Getting to Know Professional Investor Michael Nierenberg

One of the most well-known real estate investors in the country is Michael Nierenberg, who is the CEO and head of New Residential Investment Corp. Before he began his own company back in 2013, Michael Nierenberg worked for some of the largest names in the industry. Visit Daily Forex Report to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

These included Bear Stearns, Bank of America and the Fortress Investment Group. Because of the amount of experience he has had when working with these companies, it is no wonder that he has the experience to help people in need.


If you would like to find out more about Michael Nierenberg and all of the work that he has done, you can easily look into his social media accounts and get a feel for the type of work he’s doing. Michael Nierenberg continually works on projects to help people who are looking for solid investment help, and he regularly investments in real estate all over the country. It is why he is one of the leading investment professionals to date with a lot of experience behind him. Read more at about Michael Nierenebrg.

Niranjan Shah: Construction and Engineering Firm Owner and a Major Financial Supporter of the Democratic Party

Niranjan Shah is a businessman based in Chicago, Illinois. He established the Globetrotters Engineering Corporation in 1974, and currently serving as its chief executive officer. He has a background in construction and engineering, and he uses his knowledge and experiences to improve the engineering profession. The company has been working with hundreds of partners, and they managed to gain a high satisfaction rating from their previous clients because of how they are putting importance on the durability of the project that they are working in. More than 250 professionals who are currently employed at Globetrotters Engineering Corporation are experiencing competitive leadership under Niranjan Shah.

In the past, his company was approached by the United States government to work on several projects. These projects – a six-lane extension of the I-355 South in Chicago and a new international terminal for the O’Hare International Airport, among others – were given a mark of importance and urgency. In the end, Niranjan Shah was able to finish these projects before they meet the deadline. Through the years, the focus of his company shifted from one idea to the other. Aside from the engineering and construction services, Niranjan Shah is also investing in many companies. He is proud to say that his business is one of those that opened during the height of racial segregation in the United States, but he was able to cope with the changes in authority and strategized on how he can stay on top.

Niranjan Shah is also known as one of the top donors of the Democratic Party. He would always show up in a political party organized by the Democrats, and he will donate insanely huge amounts of money to continue his support to his favorite political party. Because of his close ties with the members of the Decmoratic Party, Niranjan Shah and his wife has been invite a lot of times inside the White House. They are happy knowing that their contribution to the political party is being highlighted by the Democrats, and he stated that he will continue donating money to the party that would most likely provide his needs and will rule the nation better.

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Head of Global Mortgages Michael Nierenberg

Michael Nierenberg has made a very big impact on Global Mortgages while working for the Bank of America Merrill Lynch in 2008. Visit Medium to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

He had amazing leadership qualities that made him exceptionally qualified to accomplish his job as Chairman of the Board at New Residential Investment Corp. Michael Nierenberg became Chairman in 2016, prior to being Chief Executive Officer and President in 2013. He decided to make investments that would lead him to the success he has had over the years.


As of February of 2019 Michael Nierenberg net worth is 16.4 million dollars, making him one of the most successful men in Stock Investments. Michael Nierenberg has created and paved the way for new Stock Investors in hopes that they use his same tactics to help businesses improve mortgage services and improve loan performance. Michael Nierenberg discusses the volume of foreclosures in certain areas and how New Residential Investment are constructing strategies to prevent this problem from continuously occurring. Visit to know more.

Expansion of Agera Energy

Since 2014, Agera company has been active to provide energy to their clients; CEO Geoff Duda has been in the front line to expand the reach of the company across the United States. There are various subsidiaries established to serve many clients with renewable energy which is reliable and efficient. The mission of Agera is to make the supply of natural energy and electricity comfortable and convenient. In Agera, there is honesty and transparency in the financial and employees sectors since their primary goal is to educate and empower customers in making significant decisions regarding the energy supply in their homes and businesses. Watch this video about Agera Energy on Youtube.

Natural gas is used in various areas including; cooking, cleaning as well as working on multiple businesses including manufacturing, restaurants among other areas. It’s essential to join a company that is reliable and convenient. During the winter Period in 2014, there was a need for renewable energy since other companies were not credible. Agera took this situation as an advantage and started educating their front lines to offer the best standard services to the clients as well as guiding them on the decisions they should make in the energy field. Agera Energy uses customer approach since they consider the customer as the backbone to the firm hence the need to be treated with respect and dignity.


There are more than 50 employees in Agera all experts in the energy supply field; they collaborate with the management team of Geoff Duda to increase the logistics of the company. Recently, Mark Linzenbold was enrolled as the new Chief Financial Officer at Agera; he has extensive skills gained from working in KMPG and Direct Energy for almost a decade. Agera Energy team is excited with Mark joining the company since he is expected to share his skills and expertise in finance, business management, and development. Previously Mark served in the top executive positions hence understands his responsibilities and mandate given.

Through the Facebook account of Agera people have shared their insight on the company services and most of them recommend others. Any new client has the opportunity to enroll through the company’s website. Read more about Agera Energy on

Stream Energy Brilliant Approach to Philanthropy

This year has been an eventful year, primarily due to weather changes. Hurricane Harvey, for example, affected all the businesses in Dallas. This incident had a major effect on the business environment of this particular geographical location. Fortunately, Stream Energy was on the center stage in helping the Dallas resident through this period of losses and destructions. This particular incident gave the company an idea of Stream Cares- a foundation of giving back to society. As a company that specializes in energy, there was a need for a formally institutionalized philanthropy by the company. Fortunately, it is now a reality to Dallas residence.

How different is Stream Cares from other corporates giving? First, the two entities are different. Stream Energy as a company has always approached humanity issues from a unique and efficient perspective. This foundation paints the correct image of Stream Energy in its approach to tackling homelessness, which according to statistics it is on the rise. The company, therefore, sees this as their responsibility the same they have approached the energy sector by offering real-time solutions to real problems.

Prior to Stream Cares foundation, Stream Energy was active in the philanthropic activities. The company mainly collaborated with like-minded organizations in Dallas. Some of the organizations that the company collaborated with include Red Cross and sometimes Habitat for Humanity. Apart from the two major giants, the company was directly involved in grassroots projects around Dallas neighborhoods. All these collaborations paint the correct picture of an organization that values its clients and their wellbeing.

Where does the company get the money from, to fund all these projects? Stream Energy has heavily invested in the energy sector. All the funding for this particular foundation is part of the profits the company makes from their business. The scope of Stream Energy is on both corporate as well as the domestic level. The company has associates, which work hand in hand with the company and as a result, earn commissions. The entity has expanded its structure, especially on their commission structures in order to accommodate different associates. This structure continues to inspire and empower residents of Dallas.

Roberto Santiago: Visionary Manaira Shopping Builder Saw Greatness Before it Arrived

Roberto Santiago is known in Brazil as a successful business person. He is credited for revitalizing shopping in Joao Pessoa. Everyone knows how much Brazilians like to shop, which was something that drove Santiago to surprise the people of Joao Pessoa with a new kind of shopping experience. This partly led to the erection of the Manaira Shopping mall, which was opened back in 1989. It did not take long for citizens of the town to fall in love with the shopping center.


It should be noted that his shopping center gave something to the community of Joao Pessoa. The mall is quite large compared to others, meaning that it needed to employ a number of people, and most of them live within this community. Many have seen the results of his mall and its ability to supply the people of Joao Pessoa with additional revenue to do all the things they always wanted to do. There is no doubt that Santiago not only revolutionized the shopping in this town but also revitalized economic growth.


Santiago was born on July 16, 1958, and he was born in the town where his most precious property, the Manaira Shopping center, now stands. The man attended the University Center, which is in this town he has grown fond of. He studied Business Administration at the school. The skills he learned at school along with his past experiences helped him successfully introduce his famed mall. It only took him two years to build and open the mall though he put a lot of thought into its construction.


One thing that makes the Manaira Shopping center special is that it provides a modernized shopping experience to those who visit it. There is a theater in the mall and gaming area. Of course, the mall does contain a number of shopping stores and a food court like many other malls, but it has a number of additional perks that are little rare. For example, there are college and financial institutions within the walls and a gym. Still, one of the most unique aspects of this mall is the rooftop concert hall.


Santiago wanted his mall to be the pillar of entertainment for the town, and he knew that giving the mall a rooftop concert hall, which is called the Domus Hall, would be great. Musical concerts, conferences, exhibits, graduations, weddings, and several other types of events have been held at this concert hall. It can hold up to 10,000 people should they be standing, which goes to show just how large the concert hall is. The Domus Hall is soundproof, and it even has private areas for parties that are meant to be small. One only needs to tour the mall to see just how much of a visionary Santiago truly is because he saw how much good this mall would do for the town.


The Organo Gold Evolution

Organo Gold is giving people a new perspective about the way that they should consume copy. People that have not tried coffee that has a healing agent will be surprised to learn that this is exactly what Organo Gold is bringing to the table. This has become the company that is bringing organic coffee that has the Ganoderma mushroom as the core ingredient for helping the sick feel better. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

This is a mushroom that has been part of many recipes for healing in Asia but people in the Western Hemisphere are just becoming familiar with this type of product. Organo Gold is the company that has help Bernardo Chua capitalize on the healing coffee that is slowly sweeping the nation.

Organo Gold has become quite well known as a brand of coffee that makes people feel much better.


This is certainly the case for all of those people that may have wondered how they could get gourmet coffee that was different. The standard coffee, by contrast, does not have any healing properties whatsoever.

Organo Gold is to company that started as a business that lured customers with gourmet coffee. As time progressed this would become the company that would be known for tea, energy drinks and skin care products. It is true that a lot of people chose Organo Gold because of the organic coffee, but it is now a beverage sensation for people that are in need of so many other things. It is not just for coffee anymore. Organo Gold is the company that is growing, and it continues to promote new products that also contain the Ganoderma mushroom.

Bernardo Chua is happy about this expansion. Consumers are also elated about how this brand has evolved. It is one of the better brands for coffee and tea products. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

James Dondero Dares to venture where very few Would and Scores Bigtime

James Dondero started his first venture capitalist company in 1993. Previously, Jim used to work in different companies holding top executive positions. In the thirty years defining his career, he’s made some of the most unbelievable risky and bold calls. Most of his predictions ended up being true. He is among the few investors alive who can confidently say, they beat Warren Buffet to the punch. Jim made tons of money by hedging against the Texas energy company which later went bankrupt. In the ensuing bankruptcy, Warren was reported to have been one of the casualties.


Argentine’s Sovereign Debt


The moves taken by James Dondero in the recent past can be said to be controversial and very high risk. For instance, everyone looked with bewilderment as Dondero and his firm staked millions of dollars to buy the Argentine’s sovereign loans offered as bonds. The struggling south American nation was almost on the edge of full-blown chaos were it not for the private credit they received from investments firms the likes of which Dondero managed.


Impressive Double-Digit Gains


The co-founder of Highland Capital Management was quoted in an article posted on Barron’s remarking his unique problem-solving technique. He often prefers to retreat somewhere quiet and serene to meditate on present problems and the epiphany always comes in solitary. His hedge fund has outperformed most of its peers in California and elsewhere as it posted impressive gains of around 30% in the last financial year alone. That’s amazing, especially considering how clients dealing with the leading investment banks and brokers in places like Wall St. only received averaged gains of less than 5% for their investors.


Meet Highland Capital’s Owners


An article posted on Barron’s gives the exact reasons why Highland Capital Management has done so well in this tough and perilous economic times. The post does a great job of allowing us to know who Jim really is and where he came from. James is an alumnus of the University of Virginia. There, he studied accounting and finance graduating with top honors. Highland Capital Management was born in 1993 and it could not have been possible without his investment partner, Mark Okada. Today, they moved their HQ’s from California to Dallas to enjoy tax breaks plus the people are remarkably nice and warm in this part of the nation. Their company now employs close to 200 professional accountants, lawyers, financial analysts and other core support staff.

Eric Pulier Turns Technology Expertise into Philanthropy

Eric Pulier started showing signs of his entrepreneurial spirit at a very young age. He was already able to program computers by the time he was nine years old. By the time he was ready to graduate from high school, he already had a computer company started dealing with databases. He attended Harvard University where he earned a degree in English and also studied computer science.


Eric has been involved with at least 15 start-up companies so far. He is a co-founder of ServiceMesh and currently is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company. He worked with Computer Sciences Corporation, helping them create and provide cloud services Eric founded SOA Software in 1998, a company that provides Service Oriented Architecture to help design software for users. Pulier was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer from 1995 to 1998. He currently serves as Executive Chairman at LogicLibrary in the SOA Software division.


Eric has been a driving force for new development in software development and the digital interactive industries for more than 20 years. He is a leading entrepreneur in government and enterprise technology. He worked with Bill Clinton and Al Gore on the Global Imitative Project. He is a well-known public speaker on new developments in the technology industry.


Eric Pulier is active in charitable giving and in using his expertise in technology to help those who are less fortunate. One of his best-known philanthropic projects is the Painted Turtle. It is a summer camp for children suffering with life-threatening diseases and chronic illnesses. He is VP in the cloud division of the organization.


He developed Starbright World, a social media platform for use by children with chronic illnesses. Children can use the network to interact with other children from around the world who are experiencing the same medical challenges. Eric currently lives in Los Angeles, Ca. He has four children.