Talkspace Therapy App Makes a Difference for Mental Health Patients in Need

Mental health services are important for people who do function in the right way. When a person has mental health issues, they often need help to correct this problem. Therapy is the common way that people typically correct this problem. Talkspace is utilized by many of these individuals to help get their brain back on track.

Many people who have used Talkspace claim that the application is beneficial to their life. They like the positive results that the application has provided to their life. These individuals often need mental services to deal with suicidal thoughts, depression, PTSD, anxiety, ADHD and impulse issues. These are some of the common problems that Talkspace clients are struggling with.

A Talkspace client had stated that she could not be alone. During the weekend it was really hard for her to be in her apartment by herself. She didn’t like the negative thoughts she was having and how unbalanced she was feeling. She had counseling sessions with a Talkspace therapist and realized that her problems stemmed from an unnatural fear. Check out this article of talkspace at

Nothing necessarily happened to cause this fear. Her apprehension about being alone developed throughout the years when she found herself in this situation. Apparently, the lady found out that she never really felt comfortable being alone at different times throughout her life.

This is an example about how Talkspace therapists can help patients to overcome a problem they might not have realized was there. Many of the clients also like the convenience that Talkspace provides. This therapy can be used during the late-night hours, early in the morning or weekends. Remember, that people who suffer from mental health issues typically do not get a break outside of normal business hours. Talkspace provides people with the help they need and when they need it the most.

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Betsy DeVos Continues Working Toward Broad Education Reform

When Betsy DeVos first began to work as an education reform advocate, the very topic of school choice was considered off-limits. School choice is an education reform concept that originated in the 50s when Milton Friedman penned his essay, ‘The Role of Government in Education’. Friedman made what essentially boiled down to a principled argue against government overreach in the education sector. Now, sixty-plus years later, the education sector has changed in a very dramatic way. With that being said, these changes might not be permanent. Betsy DeVos is a follower of Friedman’s school choice concept and she is also the newest Secretary of Education in the Department of Education.


Betsy DeVos kicked off her education advocacy career almost thirty years ago. After marrying Dick DeVos, the DeVos family began to focus on highlighting the problems that the education sector was dealing with. By pointing to falling grades and an ailing global school ranking, DeVos was able to bring the failing school system to the attention of parents, teachers, and students across the nation. DeVos would take her momentum and run with it as she became a grassroots organizer for school choice reformation. For nearly thirty years, DeVos traveled all over the country while working with professionals at every level of the educational field. Thanks to her committed work, DeVos has been able to extend the reach of school choice into states throughout the country. Now, more than 250,000 students are enrolled in privately owned, publicly funded educational programs.


Despite her prominent federal position and the backing of the current President, Betsy DeVos knows that she still has a long way to go before her advocacy role brings serious returns. For DeVos, success in education reform won’t truly happen until the nation as a whole adopts to these changes. Even with her pure intentions, DeVos is also going to be trapped behind the battle lines of a divided Washington D.C. Never before has American politics been so divided, at least since the Civil War. Partisan politics is quickly becoming the norm and DeVos’s plans for reformation are getting caught between her colleagues.


After narrowly being confirmed by the Senate, DeVos has had to work twice as hard as her colleagues in order to establish herself as a major player in the political scene. Her lack of federal political experience would make DeVos an outsider on day one of her new job. Despite that, DeVos has been embraced by the GOP for her work as an outsider politician. Even though she has been pushed back at every turn, DeVos continues to show that she is not nearly ready to call it a day. DeVos is quickly gaining over the respect of her administration, now can she get the people on her side?


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Enhance User Experience with IP Geolocation

The functionality of IP geolocation extends beyond traditional network uses. The innovative technology provided by LocationSmart holds the promise of improving your business in critical ways.

Depending on the kind of business you operate, specific uses of geolocation technology could help to increase your profitability, improve internal business operations and enhance the experience of your users.

Some industries are subject to heavy regulations which are often impacted by the geographic location of the user. For example, online gaming platforms are subject to both local and state regulations because online betting has some restrictions in some locations.

To remain compliant with the regulation and avoid penalties and other infractions, the geographic location of the user must be verified before payouts are completed. In fact, some restrictions may prevent the user from using the gaming platform altogether.

Using IP geolocation data, businesses can identify the geographic boundaries where the user is located. By tracking location data, businesses can positively enhance the user’s experience. For example, the customer’s IP addresses will provide automated proof of the user’s location.

This automated verification gives the user the ability to immediately engage the platform and avoid them having to provide physical proof of their location. Read more: LocationSmart | Capterra  and LocationSmart | Wikipedia

Online fraud is an unfortunate and persistent problem that can unfortunately impact your customers and business on some level. As a business owner, every precaution should be taken to prevent fraud. When the IP address of the user is collected through the network, exposure to online fraud is drastically reduced.

Businesses can rely on IP intelligence to determine whether the user’s account is being accessed from an unidentified location or device. Additionally, IP intelligence may work to identify if efforts are being made to make the user’s location unidentifiable.

In the normal course of business, your business system may adhere to protocols to authenticate the user. In some cases, the user’s access may be denied until authentication can occur. The user may get an error message or online instruction to contact customer service or the help desk to complete the authentication process.

This may be an inconvenience to your customer and result in loss of business. With the services offered through LocationSmart, the authentication and location can be seamless and enhance the user’s experience on your site and encourage repeat use.

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Equities First Holdings – Affordable Terms On Business Loans

Equities First Holdings is one of the most reputable lending firms out there. As a well-established firm with knowledgeable professionals, Equities First Holdings has helped many customers get access to the capital they need for their projects. This reliable firm was established in 2002 and continues to expand tremendously. With its loan program, borrowers need to provide a stock portfolio as collateral.

Dr. Walden Receives Thousands of Great Reviews

Dr. Jennifer Walden has become a well-respected and successful cosmetic plastic surgeon based in Austin, Texas and New York. She has over one thousand overwhelmingly positive reviews. Patients have posted around the web about her excellent service, care, and performance. The Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews are independently collected and the reviews are posted in full. The reviews have been posted on Facebook, Yelp, Rate MDs, Google, and many other sites. Along with the results of a variety of services, customers are equally impressed by the care they receive from Dr. Walden. Dr. Walden offers rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, breast lift and liposuction along with many other procedures.

Many patients have come to Dr. Walden for revision surgery after bad experiences with other doctors, and they have been very pleased with the results they have received. Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews have been posted for years, and many people have posted that the post-op care they have received is one of the reasons they gave her such high marks.

It is not just Dr. Walden who has received such high praise. Everyone at the clinic has also had five-star reviews. Her staff has been described as sweet, professional and caring. Several of the reviews mention that Dr. Walden takes the time so that every patient is aware of what the process will entail, and she keeps people informed the entire way through the procedure. Many people also mentioned in the reviews of how affordable the procedures were.

Almost all the reviews say the same thing. Dr. Walden and those that work for her offer the best care and service in the industry, and the amount of five-star reviews is a testament to her professional and caring attitude to all the work that she does.

Lightspeed, Ashley

Ashley Lightspeed’s extensive career began after she graduated from Duke, having traveled and studied abroad in Copenhagen. The daughter of an architect, she herself aspired to be an architect like her father and sketched building designs and prototypes throughout her collegiate career and teen years. Something that would inspire her outlook on business in the future. Ashley Lightspeed began working with Bain, the global management and consulting firm. Learn more about Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg

There, she wanted to do more operational work and wanted to explore the realm of tech in places like Silicon Valley; a place where innovation and trends are shaped by the future that hasn’t yet happened. Eventually, she would leave Bain to work for Thumbtack, where she was a category manager for the “Weddings & Events” category of the website, which helps to pair local people with professionals in their area. It was during her time with Thumbtack that she started to see her vision and mantra more clearly. Prototyping as a way to design and sculpt the future; a way to innovate faster and better, much in the way an architect creates blueprints for future buildings.

At a fundraising event with Thumbtack, Ashley got a glimpse into the world of venture capital, which is all about future trends and growth. She left Thumbtack and attended Stanford GSB while running a few small business to financially support herself before becoming a member of Lightspeed’s consumer investing team. Here, she keeps an eye on consumer trends and helps businesses and entrepreneurs innovate based on where the market lies and where consumers are going. Ashley Lightspeed aspired to be an architect and now she makes blueprints for companies to help design and build their futures. Her goal is to help businesses innovate rapidly and to allow their leaders live healthier and more inspired lives.


Investment Management Entrepreneur Bhanu Choudhrie

Bhanu Choudhrie is the founder and top executive of his firm called C&C Alpha Group. As well as being an entrepreneur, Bhanu regularly gives back to his community by participating in a number of philanthropic activities. After moving to the United States from India, Bhanu began to get involved in entrepreneurship with his company. As the founder of C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu provides assistance by overseeing the capital and investments of numerous companies. He looks to evaluate investments in different industries and help other companies benefit from them. With his guidance, he is able to assist businesses in their growth and their pursuit of their future goals. When Bhanu Choudhrie moved to the United States, he looked to receive a higher education. He attended Boston University and studied international business and marketing. This prepared him for his career by giving him knowledge about how businesses operate in other countries as well as how to market to foreign businesses.

Shortly after he completed a degree program in international business and marketing, Bhanu completed the Owner Management Program at Harvard Business School. His experience in this program would teach him how to oversee and run his own business. As a result, he was well prepared to be a successful entrepreneur. Once he completed his college educational program in international business and marketing, Bhanu Choudhrie started up his own company. He founded C&C Alpha Group in 2001. Shortly after starting up his company, Choudhrie put together a highly profitable investment portfolio that he managed. With an established investment portfolio, he looked to manage more investment holdings for companies based in India and the Philippines.

With his experience as a very successful manager of investment holdings, Bhanu began to participate in the management and oversight of other major companies. He would become a member of the Board of Directors at two well known entities in the financial sector. With a successful career in entrepreneurship, Bhanu Choudhrie has been able to receive recognition. He was awarded as the top entrepreneur by an organization in the United Kingdom back in the year 2008. As well as being an award winning entrepreneur, Choudhrie has also been active in giving back to society. Bhanu has been actively involved in working with a program called Path to Success. With this program, he has been able to provide individuals with financial resources, healthcare and access to education. Learn More.

Fortress Investment Group Starts Three New Funds

Fortress Investment Group has some new funds for its investors. One of these is an open-end fund that invests in private credit. Once it hits $2 billion, it will be closed. This fund is being used to invest in companies around the world. Another fund was created that invests in intellectual property rights. A third fund they introduced invests in real estate debt, aircraft leases, and other asset debts.

This company is owned by SoftBank and has helped the Japanese conglomerate become one of the world’s most profitable investment firms. Fortress Investment Group intends to profit from a globally healthy private credit market. They are lending capital to small and midsized firms and their funds are drawing investors away from pension plans, insurance, and sovereign wealth funds.

Private credit is given to companies after the two parties have carefully negotiated the terms. This type of credit is not traded publicly which makes it different than bonds. When Fortress Investment group lends private credit, it is done as a loan. This could be a direct loan, a structured loan, or mezzanine financing. Check out to learn more about fortress investment group.

There are a few differences between an open-end and a closed-end fund. In an open-end fund, there are no restrictions on how many shares are created. Mutual funds are a very useful way to invest as they provide an easy way to diversify their portfolio. If an open-end fund gets too large, its portfolio manager can close it off to new investors.

NAV, or net asset value, is an important thing to know about mutual funds. The NAV is based on the value of what it is invested in. After the closing bell, every mutual fund’s NAV is recalculated. If a portfolio manager closes off an open-end fund because the NAV is too high then even existing investors are unable to purchase more shares.

Fortress Investment Group has joined other major investment firms in creating an open-ended private credit fund. Both BlackRock and GSO Capital Partners have entered this asset class as well. All three companies are confident about private credit and their ability to profit from it.


Children Becoming Mindful Is Helped By ClassDojo’s New Initiative

Being mindful is a skill that everyone can benefit from. This is an easy thing to learn as all it involves is resting in a chair while doing nothing other than focusing on one’s breathing through the nose. For such a simple thing it has many health benefits, though. The reduced stress and anxiety that having mindful moments deliver can lead to reduced blood pressure levels and better cardiovascular health.

Elementary students are learning how to be mindful in classrooms across the nation. ClassDojo introduced an instructional video that teachers are playing to teach their students simple techniques to take a moment out and relax. They were asked by the users of their app to develop this video. The video was followed up with an entire week’s worth of lessons that guide students on how to be purposely still and contemplative. The series was developed in partnership with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence’s Marc Bracket. He is also a professor at Yale’s Child Study Center.

ClassDojo is an educational app that is used in 95 percent of K-8 schools in the United States. It is used in many other countries as well. It is a communication app that teachers and parents use to communicate. Students also use the app to share their work with their parents and teachers. The point of this app is to enable better communication so that students learn better in class.

Betsy DeVos Sets Sights On REAL Education Reformation

To her critics, Betsy DeVos has always been a symbolism of the super rich having too much power. That hasn’t been the case with DeVos, however. She has said in many interviews that students come first, and they are her first priority. When you look at her policies, she has tried to make policies that allow students more choices, and it’s given families in poor neighborhoods a chance at a better school.


One of the main things under Betsy DeVos’ platform is that students would have a choice where they go to school. This has been an outrage to public school administrators and teachers who say that this means DeVos is pushing students towards private choices, instead of public systems. DeVos has called this idea ridiculous as she simply wants students to have the best options for schooling that they can receive.


Rome wasn’t built in a day either. DeVos has to deal with several other policies stemming back to the 1980s. For example, standardized testing still determines how much funding certain schools will receive. If students score poorly on standardized tests, the school will receive less resources from public funding. This has led to many schools in poorer districts receiving less and less funding, even though it would help with teaching supplies, additional instruction modules, and modern books that would help score higher grades on tests.


However, DeVos believes that students should be able to get into programs where they are happy, and they should be able to do so right now. There are so many programs besides private schools and charter schools that are available for students. They can now choose to go into magnet programs, where they can learn about music, law, or business. Many of these programs are college preparatory and allow you to take credits in high school. These magnet programs are apart of DeVos’ educational choice program.


While private schools and charter schools receive a lot of the attention, DeVos has said that these programs receive funding from philanthropy. She has a few donors who are helping to support these educational choice opportunities. Bill gates is one of the many donors who has supported charter schools since the beginning. Mark Zuckerberg and Sam Walton have also joined in on the cause.


Educational reform is a polarizing topic in the United States, but it’s clear that no one is on the same page except for Betsy DeVos, students, and their parents. Families are now able to send their kids to better schools online as well. If a student doesn’t want to attend a certain school because they are afraid of the campus or don’t want to take classes at failing programs, they can choose to get into online programs that are also free in certain states, such as Florida and Louisiana.


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