California’s Home Crisis From Nick Vertucci’s Point of View

Successful real estate investor and founder of NV Real Estate Academy, Nick Vertucci has some scary predictions for the looming housing market crisis in California. Nick Vertucci came into the real estate business after going down with the bust of the dot com era. He founded NV Real Estate Academy to teach others how to reign in their financial independence by buying and flipping real estate. He first transitioned into the real estate business after attending a seminar with a friend and since then he has dedicated himself to learning the ins and outs of housing and markets and teaching others to do the same.


A California man himself, Nick Vertucci has seen first hand what he sees as the downfall and eventual crisis that will become of the housing market. For beginners the median house in California comes at a price tag of $500,000, which is nearly double the nations average home price. The promise of an affordable house is out of sight for most living in California, with many people commuting hours to and from work, and many people simply living out of cars or RVs.


Construction may be at an all time high in California, but where are the homes? Nick Vertucci saw the new 311,000 housing units provided and knew that they would not match the state’s needs. The second issue is new construction is coming in building a smaller number of housing units allowed per zoning regulations. This means although one zone may allow up to 1000 housing units, the builders might only be creating 600 actual livable units within that space. What this is doing is taking up the shrinking available land sources to develop, and actually creating a long term issue to future residents as there will be less land available to develop and much fewer homes to buy. Which in turn will create a market with little opens, and demand along with price will only go up sustaining the high price housing market all to common in California. Another issue as far as construction is concerned, is the attention only to commercial and office properties. Some cities are going broke building new commerce centers, they have completely left out housing development. With new jobs going into these cities, there are no new housing developments these new jobs will attract, creating yet another housing dilemma.


There may be relief in sight, however, a new bill is being negotiated by Governor Jerry Brown. This bill will encourage large scale housing development with affordability at the forefront. Also, this bill proposes to give the review process of housing development directly to the state so that the cities, and the populaces within, can not use tactics to hold off or impede new developments that they may find threatening.

Omar Yunes, Best Franchise Award Winner

From the last few decades, fast food production and consumption has increased tremendously. However, running this business requires a lot of effort as there is a lot of competition these days so it becomes really difficult to keep the customers attracted. Omar Yunes is an entrepreneur belonging to Mexico. He started his first fast food restaurant as a franchise of Sushi Itto when he was only twenty one years old. Sushi Itto is a very famous and successful Japanese fast food chain in the world. It has almost one hundred and fifty restaurants all around the world. Examining the successful business of Sushi Itto, he realized that Japanese fusion food is liked and eaten a lot all around the world so, it will be wise to start a venture in this business that can help him achieve huge success.


Omar Yunes won the contest held in Best Franchise in the World Competition in Florence, Italy. Almost thirty four countries participated in this contest. Out of these, Omar’s franchise stood first. This was a huge achievement for Omar as his name in the fast food industry has now been recognized in a good word. He now owns almost thirteen franchises of Sushi Itto brand in Mexico. This award was given not only for Omar’s hard work and dedication but also for achieving excellent customer satisfaction by providing unmatched customer service and high-quality food. With years of experience and hard work, Omar has gained fame and respect all around Mexico. He has learned a lot from his experience over the years and now he knows the tricks and trade of this business.


Omar, being a highly experienced individual in this field now, knows what customers’ requirements are and what type of food can grab their attention. He focuses a lot more on how to make his customers happy and satisfied with the better quality of food and service. He has also succeeded in maintaining a consistent standard of food in all his food chains. He gives credit to his team of four hundred employees that have not only helped him in achieving the prestigious award of BF Competition but also helped him in maintaining the standard of his fast food chain all across Mexico.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Are Looking into High Tech Solutions

Most people are quite aware of how important technology is to modern medical care. But many people don’t know how important the concept of convergence is. Convergence is what happens when multiple technologies come together to create something even more powerful than the sum of their parts. It’s also what makes recent news from Cancer Treatment Centers of America so exciting. They’ve finished full integration of multiple medical systems into a singular clinical decision support solution. The result, NantOS, will help offer an unprecedented level of help to all levels of caregiver within the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Anyone familiar with Cancer Treatment Centers of America will understand why they’re on the cutting edge of modern medical technology. The organization is founded on the principle that proper cancer treatment needs to treat every patient as an individual. There’s no one single method of treating a patient. Everyone comes in with a unique background and unique circumstances. As such, they require a unique treatment that’s tailored to their individual needs. Of course doing so isn’t an easy matter. Using the latest technology is a way of helping to isolate individual differences and properly manage treatment as a result. NantOS is an important piece of this puzzle.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America can use NantOS to see trends and patterns which no other organization would be able to notice. It’s essentially like having a full medical team constantly pouring over a patient’s medical records to see if there’s ever been a report of particular items helping or hindering treatment. It’s also why they use a multidisciplinary team to treat individual patients. A person is far more than a single diagnosis. A person’s health involves complex layers of interactions that take place in every system of their body. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have always recognized that fact and relied on treatment teams which can help every single part of a person’s health thrive.

They’re also working to discover how individual differences in cancers can be matched with current medicines to create optimal treatment plans. This TAPUR study is part of an overall pattern of groundbreaking research within the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. All this and more shows exactly what makes them the best option for cancer treatment.

Lime Crime Of Passion

I have never heard of Lime Crime Cosmetics until recently. It’s a crime that I haven’t heard of it sooner. After searching through their catalog and reading numerous reviews on amazon, I want to purchase their entire collection. The packaging for their products is the cutest most colorful packaging ever. It looks like mermaid treasure. Lime Crime offers a wide array of products from pop-on nails, eye shadows, “hi-liters”, hair color, lipstick to make up brushes.

As a cosmetologist and a fan of coloring my hair beautiful, vibrant colors, I was drawn to the hair colors they had to offer. Their hair colors are made from vegetable dyes and have a plethora of colors to choose from. Along with the beautiful pastel, bright beautiful color options, they also smell as heavenly as they look.

I personally love doing nails and getting my nails done. However, if you’re one of those people who hate waiting for two hours to have your nails done, then the pop-on nails are a perfect fit for you. They come in cute chromatic, holographic effects. Super quick and easy application.

As I was continuing my browsing of the catalog, I couldn’t help notice the many options of lipsticks they had to offer. I didn’t even know that many choices could exist for lipsticks. They had lipsticks that are diamond, matte, metallic, velvet, and even “perlees”. On amazon their lipsticks are one of the most top rated products, with a steady 4 star rating. The color formula is long lasting, glides on smooth and also smells super heavenly as well.

All the products are made animal cruelty free and vegan friendly. Most of, if not all, of the products are personally developed by the CEO, Doe Deere. Lime Crime is truly a real life mermaids and cosmetologists dream come true.

James Dondero; Business Man and Philanthropist

Highland Capital Management, located on Noel Road in Dallas, Texas was founded in 1933. On April 25,2016, James Dondero was names President of the company. Dondero has 30 plus years experience in the world of finance; focusing mainly on equity and credit. Graduating from the McIntire School of Commerce at theUniversity of Virginia’s with majors in both accounting and finance, as well as receiving his CMA and CFA certificates, Dondero is more than qualified in the financial world. His extensive work history includes 4 years with American Express, and 5 years with Protective Life GIC subsidiary. He is also one of the original founders of the Collateralized Loan Obligation.

Highland Capital Management offers a wide array of investment options such as: institutional accounts, CLOs, private equity funds, hedge-funds, REITs, ETFs, and mutual funds; but mostly focuses on credit-oriented solutions for institutions and retail investors. Dondero has been labeled the largest manager in dollar amount of collateralized loan obligations in the U.S.

HCM also contributes millions of dollars each year to charities and non-profits around the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Dondero focuses the donations on improvements in education, veteran affairs, public policy, and healthcare. Dondero works with The Dallas Foundation; a public charity that works to improve life in North Texas by connecting nonprofits with donors. A few of the organizations that receive financial support from Highland Capital Management include; Perot Museum of Nature and Science, George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the Center for Brain Health, the Dallas Zoo, Uplift Education, Snowball Express, American Heart Association, The Family Place, Education is Freedom, and Capital for Kids. HCM has also worked with Southern Methodist University to establish a scholarship program; SMUs HCM Towers Scholarship Program.

Dondero’s company has received numerous awards throughout the years including the 5-star designation for Global Allocation from Morningstar, and 3 consecutive years of receiving the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities.

As if being Co-Founder and President of HCM isn’t enough, James Dondero is also the chairman of Nexbank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical.

Sheldon Lavin’s Successful Venture into the Food Industry

Sheldon Lavin is the reigning chairperson and CEO to OSI Group. He also holds the OSI International Foods Ltd presidential position.

Sheldon Lavin first ventured into the food industry in 1970 when his financial institution was approach by Otto and Sons. The organization had got a tender to supply hamburgers to McDonalds in the Midwest, but they were short of funds. They then approached his institution. Lavin was requested by the bank to join Otto and Sons in the ownership position. At first he had refused, but also, he agreed to join as a consultant.

This was only the beginning. By 1975, Sheldon was becoming more involved with the company. Lavin then joined Otto and Sons, now OSI, full time. He partnered with the two sons since the father had retired from the business.

OSI Group is a primary provider of custom value-added foodstuffs to the leading retail food brands in the world. With over sixty-five facilities and more than twenty thousand human resources in seventeen nations around the world, the OSI Group has quickly developed from that mere local food processing enterprise to an internationally acknowledged and successful business entity that concentrates on making first-rate custom food products.

In 2016 Sheldon Lavin was presented with a Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy. The award was in recognition of the strides he has made within the food industry that have contributed to wide job growth across the world. In 2015, RSM US LLP honored him with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his unrivaled commitment to service and the Chicago business community.He participates in numerous charitable activities including Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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Jason Hope Touts the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a concept that is sweeping the nation as well as much of the rest of the world. What the Internet of Things is, to put it simply, is the way that all of our day to day items connect to the internet. We don’t just mean our cell phones or our televisions. We mean even more specifically: everything that CAN connect to the internet, will. The reason? The world is becoming increasingly connected and the internet is the greatest way to make our lives easier. Jason Hope, a renowned futurist, is firmly in the corner of the Internet of Things and he is putting his reputation on the line to make sure people know about it.

Right now we look at the Internet of Things like we would any other new and entertaining technology: as a fringe subject suitable mostly for giving us something to do. While the Internet of Things is certainly going to play a big role in the entertainment field it is going to be so much more than that. Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things, or IoT for short, is going to lead to an evolution in the way our lives work. Period. Full stop.

One of the ways that the Internet of Things is going to re-define our lives is by way of our public services, funded by the taxpayer. Imagine a fire department that is linked up with the internet on every level. Trucks know how to get around traffic. Firemen know the fastest routes to get into a a building. Everything is mapped out because the internet is a part of it all. Look at how first responders like police officers could find success using these same methods and this same technology. There is a life changing concept growing before our very eyes.

Jason Hope knows that we have a long way to go before the Internet of Things is a household name. But he suggests that people get involved early on if they want to be there when the Internet of Things hits the second level of mainstream acceptance. To know more click here.

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Avaaz, Built by the People

Avaaz is an organization built by the people, for the people. There are over 40 million members apart of this civic organization. People around the world want the wars, hatred, poverty, and cruel acts to go away. It will take a group of people that care to help others to accomplish that goal.

Avaaz online community has been apart of great change throughout the world. This loving group of people is connected in 194 countries. Their Top leaders are located in 6 out of 7 continents. Avaaz leaders make up a collective group of professionals, entrepreneurs, and other top executives. Avaaz gets members around the world to create campaigns and take action by “signing petitions, funding media campaigns and direct actions, emailing, calling and lobbying governments.” ( They are always open to new volunteers to help make a difference.

When visiting, people can find many active campaigns. For example, 911,236 people have signed a petition to free Avaaz staff member Ozlem. Another campaign is calling for Merkel to follow the ideas on clean energy with or without Trump. People like the fact of having top leaders who are out to make a positive difference in society. People are able to join Avaaz online and start their own petition.

One of their current, most touching campaigns is Brendan Cox’s message to Avaaz. His deceased wife Jo was an Avaaz staff that cared about bringing the community together. Brendan has requested for everyone to connect with them on the great get together for Jo. Hundreds of thousands of people are getting together to “celebrate the things we have in common.” (Cox, B. (2017). Avaaz organization mission is to bring happiness, peace and together to people all over the world. Visit to learn how to become a volunteer today.

USHEALTH Group: Providing a Great Selection of Insurance

USHEALTH Group is quickly becoming one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States. People’s first impression about health insurance is that it is just an expense, and some won’t even buy it just because they think it is expensive and they do not look far into the future when insurance would be handy. Because of this sentiment, some people end up paying more when they ran into an accident because they are not covered by any insurance. This is the kind of thinking that the USHEALTH Group wanted to change. USHEALTH Group is a health insurance company headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. They currently have a strong 15 million customers, and their insurance worth is more than a billion dollars. The company has once experienced stagnant growth and loss of clients, but because of good leadership and passionate goal to provide great customer service, they have experienced a turn around and have become more successful than ever. USHEALTH Group is one of the trusted health insurance companies in the United States, and they are assuring everyone of transparency with every transaction. The company is being praised by its clients because of how helpful and informative they are, especially with those who do not have any experience or background dealing with insurance. Their clients are also saying how humble they are and how they are presenting themselves as trustworthy partners.



USHEALTH Groups is employing a team of professionals who would be speaking with their clients. These professionals are responsible in explaining every detail about the insurance plan that the client wanted to purchase. Presently, USHEALTH Group has a wide selection of health insurance that would suit everyone’s needs. The price range also varies, and everyone coming from different economic classes could be able to afford their plans. Customers can also customize their plans, according to how they need it.



The plans that they offer are sickness insurance plan, which can be used to cover hospitalization bills, including the medicine. This is one of the most sought after plans from USHEALTH Group because of how affordable and how flexible it is. Next is the insurance plan for accidents, which covers hospitalization, as well as other benefits. People who frequently travel are advised to purchase travel insurance, and the one from USHEALTH Group is highly recommended. USHEALTH Group continues to deliver high quality products with great customer assistance, and they are expected to grow further.

Talos Energy Changing the Face of Mexico’s Energy Industry

The Zama-1 well is the first to be drilled by another company other than the Petroleos Mexicanos in the Mexico’s energy industry. Drilling of the well is a joint venture of Talos Energy LLC of Houston, Premier Oil Plc based in London and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas. These companies won the tender in 2015 and became the first competitors to Pemex in that sector. The aim of the country’s move to allow foreign companies into its energy sector was prompt by the need to rescue the failing industry. For the past eighty years, Mexico has had just Pemex in the industry and with the introduction of foreign companies. The energy industry is expected to have an increase in revenue.

Premium Oil Plc, who owns twenty-five percent of the project, expects to part with sixteen million dollars as cost in drilling. According to a report by the company, Zama-1 holds between one hundred and five hundred million barrels of crude. The project will take three months to be completed, and so far it shows a high geological chance of succeeding. The well, being the first to be drilled by another company is expected to be watched closely by the industry, according to an analyst at Edison Investment Research Ltd, Elaine Reynolds. Charlie Sharp who is Canaccord Genuity Ltd.’s analyst noted that this year, it would be a fascinating exploration well to be drilled in the energy sector.

About Talos Energy
Talos Energy LLC is an oil and gas company that focuses their work on exploration and acquisition of oil and gas properties. The company’s business is primarily in Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Talos Energy has funds affiliated with Riverstone Holdings LLC and Apollo Global Management both who committed six hundred million dollars in 2012. Duncan and his partners founded Talos Energy after selling Phoenix Exploration to Apache Corp.

Talos Success
In 2013, Talos Energy acquired Energy Resource Technology GOM, a subsidiary of Helix Energy Solution Group. The same year, WorkplaceDynamics named the firm, the best workplace among local small businesses. Employees of Talos Energy enjoy working at the company. They say although it is a small organization, it offers large opportunities and growth.