Don Ressler: Partnerships and Ideas that Changed the On-trend Fashion Sector

Don Ressler met Adam in 2000 after Intermix acquired his fitness start-up. They both worked in the e-commerce segment of Intermix which generated most of the profits. Don Ressler had also previously helped online businesses secure funding. The experience motivated him to venture into other sectors such as fashion.


In 2006, Adam and Don left Intermix and created Intelligent Beauty. In the process, they developed, a beauty and health e-commerce store and Sensa a weight management company. As they worked on Intelligent Beauty, they developed market insights on the current demand patterns. Adam and Don saw a niche in the on-trend fashion market. Customers could not access affordable, fitting, personalized and quality trendy clothing and accessories.


JustFab was born out of a conversation about a venture between Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in Miami. It is a subscription-based fashion enterprise that allows customers to access personalized apparel and advice. Adam and Don founded the company in 2010 with the intention of improving customer on-trend fashion shopping experience. JustFab purposes to offer the latest trends for all sizes at an affordable price and personalized manner. The company targets fashion lovers mainly women aged between 24 to 45.


After a year, the company registered 2.5 million members and generated over 3 million dollars in monthly revenue. As the business progressed, they needed an ideal location that would allow for future expansion and international operations. Don and Adam settled for El Segundo, an area close to an airport, beaches and other amenities.


The Matrix Partners led the financing of the venture and raised 33 million dollars in Series A. Kimora Lee Simmons became president and creative director of the company in the same year. Justfab membership increased to six million in the subsequent year. In 2012, the company sourced for additional 76 million dollars from Rho Ventures, Matrix Partners, and Technology Crossover Ventures. The funds enabled expansion plans to Canada, U.K, and Germany.


In 2013, the company acquired FabKids, ShoeDazzle, and FabShoes a European e-commerce platform. The acquisitions increased its membership in Europe by 2 million. Series C funding raised 40 million that supported the launch of Fabletics.


Data and personalization enabled the company to transform into a leading brand-building platform. The company changed its corporate identity to Techstyle Fashion group in 2016. In part, the diversified product offerings contributed to the name change. The founders also needed a name that captures the technology and style aspect.

How CEO Rick Smith Has Been Building Securus Technologies Reach

Securus Technologies has invested in growth for the last number of years. One of their ways of doing this is by acquiring other companies. In 2015 they acquired JPay Inc. which is a company that provides technology to correctional facilities. Among these are email, electronic payments, as well as educational and entertainment apps. What they offer fits in nicely with Securus Technologies existing technology also used in correctional facilities.

As the top executive at Securus Technologies, Chief Executive Officer Rick Smith talked about this acquisition of JPay. He said that what JPay does is the fastest growing element in contracts with correctional facilities. He said that after the acquisition his company could offer prisons and jails every type of technology they need in order to be a modern day facility. He continued, saying that his company offered the best products at the best prices which helped the ultimate goal which was a reduction in crime and recidivism.

Ryan Shapiro is the CEO of JPay. He said that his products offered a great value and he looked forward to expanding the number of correctional facilities their products and services are used in. At the time of the acquisition, JPay products were used in 33 state prison systems. Securus Technologies, though, serves more than 2,600 correctional facilities. The combination of the two companies will greatly help JPay products reach a wider audience.

As CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith takes customer comments about his company seriously. He says his company has a duty to reduce crime and keep people safer. He has released some of the thousands of comments his company has received over the past few years. The feedback details how his company’s products are used to keep prisons safer as well as not only prevent crime but also solve it when it does occur.

Securus Technologies helps keep everyone more secure which includes prison staff, the incarcerated, their families, and the broader community. The letters that Rick Smith released show that his company’s efforts have been paying off in this effort. It also shows that safety is one of the core values of Securus Technologies.

Before arriving at Securus Technologies, Rick Smith spent years in the telecommunications industry. He holds a degree in engineering which he acquired at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He also has a masters, earned at the same college, and an MBA from the University of Rochester.

The first company that Rick Smith worked for was Global Crossing North America Inc., which he joined in 1972. He left this telecommunications company in 1998 when he became the CFO at Eschelon Telecom Inc. It was in 2014 that he joined Securus Technologies as their top executive.

Nick Vertucci Is Offering Knowledge To Investors Through NV Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci is a prolific and successful investor in the real estate industry. He is the founder of the Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. The executive is also the brain behind the NV Real Estate Academy, a leading authority on real estate education and investing.

Nick believes that a person’s past does not dictate how their future will be. He grew up in a loving family where everything was provided for. However, things changed for the worse when his father died when he was 10. His mother had to work for additional hours to support him and his siblings. Most of the time, she would come home late when Nick was already asleep. When he was 18, Nick was living in his van. His life was at its lowest point.

A few years later, things changed for the better when he established a business dealing in computer parts. Nick Vertucci points out that he loved the freedom of being his own boss. Subsequently, he got married. At the time, he was doing well in business. However, the dot com crush of 2000 hit his business badly, as it dissolved his finances. He had not prepared for this change.

For a period of 18 months, Nick Vertucci had little income. He was getting deeper into debt and nearly lost everything apart from his home. It was in this period that one of his friends invited him to a three-day real estate training seminar. At first, he was hesitant. Nevertheless, his friend assured him that the things he had learned were worth hearing. Going to the seminar turned out to be the best decision that Nick ever made in his life.

He listened and soaked in what the speaker had to say. Even though he did not understand everything, Nick knew that he had found a way out of his financial situation. He felt inspired, renewed, and ready. Nick Vertucci continued to train and study all types of information about real estate. It took him a decade to have the information that he required to be successful. Eventually, he created a system that is straightforward and easy, thus facilitating him to make money in real estate. When he became a millionaire, Nick vowed to help others so that they could make money, get out of debt, and change the lives of their families.

Nick notes that he found out that most individuals have the desire and the drive but do not have the know-how. The executive contends that he founded NV Real Estate Academy with the objective of offering people with solutions to their challenges that result from embarking in a profession in real estate industry.

Greg Secker: Helping People Learn To Trade

Greg Secker is someone who is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to stock trading and financials. He is also an entrepreneur who has founded numerous organizations of his own, mainly dealing teaching people how to enter into the field of stock trading. Some of the companies that he has founded include FX Capital, Capital Index, and Smart Charts. Through these organizations he has helped numerous people, giving them the information that they would need to make good well thought out trades. The educational programs help people by giving them useful tips and tricks which are used by individuals who are well versed with the stock market. His programs are what has made Greg Secker the reputed person that he is. He formulates these programs based on the research and information that he gets himself and using the experiences that he has had while conducting trades of his own. He has also authored numerous books on stock trading, which incorporate his learning programs to give the reader a well-developed learning experience.

Greg Secker has worked for most of his life in the field of finance. Most of his career was spent finding and formulating algorithms to make better trades. He has also helped other corporate trading firms, giving them algorithms that he uses to make the most out of their transactions. Because of how sought after he started becoming, he decided to start up a new learning program called ‘Learn To Trade.’ The company functions through software which teaches people how to trade and implement new algorithms just like he does.

Greg Secker has always been a relatively active person who likes being on the move. The reason he decided to get into teaching people the nuances of trading was because he felt satiated from the amount of money that he had made through trading himself. He also knew that this could help thousands of people all over the country, giving them the financial security that they would want. This has proven to be an excellent idea for Greg Secker as ‘Learn To Trade’ is currently one of the most sought after trading platforms for people to learn on.

Lime Crime Keeps On Growing

The Creative Edge


In the 2000s, there were tons of companies that fought for the title of being the most successful online cosmetic business. Most did not succeed in reaching a large audience and faded out of existence. However, Lime Crime, the brainchild of Doe Deere, has emerged as a market winner and reached heights previously unseen. Now, her brand offers everything from lipstick to mascara to Millennial women across the world. Her most recent addition to her line up, Scandal, is stirring up new headlines.

Breaking The Status Quo

What makes this such a special deal is that the brand is clearly expanding into territory it has never seen before. The traditional aesthetic of Lime Crime reflects the childhood ambitions of Doe Deere. She has always wanted to make bright and colorful art which is exactly what her lipsticks have been. In this new addition, she’s looking for a much darker aesthetic to serve as a contrast to what she’s familiar with. If successful, she hopes Scandal will set a pathway into the future for the brand and give customers something they have never seen before in their makeup.

No Bottom Of The Well

There doesn’t appear to be any end in sight for the creative play of Lime Crime. Doe Deere understood what she was doing and she has decided to do just about everything she can to make sure her legacy is continued for time immemorial. People want what Deere gives them and they’re going to love Scandal. It represents a turn of events for the brand and an obvious attempt to give the newest generation of young women, Gen Z, something to consider for themselves. The times are changing, but this brand will always remain on top of the heap.


Nick Vertucci Helps Others With His Real Estate Acadamy

Nick Vertucci believes firmly in the mantra: One’s past does not define one’s future. A man of humble beginnings, Nick lost his father at ten years of age and watched as his mother was forced to work long, hard hours to support Nick and his siblings. By age eighteen, Nick decided to strike out on his own. His home? The used van that was most valuable of his meagerworldly possessions.


An entrepreneur by nature, Nick Vertucci was able to change his luck a few years later when he began selling computer parts as a business venture. This marked the beginning of a very succesful period in his life. He finally had the money to live a real life and not to merely exist. Nick would get married and be blessed with three beautiful daughters. All would be well in the Vertucci household until the dotcom crash of 2000. All that Nick had worked for was lost almost instantly. Nick blamed himself for not better preparing for his and his family’s future.


The next year and a half saw Nick with virtually no income. The only way he found to support his family was to dig himself deeper into debt. In the process Nick lost everything except the home his family shared. With nothing more to lose, Nick took a friend upon an offer to attend a three day real estate seminar. Though apprehensive at first, Nick Vertucci believes that attending the seminar was the best decision he ever made in his life.


Nick left the three day seminar filled with optimism. He was now determined to absorb all he could about real estate. He spent nearly a decade in total learning all he needed to be successful in what was now his chosen field. Eventually Nick would develop a simple and straightforward strategy that allowed him to make the money his family needed. Once he had truly made it and could call himself a millionaire, Nick Vertucci found a new challenge. He would teach the real estate strategies that had changed his life to as many people as he could reach. To accomplish this mission Nick started the The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.


The NVREA was established in 2003 and is one of the most sought after programs in the industry. The NVREA is both simple and brilliant. NVREA students are taught to Get In, meaning identify and secure the best deals. Get out, NVREA members are taught the ins and outs of how to prepare a property for flipping. And the final step to the NVREA process is to Get Paid.

Tony Petrillo Is An Amazing Story Of Generosity And Hard Work

To call the career of Tony Petrello a success would be the understatement of the century. His compensation as a CEO in 2015 was one of the highest and he is known as a man of creative thinking, consistent hard work, and natural gifts. The work he has accomplished for children with neurological disorders is admirable and he gives back to society. Tony Petrello began his life in Newark, New Jersey and he attended public school. By the time he reached high school his abilities in math were famous. He was noticed by Yale University and they offered him a scholarship and the mentorship of Serge Lange who was brilliant as a professor, author, and mathematician.

Prior to earning his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees Yale knew Tony Petrello as humorous and outgoing. This was additionally where he met Cynthia who eventually became his wife. She became a television and movie actress, a dancer, and the producer of a soap opera. He did not become a mathematician as was expected but instead enrolled in law school at Harvard. He went to work for the law firm of Baker & McKenzie in 1979 specializing in business law and was awarded a managing partnership in the New York division in 1979. His work with his client Nabors Industries would change his life.

Nabors Industries hired Tony Petrello and his new career was a business executive. He moved to Texas and became the CEO for Nabors in 1991. He earned a seat on the board of directors and became the President of the company in 1992. In 1993, he helped direct a purchase for $32 million and brought in Superior Well Services in 2010. He serves as a director for Stewart & Stevenson, director for Hilcorp Energy Company, and

Tony and Cynthia Petrello had a daughter late in the 1990’s named Carena who was born with cerebral palsy. This led to his philanthropy to help children and a donation to the Texas Children’s Hospital of $7 million. The money was used to construct a complex for specialized pediatric neurological care named the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. The institution is on the cutting edge of modern technology and has treated children from across the globe. Many families have been given hope because of the efforts of Tony Petrillo. His acumen and business strategies have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for numerous charitable donations. He continues his efforts because he believes in his causes. Although Tony Petrillo credits luck for most of his outstanding accomplishments this is not true. Everyone who know him including his family, his friends, and his colleagues know his success comes from a big heart combined with a powerful work ethic. His good fortune is just a small aspect of the amazing story of his life.

About Tony Petrillo:

Norman Lear to Host a New Show in PodcastOne

Norman Lear is a man of many hats. Being a world war veteran, a creative, award winning director, and a writer, he has become an icon to many people, more so those in the entertainment industry. Now, going with the announcement of PodcastOne founder Norman Pattiz, we are yet to get the best of Norman Lear.

Starting May 1st, Norman Lear is set to take listeners to an entertaining conversation through his podcast that will be available weekly through, the app and iTunes. Norman’s new show “All of the Above” will seek to engage its listeners on a list of topics including music, social issues within the society, politics, family dramas, and comedy among others. In addition to Norman Lear, the host, the show will feature a large list of individuals including different politicians, common citizens, and celebrities. Norman will also be joined on set weekly by his friend and composer, Paul Hipp. Learn more:

Going by Norman’s reputation and the PodcastOne platform, it is true to say that the show will be a great success. As if this is not enough, Mr. Pattiz when announcing this news released a list of celebrities that will feature in the show as it premiers. Some of the reputable celebrities you should expect to hear from include Jerrod Carmichael, Amy Poehler, America Ferrera and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Mr. Lear himself was so excited as he termed such a move as one of his dreams come true and promised his listeners nothing short of a peer-to-peer conversation at the same time welcoming them on board.

About Norman Pattiz
Norman Pattiz is one of the most celebrated individuals in the American broadcasting industry. Not only has he helped the industry grow and advance in terms of policy formation but also business wise. Mr. Norman has helped establish two of the most successful companies in the industry; Westwood One, one of America’s biggest radio network provider and PodcastOne, a leading advertiser when it comes to the use of podcast.

As equally important as Mr. Norman has been in business, he has only helped shaped broadcast polices nationally. Norman Pattiz has served two terms on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of America. His first appointment came in 2002 under President Clinton’s government while the second one was in 2009 under President Bush. Mr. Norman remarkable contributions in the broadcast industry have earned a number of awards and recognition including one from the Library of American Broadcasting.

End Citizen United’s Legal Battle To Drive Out Big Money From Political Campaigns

Recap: The Man behind Citizens United is Just Getting Started
During the Democratic presidential primaries, Citizens United wanted to air a Hillary movie in 2008. However, Citizen United was banned from airing this film. Therefore, with the help of their lawyer James Bopp, they presented their case to court seeking the right to air the film. This film depicted Hillary Clinton as a ‘European Socialist.’ It was a clear attack on Hillary Clinton both as a leader and as an individual. Unfortunately for Citizens United, the Federal Election Commission restricted them from airing the movie during the primaries because it was not clear who had paid for it.

Royce Lamberth, the district court judge involved in this case ruled against the Citizens United. Therefore the film was not aired at the time. Circumstances changed in 2010 when the Supreme Court overruled the ruling by Royce Lamberth. The Supreme Court ruled that corporations should be allowed to support a specific candidate and the courts should not prevent them from expressing themselves.

Through their lawyer, James Bopp, Citizens United was seeking to do away with the nation’s campaign finance regulations. This court battle and James win in the case in 2010 has motivated him to lead a legal attack against both federal and state campaign-finance laws. In this battle, James has gained some allies who are willing to stand with him. In 2008, Judge Royce laughed at him, but today he has the upper hand.

Recap: End Citizens United Raises $4 Million
Politicians receive a lot of money during their campaign period. However, some organizations such as End Citizens United seek to drive out big money from politics. But, the group needs finances of its own. They have already raised $4 million but are expecting to have raised $35 million before 2018 midterm elections for Congress.

As a political action committee, End Citizens United does not accept more than $5,000 from an individual donor. End Citizens United was founded in 2015 and seeks to eliminate the funding of political campaigns by billionaires who according to the group, are trying to buy the elections. The committee has formed close ties with campaign-finance groups. According to Adam Bozzi, who is the group’s spokesperson, End Citizens United has worked closely with more than 24 groups. This work relation had been directed towards trying to persuade senators who received donations from Betsy Devos to refrain from voting towards her nomination as the Education Secretary in the Trump’s Government. Unfortunately for End Citizens United, they lost the campaign with only one vote and Betsy was made the Education Secretary.

No matter the outcome, End Citizens United plans to fight for what it believes in till the end.

Visit for more information about the group.

Philadelphia Has A New Law On Employment

Labor laws in Philadelphia have experienced major transformation going by the new laws that prohibit the private sector employers from enquiring prospective employees’ salary history. According to the great legal minds in the US city, the act was a breach of constitutionality hence deeming the practice against the law. It is alleged that prospective employees where being unfairly treaded and unlawfully demanded to provide their salary data as grounds to offer them jobs. The passage of this law attracts a $2,000 fine for any party deemed to violet the ruling within Philadelphia’s jurisdiction. However, there seems to be major protests against the law as major players in the industry threaten to sue the city on the grounds of violation of the first amendment rights.

One of Philadelphia’s great legal minds is non-other than the litigation attorney, Karl Heideck. Heideck has an enviable academic background being a graduate of a bachelor’s degree from the Swarthmore College. In 2009, he became a fully licensed litigation attorney after successfully completing his JD from the Temple University Beasley School of Law. Heideck is largely known for his litigation experience which he gathered when he was working as an attorney in Philadelphia. He was so much involved in filing complaints as well as obtaining what the learned friends refer to as personal jurisdiction. He specializes in defending individuals and institutions defending them when instances of law are leveled against them.

Heideck is one of the highly revered litigation lawyers gaining fame in his home state of Philadelphia. He has been rising in popularity in the corridors of justice and his great eloquence in law seems to be working greatly for his growth in the legal sector. He is a duly certified and licensed to practice law and he has a ten years’ experience in the same. This makes home one of the greatest litigation attorneys in Philadelphia. Other areas that Heideck has specialized in include product liability as well as in legal writing. His legal future seems to be bright especially with the input he has had in the Philadelphia’s legal platform over the years.

Learn more about Karl Heideck: