixing functional heating units in the homes.

The process of installing the air conditioning involves placing the thermostats in every room at different temperature zones. The cooling ventilation and heating of each room is brought about by heating each room at a time. The company’s goal is to make sure that the electricity bills reduce and less fuel will be used. Through these initiatives the company has proved to the world that it is indeed changing the lives of people, making the world a better place to live and preserving the environment we live in. They indeed have brought back sanity to people everywhere in the world.

The formation of the company was by some three brothers; Adam, John, and Bill from Ohio. The company have since made tremendous steps to ensuring that the family legacy of providing services in millions of homes and business premises is forthcoming. Their mission is to always satisfy the customers and provide quality products. The employees of the company work around the clock to ensure that the customers get the required services. They have several vehicles that are able to transverse to all parts the country, the services provided are at a fair price that everyone can afford. In case the equipment get spoiled after installation they always come back to know where the problem is and in case there is need for a replacement they always work on it.

Bernardo Chua Creates Selling Opportunity Around Chinese Herbs

Bernardo Chua, president and CEO of nutrition company Organo Gold, has created one of the most lucrative opportunities for those interested in starting their own multi-level marketing small business. The company distributes a full line of products based on the powerful and ancient ganoderma genus of mushrooms. Learn more about more Bernardo Chua:

Ganoderma has over 400 identified bioactive ingredients and is currently being studied in nations across the globe as a potential source of future drugs. However its use in Chinese medicine is practically as old as recorded history itself.

Making money through promoting health

Many of Organo Gold’s distributors are making far more than they could with other multi-level marketing programs like Amway. And Organo Gold has many impressive incentives which it bestows on its top performers.

Top distributors are taken on junkets across the globe, from such exotic places as Shanghai to Disney World. But free airfare, five-star hotels and all-expenses-paid vacations are just a small part of the real incentive to market these life-changing products.

The real satisfaction comes from knowing that, through the distribution of Organo Gold’s salutary products, that its distributors are helping to bring health to people’s lives.

The many considerable benefits of ganoderma have been known to the Chinese for centuries. But it has only been a recent development that its beneficial effects have become widely appreciated by those in the West.

Today, Western researchers have begun paying attention to the more than 400 bioactive ingredients contained within this magic mushroom.

The natural healing agent is being investigated for its possible eventual use in cures for ailments including liver disease, heart disease, auto-immune disorders, hypoglycemia, hypercholesterolemia and even as a new class of antibiotics.

Bernardo Chua was a genius in seeing the incredible and wide ranging healthy effects of this miraculous mushroom.

According to The Street, long before the prying eyes of Western drug companies had laid their avaricious gaze on this treasure of Eastern folk medicine, Bernardo Chua was there, bringing its potent healing effects to people across the globe.

There is no better way to spend one’s time than in helping others to live healthy, prosperous lives. That Organo Gold makes its distributors rich in the process is just another perk.