Nick Vertucci Helps Others With His Real Estate Acadamy

Nick Vertucci believes firmly in the mantra: One’s past does not define one’s future. A man of humble beginnings, Nick lost his father at ten years of age and watched as his mother was forced to work long, hard hours to support Nick and his siblings. By age eighteen, Nick decided to strike out on his own. His home? The used van that was most valuable of his meagerworldly possessions.


An entrepreneur by nature, Nick Vertucci was able to change his luck a few years later when he began selling computer parts as a business venture. This marked the beginning of a very succesful period in his life. He finally had the money to live a real life and not to merely exist. Nick would get married and be blessed with three beautiful daughters. All would be well in the Vertucci household until the dotcom crash of 2000. All that Nick had worked for was lost almost instantly. Nick blamed himself for not better preparing for his and his family’s future.


The next year and a half saw Nick with virtually no income. The only way he found to support his family was to dig himself deeper into debt. In the process Nick lost everything except the home his family shared. With nothing more to lose, Nick took a friend upon an offer to attend a three day real estate seminar. Though apprehensive at first, Nick Vertucci believes that attending the seminar was the best decision he ever made in his life.


Nick left the three day seminar filled with optimism. He was now determined to absorb all he could about real estate. He spent nearly a decade in total learning all he needed to be successful in what was now his chosen field. Eventually Nick would develop a simple and straightforward strategy that allowed him to make the money his family needed. Once he had truly made it and could call himself a millionaire, Nick Vertucci found a new challenge. He would teach the real estate strategies that had changed his life to as many people as he could reach. To accomplish this mission Nick started the The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.


The NVREA was established in 2003 and is one of the most sought after programs in the industry. The NVREA is both simple and brilliant. NVREA students are taught to Get In, meaning identify and secure the best deals. Get out, NVREA members are taught the ins and outs of how to prepare a property for flipping. And the final step to the NVREA process is to Get Paid.

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