Queens of Drama’s Crystal Hunt

The series Queens of Drama is a fantastic new reality show drama starring many soap opera actors that are upcoming breakout stars in the field. One of the most fabulous of those is the actress Crystal Hunt who portrays herself.

Crystal Hunt is perhaps most famous outside of Queens of Drama for portraying the character of Stacy Morasco on the long running soap opera My Life to Live. Her tenure on the show lasted around one year, from 2009 to 2010, and her role was one of the most memorable in the shows history. She first appeared as a stripper from Las Vegas that was following her sister back to her hometown. When she arrived on the show, she did everything in her power to steal away her sisters girlfriend. Her plotline contained many twists and turns and she proved to be one of the most vibrant faces on the show and was a character that all those who watched the series would remember.  There are some cool highlights of Crystal Hunt’s time as Stacy on YouTube.

Her role in Queens of Drama is clearly more subdued, as she is actually playing herself, but is no less entertaining than her turns on the various soap operas. Crystal often assures fans on Facebook that the program is scripted and has the ability to dissipate the line between fiction and reality. She has stated that the character she plays in Queens of Drama is something that expands on the role she took on during her time in soap operas. This can be likened to the famous classic soap opera star Joan Collins who was similarly over the top during her performance. Collins also makes an appearance on the show.

It will be interesting to see how the fans of the reality stars react to seeing the lines between fact and fiction blurred as Queens of Drama takes off. It is a very innovative take on the reality show genre and it should allow it’s stars to portray their dramatic selves in a way that’s true to themselves. Judging from early fan reaction, it seems that many fans of these stars are just happy to see their favorite actors still on television. As they say, “the show must go on” for those in show business and it looks like Crystal Hunt and the rest of the Queens will be in show business for quite some time to come.  Follow Crystal on her photography site, which features her entire portfolio.

The Hooded Sweatshirt is Everything You Want

For years, you have been cultivating the perfect “model off duty” look. You want to mix high and low pieces to appear casual, yet impeccably groomed. The newest addition to your laid-back wardrobe is something you might already have a few of: the hooded sweatshirt.

From Selena Gomez to Hailey Baldwin, all fashion’s “It” Girls are wearing versions of this comfy-cool staple. What’s the appeal of a basic hooded sweatshirt? First of all, this piece is available at every price point. You can find a decently made one at everywhere from Topshop to Rag and Bone. Celebrities on crunchbase.com have even been spending seven bills on this one from French designer Vetements – but that’s not necessary to achieve the cool factor.

Moreover, you can pair a hooded sweatshirt with almost anything to customize your look and suit your personal style on retailmenot.com. Kendall Jenner styled hers with a jean jacket and leather skinnies, while Karlie Kloss paired hers with the whitest white sneakers and an army green jacket.

Not quite sure of your personal style? Take the quiz at JustFab. You simply answer the questions and click on the pieces you naturally gravitate towards. Then JustFab, the mail-order fashion subscription service will send pieces (shoes, jewelry, denim, handbags – whatever!) just right for you. That way, you will know exactly how to style your hooded sweatshirt, or other favorite piece, to reflect your personal style.

Finally, in JustFab the appeal of the hooded sweatshirt is the obvious: it is like the clothing version of comfort food! This piece is cute but not revealing (so you don’t feel obligated to self-tan). It’s warm enough to wear walking the streets of New York and comfortable enough to wear on an airplane. Best of all, you look effortlessly chic and authentically you. Let’s hope this look is here for the long-term.

A Golden Opportunity For Financial Security

You’ve heard all the news and the tips before; save for retirement, invest, build your assets, etc. The nation is bombarded with these messages of saving money for emergencies and the later years, which is crucial to staying out of debt, bankruptcy, and financial ruin.

Many people choose to invest their money so it can grow interest in the long term. Investing takes all kinds of shapes, from Money Market Accounts and CD’s to Stocks and Bonds. Investing is a smart way to build a nice nest egg or emergency fund. Many people choose to invest in their favorite companies or simply let their bank grow it in a special account – https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/why-buy-gold/.

There is, however, an investment choice that has stood the test of time long after company stocks have disappeared and bank’s interest rates have gone down. That investment is precious metals, specifically gold.

Gold, platinum, and silver have been valuable ever since economics was born. The reason for that is simply because of their rarity. What is rare is more valuable than something that is common.

A precious metal like gold has gone up and down in value over the years, but in the long term, it’s value ticks upward as it becomes more rare. The U.S. government prints more paper money every day, making it more common and gold rarer still.

Because gold continues to grow in value, smart investors have chosen to buy physical gold while it is at a temporarily low price, knowing that it will soon be worth a great deal again. Some investors then sell their gold at a very high market value, gaining a healthy profit.

Others hang onto their gold in the event of another Great Depression or equally catastrophic event that would wreck the economy. Either way, gold is steadfastly one of the most stable investments an individual can make. If you as an investor, decide to purchase into the gold market, there is an easy way to do so.

The US Money Reserve is a company that mints and sells gold coins in exchange for money. They also deal in silver and platinum. Their mission is to provide gold investors with the physical metal they seek.

Gold News Network published an article that they even have retirement plans available in the form of precious metals. Instead of mining gold yourself, you can purchase gold from the US Money Reserve right on their website. They have the market value of gold on their main webpage, so you can buy it at a low price and make a nice profit. Happy investing!

The Advantages of Buying Coins from the US Money Reserve

The United States Money Reserve is a body whose mandate is the distribution of US government allotted gold, silver and platinum coins. It was founded by old hands in the gold business, who wanted to fuse knowledge about the sector with satisfactory service to chaperon prospective customers about the precious metals business. Since its inception, it has helped thousands of buyers access high quality coins.

Reasons to Opt for the US Money Reserve

One of the reasons why clients ought to choose the US Money Reserve is that it has veteran experts under its fold. These professionals have far reaching knowledge about the gold and platinum trade. They also offer priceless advice about investing their money in valuable coins, and the rewards of such a venture.

When buying from the firm, buyers have access to the finest coins obtainable. Due to its authority in the sector, US Money Reserve has a high purchasing muscle, meaning it can procure top grade gold, silver and platinum coins, for resale to patrons. Such commodities have a high revenue potential.

Clients can get a total refund of their money if they return the coins within the first 30 days of purchase on prnewswire.com. This service also includes transport and insurance at a fee and is often done on condition that returned coins are in the state that they originally were. The reimbursement is done at the present retailing price or the initial buying price minus a 20% replacement fee.

In addition, the US Money Reserve places customer gratification at the top of its priority. All clients are treated with diligence and their individual needs addressed specifically. The fact that US Money Reserve distributes coins made by the US Mint, and receives backing from the United States Treasury shows how dependable the company is.

Reasons to Buy Gold Coins

This form of investment on retailmenot.com is resistant to any form of economic downturn. This has made the coins to be dubbed the “last true currency”. The profit potential that precious metals have stands in the event of troubles in the economy. It has been documented that coins have outdone other types of investments during tough financial times. This form of venture is therefore the most sensible way of protecting someone’s wealth against the adverse effects of inflation.

The fact that major banks are increasing their gold stocks is proof of how important it is. Such an informal form of hoarding is likely to push up future prices of the commodity. Those who buy it now are bound to make huge profits in future. To read more about this, follow the US Money Reserve on Twitter via this link https://twitter.com/moneyreserveinc

Igor’s Career As an Investment Advisor

What is investing? How much about investment do you know about? What are your intentions with the investment you are looking at? Are you ready to take it? Then you need to be knowledgeable on what you are getting yourself into. There are several people out there who seem to think that investment is more like gambling to get rich quickly or like an easy gamble. This perspective is entirely wrong, investing is all about your long term goals. It needs your time and patience and it can be your new career. This is where Igor Cornelsen plays his game well making profits of up to 500% in the end.

Igor Cornelsen is a top adviser when it comes to investments. He is focussed on preparing investors to make maximum long-term investments. He does this by considering the portfolios of the individuals so as to give accurate advice on how to pick a stock market that would work for them.

Brazil according to newsvine.com is the biggest continent in South America and the eighth largest economy in the world. Its greatest trader is China, and they compete on the exports they offer the rest of the world. However, the Brazilians have been left behind when it comes to banking due to their ignorance. All the same, Igor has a few tips he would like to share with the rest of the world.

1. Keep in touch with the Brazilian residents

Networking and connecting is the best tool that all entrepreneurs need to be successful. After all, Brazilians are social and will be glad to share information that you may require based on their personal experiences.

2. Prepare for the red tape

There are some rules and regulations as you try to get into the Brazilian market, and you should be ready to adhere to them. These include high taxes, pervasive bureaucracy, restrictive labour market rigidity as well as complex regulations. All the same, anyone with enough patience gets through and enjoys the returns in the end.

3. Be knowledgeable on foreign-currency restrictions

You must be connected to a bank that is allowed to handle foreign currency to hold on to the local currency if you are not a resident. Be aware that there is no single exchange rate and it fluctuates depending on the nature of the transaction. In other words, be accurate to use the correct rate for the actual operations.

On the other hand, the very promising “New Economic Matrix” failed cutting down stock prices and disappointing numerous investors. The sectors that the government had intervened were worst affected causing the annual GDP to reach an all-time low of 2% in the past 6 years. However, this scandal did not scare away all the investors.

Who Does CCMP Work With?

CCMP is a private equity investment firm. They work with companies that belong to four different sectors that the company is a member of. All of the companies that they work with and for will fit into either the chemical ventures category, the chase capital category, the manufacturing category or the partnership category. CCMP Capital is a company that services many different clients and ensures that all of their clients are happy with the different business ventures that they pursue. They have excellent customer service skills that translate into all of the clients being satisfied.

The Chase Capital sector focuses on banking and capital opportunities. They provide banking services not only to the clients but also to the CCMP business. They make sure that the majority of their capital opportunities are available for the business to take advantage of. This capital goes toward helping to make the business better and to improving opportunities for all of the clients of the CCMP business model. They make sure that they provide their services equally to business partners, clients and within the company.

Manufacturing is a big sector that includes goods manufacturing, production and logistics. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital provides the investment to get the business started, gives expert advice concerning the different ways that they can increase production and has all of the resources that are required for the business to be able to understand what they must do while they are manufacturing. Since there are so many different types of manufacturing and different levels of each, CCMP Capital has become the comprehensive leader on information when it comes to the manufacturing business. They have piles of expert advice, information and regulations that they have made available to all of the manufacturing clients that they have.

Similar to manufacturing, chemical ventures can be difficult for companies to get started and to continue while remaining within regulation.Stephen Murray CCMP Capital gives business owners the advice that they need to be able to get a chemical business within regulation and to keep it that way. The chemical ventures sector of the business is profitable.

Partnerships are extremely important and CCMP is able to provide their clients with the right type of partnerships. They are dedicated to the partners that they actually have and they also focus partnership efforts among their clients. The clients that they have are made to understand how important it is to have the right partner in their specific business field.

Stephen Murray, the former CEO and president of CCMP Capital, made sure that all of the clients were properly taken care of. Despite the sector that the client’s business fell into, Stephen Murray made sure that the client was fully satisfied with CCMP.

New Technology For Online Product Searches

Online shopping has become a multi billion dollar industry. The evolution of the modern Internet combined with numerous technology innovations over the past few decades has made online shopping a safe, convenient, and easy way to purchase products and services.

People use online shopping to purchase a wide range of products and services. Many people use online shopping just as much or even more than traditional shopping methods. In addition, there are multiple ways that people can make online purchases.

At the core of online shopping is a variety of tools that makeup the structure of online shopping. The tools include shopping carts, network systems, encryption software, e-commerce systems, online products, and related tools. These tools all work together to make the online shopping experience what it is today.

While recent technology innovations, online shopping tools, and the modern Internet have all worked together to make online shopping a daily experience that millions of people do on a regular basis. There are some aspects of online shopping that still need improvement. One of the online shopping areas that needs enhancements is online products.

Before a purchase is made online. One of the tasks that shoppers usually do initially is a  visual search. The online product search is far from the product experience that shoppers have at stores. Many people have problems related to online products. For this reason, many people have either stopped shopping online or have reduced their online shopping significantly.

Some of the main problems that people have with online products include, poor quality product photos, poor product photo shots, no product photos, and the lack of a real life product appearance.

During the past few years, several tech startup companies have worked diligently to develop technology that will improve online products. At the core of the technology that is being developed is visual search. This technology allows online products to be presented in a more real life manner.

Slyce is one of the startup technology companies that is developing technology to improve online products. Slyce offers software to e-tailers and retailers that helps people view and utilize online products in a real life manner.

Slyce software provides this capability by using components of real life objects with online products. The Slyce software is available for both mobile and desktop device users.

Your Dog Deserves Beneful

Did you know that your dog’s overall health and happiness can be determined by the type of food that you’re feeding them? Making sure that your furry friend is consuming the proper vitamins and nutrients is essential to their well-being.

Beneful is a premium brand of dog food from Purina that your best friend is guaranteed to enjoy. Their wet food is an all-time favorite of many dogs and their owners. This wet food is packed with real, natural ingredients. Beneful knows that your dog deserves only the best meat and grains. Because of this, both you and your dog will undoubtedly be satisfied when you switch to this premium brand of wet food.

Several varieties of Beneful delicious, meaty sources of protein, as well heart-healthy grains and vegetables, can be found in all of their wet food flavors. Your dog has over twenty options of what to dine on, whether it’s chicken, lamb, or pork. All of these flavorful options are accented with the all-natural taste of rice, barley, green beans, and multiple other naturally-grown ingredients. Whatever you and your buddy decide on, you can rest assured that he will be getting only the finest, most nutritional meal that he deserves.

Purina strives to deliver only the top-most quality of food for your pet. After all, your dog’s health and happiness is of the utmost importance to you. Purina understands this and shares the same passion for your dog that you have. By switching permanently to Beneful wet dog food, you can sleep soundly knowing that his dietary needs are being fulfilled in the best way.


The Family Dog Might Have the Secret to a Great Meal

Meals will always prompt quite a bit of discussion. Any home with a well used kitchen will be familiar with discussions about which meals and ingredients are the best. People love to taste and speculate on which items are the freshest or most flavorful. But a recent story in the Daily Herald has offered up a surprising opinion on the most tasty meal in the house. It may well be that the family dog is eating some of the tastiest and freshest treats.

Dog food companies have been shifting to a whole new way of looking at the industry. Many have begun to see their job as creating meals for dogs rather than simple items. A meal isn’t just a simple mass of ingredients and nutritional additives. There’s a reason that no human would ever choose to exist on nutritionally packed pastes. Meals spark joy within the tongue and spirit alike. And they’re able to provide a level of nutrition that can’t be matched. Many dog food manufacturers have come to realize that they can create meals that taste great, are nutrient packed, and are even economically priced. And all of that by using the same methods of creating meals for dogs that a chef would to prepare meals for people.

But the trend isn’t quite as new as it might seem. It’s only just now starting to really gain media attention. But some companies, such as the Beneful brand of dog food, have been at it for a very long time. In fact, Beneful was created all the way back in 2001. And the reason they came into being can be found with their name. Beneful wanted to create dog food which provided real benefits to the family pet. They began by looking at how to really maximize the nutritional value of dog food.

Purina Beneful quickly discovered that the best way to create the healthiest food was to use the best ingredients. And the high quality dog food brand discovered something else in the process. By making the healthiest dog food they’d also created something really delicious. The meats that were selected and prepared to pack in nutrients were also packing in taste. And the same goes for the tasty and juicy vegetables. It’s not just dog food, it’s a full delicious meal for dogs.


Why George Soros Believes Trum Should Desist From Making Derogatory Remarks Against Muslims And Africans

When you are Forbes billionaire George Soros, you can firmly believe that Donald Trump is working for the ISIS because of his strong stand in matters related to closing the US borders on all Muslims will he become the elected President of the United States. George is the world’s number one hedge-fund manager when it comes to the depth of the pocket or better, the ‘fatness’ of the wallet.

Although the man considers himself to be in a semi-retirement status, he does not mince his words when giving his political opinions and more so; his financial markets opinions. The latter has earned him respect across the globe because of the rare accuracy it has in prediction. Regardless of the political affiliation, many have no choice but to subscribe to his school of thought.

Speaking at the concluded World Economic Forum recently, George Soros said that Trump is spreading a very dangerous message that he should stop. He said that the anti-immigrant vitriol the Presidential candidate is spreading might push Muslims to resort to turning to terrorism as the only way they can fight for their rights. He also said that all candidates Trump included should deviate from campaigning in manners that make some communities or religions feel inferior or degraded.

He also expressed optimism in the fight against terror in the fact that Germany and other European Nations have come together to integrate immigrants. Once an immigrant himself, he said that it is imperative that they are treated with respect and decorum and was sad to note that their treatment levels in the two areas have been declining instead of going up.

George Soros is not your usual hedge-fund manager. He is an exemplary example of a successful hedge fund manager who has managed to become a legend in the game. His financial market opinions have always counted heavily and as perfectly as his political opinions do to those who are at the opposite side of the table. His political affiliation belongs officially to the Democratic Party and he is one of the most respected fenders of its liberal causes.

He was born in the 1930’s and spent most of his childhood in areas that were to be heavily hit by the World War II. Sensing a bleak future, he sneaked to England through Hungary and managed to get the rare chance to get university education. The knowledge and skills would later on prove to be very essential in his rise to the top.

When matters related to philanthropy are concerned, he has not been shying away from helping those in dire need. He started the Open Society Foundation and it has been in a mission to provide better environments for better human rights, better open societies as well as improved lifestyles for the millions across the globe.