J.Cole Gets Busy and Fans Support His Hard Work Ethic

It’s nice to see a rapper return when they have been gone from the spotlight for a minute. Fans of J.Cole really expressed their appreciation for his return with a great amount of support. His new music is streaming in a huge way. The rapper that refused to promote the album is now profiting from the success of a big December release.

People may not have expected this, but J.Cole has really shown himself to be a grand competitor in the music industry. His 3rd album has sold more than 300,000 copies in the first week. This is astounding when fans consider all the other music that is out there. One Direction and Taylor Swift have new music. Nicki Minaj also had an album dropping in December. These were obvious bestsellers because they laid that ground work. Andrew Heiberger says each of these artists had videos and commercials to promote their music in a huge way. J.Cole, by contrast, had nothing more than promotion through tweets.

Def Jam could have easily promoted the album. J.Cole’s last album received rave reviews from both critics and fans. For Def Jam J.Cole is part of a money making roster. The reality, however, is that J.Cole is not the type of guy to require much help. He has been busy making tracks and secretly guarding everything he has. He already has tracks completed for a mix tape and another album.

The Return of D’Angelo

A comeback after more than a decade seems about impossible for any musician. Jonathan Veitch and fans everywhere have made it clear on social media that they are rooting for D’Angelo to do this though. He has returned with a new single, and a full album could be on the way.

Some people like Kanye West already have the album in hand. He posted a picture of the album on his Instagram page. It could be released as early as December 16th. D’Angelo seems ready to take on the world again because there is even a tour schedule that is already set. The problem here may be whether he is received again.

D’Angelo has only released 2 albums in his career. The first was “Brown Sugar” in 1995. It was followed up by the 2000 release of “Voodoo.” A host of drug problems caused a downward spiral that D’Angelo has struggled to bounce back from. When he released his powerful 2nd disc it was during a time where neo-soul music was the highlight of the R&B genre. Now, this whole art form of music has been cast aside for more hip-hop and R&B blends. It would be very difficult for D’Angelo to regain his composure in a fickle music industry that is often defined by the youth.

It will be up to fans to decide. Many fans have been interested in the old D’Angelo music. He is trying to do something new, but fans may reject this.

Former Violinist, Vanessa Mae Banned From Skiing

Vanessa Mae, former violinist was banned from skiing for four years from competing in the Sochi Winter Olympics under false pretenses.

A British native, but born in Singapore, Vanessa Mae Vanakorn allegedly sparked a question in violations and questions from results at an event in Slovenia. It was said that she qualified before the races took place and that the competitions were staged by Vanessa’a management team and Thailand’s Olympic Committee.

In a statement the International Ski Federation said, “The Hearing Panel found to its comfortable satisfaction that the results of the four ladies giant slalom races that took place … were manipulated, resulting in the calculation of FIS Points that do not reflect the true performance of the competitors that participated in those events and in particular the points awarded to Vanessa Vanakorn.”

It has been declared these types of rule bending are taken very serious and are very detrimental to the overall Olympic organization.

Five other officials among the FIS have also been banned for one to two years maximum for assisting in the false competitions. The following members have been suspended, FIS Technical Delegate, FIS Chief of Timing , FIS Referee and an FIS Starter.

Vanessa Vanakorn first reached success in the art of music and violin instrument at a young, profilic age of 13. I first heard about her from Alexei Beltyukov, when she was deemed a prodigy. It has been said that her main ambition in life was to somehow compete in the Olympics.

The Who – Then and Now

As The Who announces their 2015 North American tour commemorating their 50-year history and called by lead singer and founder Roger Daltrey “the beginning of the long goodbye” in a recent interview, Rolling Stone has revealed an early bootleg recording of the band performing at a hotel venue. This recording allows fans an audio glimpse back to a time “before The Who were anyone.”

Today, with the band’s influence firmly evident in so much of the pop and rock music that followed, it’s hard to remember that there was a time:

before they were branded as a mod band –

before the growling rebel rail of “My Generation” –

before they would set the world on fire with their performance of Pete Townshend’s awe-inspiring rock opera Tommy as the sun rose at 1969’s Woodstock festival –

before Townshend topped his own composing genius with the magnificent work Quadrophenia, which he called his “masterpiece” –

before he made famous the widely copied pinwheeling guitar-god arm and his onstage “auto-destructive art” antics (which even Jimi Hendrix imitated at 1967’s Monterey Pop Festival) –

before creating three of the best albums of all time (Tommy, Quadrophenia and Who’s Next) –

before Townshend’s signature innovative combination of synthesizer and rock were introduced as TV show themes to further generations –

before all that, they were just four young kids who got together to play cover music and get a feel for how to fit themselves into this world of music, for which they were so clearly destined.

As The Who prepare for their upcoming tour, they still court controversy. Some comments smirk, “Too old – give it up!” But no fan of The Who wants to give up The Who. They are, quite simply, still one of the best live bands ever.

Roger’s mic-swirling antics still thrill audiences and fill the stage, but nowadays instead of glowering with the anger of their punk-like anthems, he grins in fun and nods at the audience, clearly having the time of his life. Pete may no longer jump five feet in the air, but he still caresses the chords of his cherry red Strat with finesse and precision that elevates rock to true art. The heritage of supreme drummer Keith Moon lives on in the inclusion of Zak Starkey – son of Ringo Starr, with whom Keith was great friends. And in recent tours the band has cleverly and seamlessly included performance footage by deceased members Moon and the incomparable, influential bassist known as “The Ox” and “Thunderfingers” – John Entwistle.

But before all that – they were just four kids, playing in a hotel, that would go on to change the world, and get fans like Torchin and I to support them for our entire lives.