Raffaele Rivas A Man Driven by Passion For the Betterment Of Others

Known for his passion when it comes to business, Raffaele Rivas founded Aurea Multi-Family Office. He represents his company as its president. Aurea Multi-Family does investment and accounting, and their services also include auditing, asset management.

Aurea Multi-Family head all the other companies including BGB AUREA LTD, Aurea Consulenti Associati SA, Milano Fiduciaria and Aurea Gestioni Patrimonialia SA with Rivas as the leader for three of the firms.

Rivas drive has known no bounds when it comes to the business side of his life. He created several companies between 98 and 2008 and before this, he spent some time working in international waters learning about the business. He improved important skills from his time in Italy and the U.K.

With a degree in economics, he paid especially attention to accounting, corporate financing, and tax law. Rivas also obtained his Dottore Commercialista. He continued his education with two post-degree programs.

Always filled with energy, Raphael drives his passion into building his companies. He credits his vision and desire for new knowledge as well as a keen observation for helping him stay ahead of the game. When it comes to making decisions about his companies, he believes that you must evolve if you want to succeed and satisfy clients. A firm believer in allowing his desire in business to guide him in investing in the right project not only to gratify himself but to help his clients.

His motto when it comes to business and life comes down to do what you love and let experience from life teach you. Besides business, Raffaele Riva loves to read. Business, technology, and international news are some of his favorite reading material. He is firmly committed to providing the best product to his clients at a value price. He wants other entrepreneurs to know that each morning they should arise from their beds and take account of how they can better serve their clients.

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