Luke Lazarus and the New Communication Strategies for Startups

 The New Startups

Only 10% of new businesses rank as succeeding. Every startup has a chance to be listed as successful. Why is the challenge so great to succeed in business today?

This question needs to be answered by sufficient business analysis of a business plan and retracing the steps that led to the choice to downsize or bailout. Who is willing to take time to help a business look into the elements that cause its defeat?

The truth is it is a difficult task that few have the experience and capability to undertake. The few who seek to be business consultants have stellar records of success and come with excellent recommendations by their peers and other business leaders.

Luke Lazarus has over 20 years working at the top of his game and since 2013 began working with startup businesses to help them with analysis of startup problems they face.

Being Among the Minority

Luke Lazarus is among those few individuals who can unravel thorny business problems with ease. Lazarus gained his abilities over 20 years as a successful entrepreneur of four businesses, which rose to success before he sold them to new owners. Read more:Luke Lazarus | Interview and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

Today Lazarus takes great pride in lending his education, experience, and business experiences to help startups who will benefit.

The many teams supported by Luke Lazarus praise Lazarus’ abilities. Lazarus makes a difference in the way a business can rise above its problems. Luke Lazarus takes every opportunity to guide his startups with the same principles of success he applied to his success.

Venture Capital Highway

Luke Lazarus seeks to prepare startup teams to get to the core of their mission statement and write a compelling brand story that makes a connection with investors and consumers. According to Luke Lazarus, a business story is a key to laying a foundation for success. A business story can have several distinct elements that work together to make an emotional connection.

At the heart of a business plan are the values that drive the rest of the story. Lazarus often uses the analogy of selling an outdoor canopy to a family. The canopy has value, but more importantly, the benefits that drove the why of the purchase is closer to the values that make the emotional connection.

How an Emotional Connection is Made

The family enjoys the canopy because it is a vehicle to bring them together with family and friends and find shelter from Summer heat or winter cold. Secondly, the canopy allows the family to save thousands of dollars of savings they would have had to use to build an aluminum awning.

The story brings together these values in a way that the consumer can identify their values with the brands. When a story strikes an investor, it is a sure sign, and it will also make a connection with the consumer.

A startup needs to reach the investor with his story to gain investments. Without an investment, says Lazarus, it is tough to survive in today’s business environment.

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