Philadelphia Has A New Law On Employment

Labor laws in Philadelphia have experienced major transformation going by the new laws that prohibit the private sector employers from enquiring prospective employees’ salary history. According to the great legal minds in the US city, the act was a breach of constitutionality hence deeming the practice against the law. It is alleged that prospective employees where being unfairly treaded and unlawfully demanded to provide their salary data as grounds to offer them jobs. The passage of this law attracts a $2,000 fine for any party deemed to violet the ruling within Philadelphia’s jurisdiction. However, there seems to be major protests against the law as major players in the industry threaten to sue the city on the grounds of violation of the first amendment rights.

One of Philadelphia’s great legal minds is non-other than the litigation attorney, Karl Heideck. Heideck has an enviable academic background being a graduate of a bachelor’s degree from the Swarthmore College. In 2009, he became a fully licensed litigation attorney after successfully completing his JD from the Temple University Beasley School of Law. Heideck is largely known for his litigation experience which he gathered when he was working as an attorney in Philadelphia. He was so much involved in filing complaints as well as obtaining what the learned friends refer to as personal jurisdiction. He specializes in defending individuals and institutions defending them when instances of law are leveled against them.

Heideck is one of the highly revered litigation lawyers gaining fame in his home state of Philadelphia. He has been rising in popularity in the corridors of justice and his great eloquence in law seems to be working greatly for his growth in the legal sector. He is a duly certified and licensed to practice law and he has a ten years’ experience in the same. This makes home one of the greatest litigation attorneys in Philadelphia. Other areas that Heideck has specialized in include product liability as well as in legal writing. His legal future seems to be bright especially with the input he has had in the Philadelphia’s legal platform over the years.

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