The OSI Group; Revolutionizing The Food Industry

The OSI Group, founded in 1909 under the name the OSI Industries, are the number one food processing company in America dealing with protein based foods especially beef products. They boast of providing high-quality products and custom made solutions to their clients in the food industry. Their products range from a variety of poultry and beef products. These include; sausages, bacon, beef patties, chicken nuggets and much more.

OSI Group has a broad market spectrum having over 65 facilities in 17 different countries. In 2016, the Forbes magazine named them the fifty-eighth largest private company, bringing in revenue of about $6.1 billion. The company’s successes stem from providing high-quality services in a very professional manner and their ability to keep up with and meet the changing trends in the food industry. OSI Group offer a broad range of services such as contract manufacturing services, packaging services, and supply chain services. The company had since maintained a good standing relationship with McDonald’s since the year 1955 when they agreed to make a deal making the OSI group, then called Otto & Sons, to be their number one beef suppliers and have maintained the agreement till date.

With their recent acquisition of Baho foods, a Dutch company that deals with the supply of meat products in Netherlands and Germany, the OSI Group is fast dominating the European market. OSI Group also acquired a Chicago-based company called Tyson Foods in a bid to increase their production capabilities to meet the rising demand for their products.

Due to their consistent maintained quality, The OSI Group supply a majority of the re-known food chain businesses all around the world with the likes of Subway, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and many others. OSI Group’s consistent quality has made them recognized among the top business in the food industry in the United States, and in other places all around the world.

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