Cassio Audi’s Incredible Music Career

A great many Brazilian rock fans and music fanatics are familiar with the name Cassio Audi. He is indeed credited with being the venomous sting in the band Viper, A band he formed along with band members Yves, Pete Passarell, and Andre Machado in 1985. Audi’s specialty was in the drums, but he also dabbled in songwriting once in a while. His prowess in the drums enabled the band Viper to achieve soaring heights in Brazil and the international frontier. The band drew inspiration from the sensational rock band Iron Maiden and the proliferating influence of heavy metal music in the world

What made Audi stand out as a member of Viper was not so much in his aptness in drumming as his determination, creativity, and effort he put into the band’s music. The band’s first demo album dubbed ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’, later changed to ‘The Killer Sword’ became an international hit rivaling and even beating bands like Nirvana in the international rock charts. Core fans of the band were always quick to pinpoint the drums as the best part of the songs, detailing a rich bass and perfect harmony. Audi’s drum beats were known to transcend the bounds of music to touch the soul effectually. The album went on to be awarded four stars by Allmusic.

Though Audi left the band in 1989 to pursue an education and career in finance, he still maintained close links with his fellow band members. His influence is, in fact, a major contribution to the band’s second album, ‘Theater of Fate’, international success even to countries as far as Japan. Audi has undoubtedly made a name in the financial industry, but has immortalized the same in the drummers’ hall of fame as Cassio Audi, The Viper’s Venom.

Honey Birdette Is A DownUnder Retail Sensation And The Company Is In Expansion Mode

There is gold in women’s lingerie. Just ask Australian entrepreneur, Eloise Monaghan. She knows about the hidden treasure in selling women’s lingerie. Monaghan had an underwear brainstorm in 2006, and she did something about it. Honey Birdette is a retail sensation in Australia thanks to Monaghan’s idea to offer sexy undergarments to the Millennial market. Monaghan has 55 stores in Australia, and she is launching her first brick and mortar store in the United States, thanks to a 374% increase in online sales in the U.S. last year.

Monaghan’s first expansion project outside of Australia was in the United Kingdom. Honey Birdette has three stores in the U.K., and 37 more stores are in the works. The London Covent Garden, the Victoria Gate, and Westfield White City stores are turning in some major sales numbers for the growing Honey Birdette chain. Monaghan is opening stores in Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool, and Westfield Stratford because of her success in those stores. She plans to have 40 stores up and running in England by the end of 2018.

Honey Birdette lingerie sells for $45 to $80 in the United Kingdom, and the company offers free delivery for orders over $50 online. The company is expanding the product line in the U.S., and the return policy is as good as it gets in the lingerie industry.

Thanks to the financial backing from investment firm, BBRC, Honey Birdette stores will pop up all over Europe in the next few years. The name of the company, the product mix, and the popular price points make Honey Birdette a winner in the eyes of young consumers. The company’s website, fast delivery, and the easy exchange policy are some of the other essential ingredients in the Honey Birdette game plan. Yes. There is gold in women’s underwear. Eloise Monaghan wears and sells that gold every day.

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Talos Leads First Drilling in Mexico in 80 Years

For nearly 80 years it was impossible for energy companies to bypass the power of a sole monopoly operating in Mexico’s waters. But this year marks the first time the Mexican government has reversed its policy in order to invite private investment, and its having a lot of people wondering about the future.

Talos Energy, a oil company based in Houston, Texas, formed a partnership with Premiere Oil and Sierra Oil back in 2015 when the government first announced its relaxing on drilling laws in its territories. After more than a year of lobbying, the joint venture secured first rights and began drilling efforts in May of this year. It marks the very first time a foreign enterprise has had access to crude in those waters since 1938.

Drilling efforts continue at the Zama-1 well in the Sureste Basin off the coast of Tobasco. According to their estimates, somewhere between 100 and 500 million barrels of crude oil can be extracted from this location. Those are claimed to be conservative estimates, and they’ll only have 90 days to meet those projections before their permit expires. Its expected to cost these partners an approximate $16 million to fund.

Speculators see this new drilling in Mexico is a boon to the energy industry that will likely go unmatched in terms of interest in 2017. Edison Investment Research states that it expects the completion of this run to set the tone of Mexico’s willingness to accept more foreign investment in energy. It will also draw the attention of other big energy companies looking for new locations to drill as well as other nations that are considering expanding their energy industries.

About Talos Energy:

Talos Energy is an American oil and gas company, based in Houston, Texas. Since its founding in 2012, Talos Energy has been a respected figure in American energy and a key component for developing techniques and technologies for exploration and energy production, both in deep-water and shelf, throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

An ambitious entity, Talos Energy has cultivated important partnerships across the industry and with national leaders looking to expand their energy markets. Part of their success has led to the development and eventual sale of companies like Gryphon Exploration Company and Phoenix Exploration Company.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America-Getting You Back to Your Old Life

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has collaborated with NantHealth and Allscripts in order to implement a brand new technical solution that will now enable eviti to access important workflows in the Allscripts Sunrise health record system. This will make it possible to inform the treatment process much easier and without interrupting the workflow of the physician.

As stated on WebMD, the new interface was built with the help and input of hundreds of oncologists and is a collection of cancer care data. Clinical Pathways has all of the treatment options available and is helping to eliminate any guesswork. Patients can now choose form a list of care protocols at the point of care. The platform makes it possible to access referenced and current guidelines, drug reactions, response rates, and toxicity, obtain real-time functionality, and make comparisons between various treatment options.

Clinical Pathways is helping to improve the efficiency and quality of patient care by greatly reducing variability in care. Clinical Pathways also allows physicians to get their information from a vast medical library that has over 2,700 of the most supported treatments which cover all the cancers and cancer subtypes. The eviti integration is vital to allowing physicians to get access to current and evidence-based treatment options in order to help their patients.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is considered among the highest when it comes to treatment care of their patients out of many US hospitals. Cancer Treatment Centers of America are based out of Boca Raton, Florida, and have five hospitals all over the United States that serves adult cancer patients from all over the world. Their hospitals are currently located throughout the United States.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is providing their patients and families with care and information to help them to partake in active participation in their treatment decisions.

Money Market Funds: Bruce Bent II’s Gift to the Financial World

A money market fund is a type of mutual fund focused on short-term securities. It consists of short-term debt that is arranged through mutual funds, broker-dealers, and investment banks. A money market fund earns interest for the investor while maintaining a minimum base value called the net asset value. It is considered an excellent alternative for those looking for low-cost, low-risk and high-yield investment opportunities.

Some of the securities in a money market fund include treasury bills, bonds, certificates of deposit and corporate commercial paper among others. A money market fund is highly liquid and can be easily traded. It is also referred to as “cash-equivalent” because the portfolio quickly converts to cash. A money market fund usually attracts a high demand and can be traded quicker upon request than regular stocks.

It does not attract entry or exit fees for investors. It is considered to be safe since it offers higher yields and is not affected by volatility in the stock markets. Money market funds provide an excellent option for people who wish to park huge sums of money for short periods of time while earning a reasonable rate of return. Bruce Bent II is credited with establishing the first money market fund in 1971.

Since then, they have become popular alternative investment options and increased the uptake of regular mutual funds. The segment has grown to a multi-trillion dollar industry with a permanent spot on trading floors globally. Bruce Bent II is currently working as the Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation, an investment management and financial technology solutions company serving brokerages, investment banks, institutional investors and retail markets among others. He is providing capital strategy advisory and operational management at the group.

Some of the group’s subsidiaries and affiliates include Access Control Advantage, a loan outsourcing solutions firm and LIDS Capital, an insured deposit provider to brokerages and clearing agencies. The group also operates Island Intellectual Property, an intellectual property company with a focus on the financial services industry, and Landing Rock Group, a financial services company with a focus on deposit insurance and cash management services. Bruce Bent II is also associated with Young Presidents’ Organization, Scenic Hudson, The Reserve and Hallmark First Mutual Fund among many other organizations.

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And The Best Franchisee Award Goes To: Omar Yunes

The 2015 recipient of the Best Franchisee of the World award was none other than Sushi Itto’s Franchisee, Omar Yunes. This is an international event that takes place on a yearly basis. The award goes to franchisee’s who demonstrate successful partnerships with their franchises and work consistently to achieve the businesses goals. Omar Yunes was successfully able to fit this role. Coordinator of the event, Diego Elizarrarrás, said that Yunes played an important role in helping Sushi Itto achieve a successful franchise-franchisee relationship. Sushi Itto is operating in a few different cities around the world but most prominently in Mexico. The CEO of Sushi Itto also commented at the event, stating that Omar Yunes has positively influenced customer service and hospitality since he became franchisee.

In addition to Yunes, Iván Tamer was awarded second place as Best Franchisee of the World. Similar to Omar Yunes, Tamer operates primarily in Mexico. He is the franchisee for Prendamex, one of largest and most known pawnshop franchise in Mexico. Tamer successfully employed tools for a new marketing system that now manage the entire network of pawnshops in the country. Over thirty four representatives attended the conference and only a total of Eight other franchisee’s were recognized. As with any competition, only one man was named the overall winner and of course that man was Omar Yunes.

At a very young age, Yunes made the decision to make a name for himself by working hard to become the most successful entrepreneur of Mexico. Unlike his family, who is well known for their work in politics, Omar Yunes was interested in owning brands and taking charge of companies. He first linked arms with the Sushi Itto brand when he was only twenty-one years old. Using his successful relationship with this brand, he hopes to become the most prominent businessman globally by expanding his franchises across the country.

Honey Birdette Is Seeing Massive Growth In USA

The Australian boutique luxury lingerie brand called Honey Birdette is seeing massive growth for its sales in the United States. Just how massive is this growth in sales? Over the last year, sales have jumped by about 375%. These sales represent e-commerce sales. The company has no physical brick and mortar store in the USA.

Honey Birdette is hedging that the massive growth in online sales will continue well into the future. The company has recently revealed that is has revamped its USA e-commerce website and made some changes to its online sales model there. Its USA site has been reformatted to make the shopping experience easier and more convenient. Shipping for orders over $50 is now free of charge and returns are now made even more easy and simple. Honey Birdette has also increased its product offerings in the USA in an attempt to boost sales even more. Shipping speed should also improve as Honey Birdette has made changes to its logistics and shipping department that serve the USA.

The great growth in the USA has made Honey Birdette strongly consider opening up physical retail stores throughout the country. In the United Kingdom, Honey Birdette is planning on expanding its limited presence there. The company only has three stores in the UK right now. It has set out an ambitious agenda though. Honey Birdette plans on rolling out 10 new stores this year and an additional 30 by the end of 2018. An entry into Europe’s major cities such as Paris and Vienna is also expected.

Honey Birdette was founded by Eloise Monaghan in Brisbane, Australia while she was talking with a friend over a cup of wine. It sells upscale, sensual and boutique lingerie as well as intimate accessories. All of Honey Birdette’s items are designed in house and are unique.

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A Detailed Focus on the operations and Technology of NuoDB

NuoDB is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based database company that was established in 2008. Its technology is an elastic SQL database that is meant for cloud applications. NuoDB boasts of an SQL compliant database that is referred to New SQL.

NuoDB has an object architecture that operates in the cloud. As such, the addition of a new server in a bid to scale-out the database causes it to run faster. The cloud database does not only scale out with sharding but also spreads out tasks among some processors to prevent bottlenecks of data. Additionally, it utilizes peer-to-peer messaging in an attempt to connect tasks to modes


Jim Starkey, a successful database innovator and architect, is known for being the first to envision NuoDB in 2008. Together with Barry Morris, an enterprise software executive, they launched NuoDB in 2010. The important part of the founders’ vision for NuoDB involved the idea of creating a database that boosts the ability of SQL to handle multiple problems related to cloud computing and the increment of global application deployments.


In 2015, Gartner recognized NuoDB as a visionary in the Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems. Since NuoDB’s inception, it has received funding from various investors including Longworth Venture Partners, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Morgenthaler Ventures and Dassault Systemes.


A Tidy Home is Easier with Handy Cleaning Services

I have never been much of a organizer. I think that this has played a big part in my inability to keep my home clean. Keeping the home tidy is something that I have never been able to do that well, but I don’t have to worry about my inadequacies because I have a secret weapon for cleaning. A tidy home is easier to build when you have a company like Handy Cleaning Services.

This is a great company that does a lot of different things. I know that there are contractors through Handy Cleaning Services that do things like painting and air conditioning repair. So far, I have only had to use the company for cleaning at this time. I think that it is great to see how this company can help people get their time back.

I also think that it is great to have a company like this that gives you access to cleaning in so many different cities. This company is in Georgia. There are also Handy contractors working in Washington and Las Vegas. I have the ability to keep Handy Cleaning Services at my disposal whenever I need them. It is hard to beat this. I used to have another cleaning company that was on a small scale than Handy. I think that they were taking on too many appointments. They always had a long delay. I hated this. I would much rather have a company like Handy Cleaning Services. They have more than enough home cleaning workers available. They can get the work done in a 24 hour period.

I like the way that this company has managed to do something that I could not do. I never had the ability to clean multiple rooms in the home and get everything done in a timely manner. This was always a problem. I could clean one room, but I never had the ability to clean multiple rooms all at one time. Now I can say that I have more than enough time, and I don’t have to worry about getting the whole house clean in the course of a day. Handy has efficient workers that are able to do this. It is the type of company that has managed to make me realize that there is a need for professional cleaners. I know that this is the only way that I can actually keep my house tidy.


QNet: Start Your Own Business


There are millions of people all over the world that are drawn to starting their own business for a variety of different reasons. Not only are people starting to want to take control of their lives, but starting a business also offers an opportunity to learn a variety of different skills as well. At the end of the day, learning how to start and run a business is something that takes time and effort. The start up costs of running a business tend to scare many people away from ever getting off the ground. However, there are many different ways to run a business, and QNet offers a unique way in which to earn a living.

How Does it Work

QNet is a site where people can sign up and start to buy and sell products in which to earn a profit. There are many different types of products that people can sell all around the world. Not only can people make money off selling products, but they can also make money selling subscriptions through QNet. In this way, QNet is also a multi level marketing service that people can take advantage of over the long term. If a person get a large contingent of people signed up that are willing to go out and sign up more people, over time they will continue to grow this stream of income quickly. This is one of the many reasons that so many others have had success with QNet over the years.

Is It Worth It

Many people wonder aloud whether it is worth it to go through the trouble and buying and selling products and trying to get other people signed up for their products and services. At the end of the day, QNet is about taking control of your future and running your own business the way you want to. Multiple streams of income are always great to have. Understanding how a business works and why it is so important are ways that people can escape the rat race. Many people have been able to quit their day job and focus solely on their QNet business. Finally, it is great to be able to sell products and services to people that need them all over the world.

Final Thoughts

Overall, QNet is a great opportunity for people that want to take control of their lives and start their own business. Not only does this offer a unique opportunity to learn how to start a business, but you can start making money immediately as well. Check it out today and if it is something that sounds appealing to you, start it up with QNet.