Tony Petrillo Is An Amazing Story Of Generosity And Hard Work

To call the career of Tony Petrello a success would be the understatement of the century. His compensation as a CEO in 2015 was one of the highest and he is known as a man of creative thinking, consistent hard work, and natural gifts. The work he has accomplished for children with neurological disorders is admirable and he gives back to society. Tony Petrello began his life in Newark, New Jersey and he attended public school. By the time he reached high school his abilities in math were famous. He was noticed by Yale University and they offered him a scholarship and the mentorship of Serge Lange who was brilliant as a professor, author, and mathematician.

Prior to earning his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees Yale knew Tony Petrello as humorous and outgoing. This was additionally where he met Cynthia who eventually became his wife. She became a television and movie actress, a dancer, and the producer of a soap opera. He did not become a mathematician as was expected but instead enrolled in law school at Harvard. He went to work for the law firm of Baker & McKenzie in 1979 specializing in business law and was awarded a managing partnership in the New York division in 1979. His work with his client Nabors Industries would change his life.

Nabors Industries hired Tony Petrello and his new career was a business executive. He moved to Texas and became the CEO for Nabors in 1991. He earned a seat on the board of directors and became the President of the company in 1992. In 1993, he helped direct a purchase for $32 million and brought in Superior Well Services in 2010. He serves as a director for Stewart & Stevenson, director for Hilcorp Energy Company, and

Tony and Cynthia Petrello had a daughter late in the 1990’s named Carena who was born with cerebral palsy. This led to his philanthropy to help children and a donation to the Texas Children’s Hospital of $7 million. The money was used to construct a complex for specialized pediatric neurological care named the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. The institution is on the cutting edge of modern technology and has treated children from across the globe. Many families have been given hope because of the efforts of Tony Petrillo. His acumen and business strategies have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for numerous charitable donations. He continues his efforts because he believes in his causes. Although Tony Petrillo credits luck for most of his outstanding accomplishments this is not true. Everyone who know him including his family, his friends, and his colleagues know his success comes from a big heart combined with a powerful work ethic. His good fortune is just a small aspect of the amazing story of his life.

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Fashion and Designs As Handled By Adam Goldenberg

Those designs and styles that are presented to the customer has been made possible mostly by the customer. It is the customer that determines what products stay and what products are done away with. Fashion is sure to bring about something really exciting for people that are interested in upgrading their style and bringing forth something unique to them. Also fashion is starting to bring a lot of new trends to both men and women. For one thing, they are going to have to put a lot of thought into their designs so that they will not only excite the customers, but also bring forth something that they are going to enjoy.


With people doing everything they can to bring out something new such as the men’s rompers, Adam Goldenberg and his company are going to have to work even harder to bring forth something that is going to be a success among people. One of the best things to do is to put more thought into the designs so that people can see something new and have a reason to visit their shop. Fortunately, Adam has gotten the right idea by looking at the data and figuring out what the customers want.


Adam has made sure that his company has all of the data right so that they don’t lose out much on the sales. His TechStyle company and the brands have sold a vast majority of their items. One good thing about this is that there is very little overhead. Therefore, the profits they have made are much greater than their losses. It doesn’t hurt that their designs are very unique for the clothes they have to offer. Also, they have crafted their clothes for more than one body type.


There is a lot of changes being made to the fashion industry. This industry is changing for the better so that people of all sizes and types are able to enjoy some very stylish clothes. With the brands of TechStyle becoming all inclusive, there is a lot of inspiration being brought forth into the art of fashion and clothing.

Flavio Maluf, The President Of An Environmentally Friendly Company

Eucatex was found to be the best company that talks care of the environment. For the company, they have always worked hard to achieve an environment where conservation is the high-end product. For this reason, working to achieve the best business result makes them develop a high-end solution in a manner that is not anticipated in the business world. For those who are willing to develop fast income, they must work to generate better business solutions through the anticipated capabilities in the world of finance. Eucatex has also worked to develop an inmate solution to those who need fast working solutions in furniture and construction material.


In 1951, Eucatex was founded by the Maluf Family. During that time, there were minimal laws that protected the use of the environment. In this case, working to conserve the environment was a personal choice. However, the Maluf Family took it as a personal choice to protect the environment for the sake of the future generations. During that time, working at a company that depicts the true nature of the country was the best thing to do. V worked hard to protect the heritage of Brazil with fear and respect. Because the company knew they would need the environment in the future, they protected it with their hearts.


For the company to develop their products, eucalyptus trees are the main product. For this reason, they have always worked to achieve the best business results in a manner that is not anticipated in this industry. Eucatex has also started developing Tamburato as the latest product in the industry. When Flavio Maluf headed the company, they commenced exporting their products to other parts of the world including the United States and Canada. These countries have adopted their properties on a massive scale. For this reason, the country earns foreign exchange as a result of the increased trade between the two individuals.


Flavio Maluf is the President of Eucatex Group of Companies based in Brazil. He is the fourth generation member of the Maluf Family. Since he headed the company in 1997, he has promoted its business profit to massive scales.

Public Voting Opens on Inspired by Israel Video Contest

Worldwide public voting has begun on the “Inspired by Israel” video contest. The contest is open to any video which focuses on Israel’s value and/or brings an important pro-Israel message to public attention.


The public voting will determine 10 video entries which will be shown to a panel of independent expert judges. Over 80 entrants have submitted videos to the competition.

A total of $20,000 will be awarded, including an $8,000 Grand Prize. The context is sponsored by the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in partnership with the 12Tribe Films Foundation and is hosted on


The 10-day public voting period ends on March 29, after which the top ten prizes will be selected by the panel of judges. The winners will be announced on April 30.

The 2016 Grand Prize-winning video for 2016, “Superman’s Got Nothing on Israel,” received hundreds of thousands of views and was featured or shared by many organizations and individuals. Videos entered in the 2016 contest received over 500,000 views during the public voting period.


Adam Milstein sees the Inspired by Israel video contest as a means to show the people, places and innovations of Israel to the entire world.


Born in Israel in 1952, Milstein served in the Israeli military during the Yom Kippur War. He married Gila Elgrably in 1974, and the family moved to the United States in 1981. In 2000, the Milsteins founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The foundation supports the education of students and young adults to help them identify with their Jewish heritage, relate to Israel and advocate for the state of Israel and the Jewish people. The foundation also seeks to strengthen the U.S.-Israel alliance.


Milstein is a partner of Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate investment firm. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in business and economics from the Israel Institute of Technology in 1978 and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Southern California in 1983.

One Planet Awards Picks Troy McQuagge CEO of 2016

The One Planet Awards are known throughout the business world for recognizing some of the best talent across industries and highlighting their strengths and contributions to the business world. For 2016 one of their most distinguished honors went to Tory McQuagge of USHEALTH Group, whom they named CEO of the Year for 2016.The recognition comes at time when conversations about health insurance is dominating headlines, leaving consumers wanting to find a company they can trust. Such a thing is impossible without exceptional leadership, which the award intends to highlight.

McQuagge came to USHEALTH Group intent on changing the structure of USHEALTH Advisors, the company’s main distributor. It was in need of new direction to meet the changes of health insurance at the time, and McQuagge met the challenge. Under his leadership USHEALTH Advisors not only recovered, grew substantially and increased its profitability in a difficult time for the health insurance industry. Because of his successes McQuagge was elected President and CEO of USHEALTH Group in 2014, and in a little over two years in his new roles the company finds itself rising above competitors and adapting to the undulating restrictions they encounter in disparate states.

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McQuagge was up against a long list of CEOs in different industries, from all over the world to be considered the best by One Planet Awards. Upon hearing that he had won, McQuagge simply pivoted from taking all the glory himself and extended his thanks to the employees of USHEALTH Group, stating that the recognition the company has garnered over the year, particularly this award, is a testament to the commitment of every member of the company to continue to provide exceptional service to their clients. Moving forward, McQuagge says the company must focus on the developing challenges facing the health insurance industry and continue to find innovative ways to provide equitable insurance to consumers that meet their coverage needs.

About Troy McQuagge:

Troy McQuagge is an American businessman with a long career working in the health insurance industry. After graduating from the University of Central Florida, he went on to work for Allstate Insurance in 1983.Having acquired decades of experience in health insurance, McQuagge was recruited to restructure portions of USHEALTH Group. Upon succeeding in determining new methods of distribution, he was appointed President and CEO of USHEALTH Advisors.


Successful Businessman and Philanthropist

Eric Pulier, a New Jersey native, started programming computers in the fourth grade. In 1984, while still in high school, he started his own database company. This naturally brilliant young man went to Harvard and become the editor of the Harvard Crimson. In 1991, he moved to Los Angeles to start his own company.XPrize is one of his start ups that consists of competitions that have people who push themselves to their fullest potential. Pulier wanted to help people achieve their dreams and success. He is an active businessman and philanthropist with multiple start ups and other business ventures. Akana is another accomplishment for Pulier. This software company has acquired others under the brand. They sold out to Rogue Wave in 2006.

He is an active philanthropist. He has started the Painted Turtle, which is a camp for children with chronic illness. He has donated his time and his money to ensure children with special needs have a great summer experience. Starbright World is another organization that helps children with chronic illness through a social network to help them connect with each other.

Pulier has helped bring these children closer together.Eric Pulier works with special needs children to help them through their tough situations. Also, he is an active businessman, funding companies and creating start ups. He has worked with government organizations to try to find solutions to help with education and health issues through the use of technology. Pulier has worked to improve the lives of others through his businesses and charitable works.

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Swiss Startup Factory Co Founder Mike Baur

Mike Baur is the co founder of the company Swiss Startup Factory. He co founded the company as a way of helping a number of entrepreneurs more easily reach their goals. His company provides mentorship and coaching which has proven to be very effective in helping entrepreneurs make their companies more successful. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Mike spent ten years investing in startup companies. This allowed him to get more involved in new emerging companies and make substantial profits from his returns. At the very beginning of his career, Mike was involved in the banking industry. As a member of the banking industry, Mike met with business owners to help them arrange financing for starting up and expanding their companies.


Swiss Startup Factory is a very unique and innovative company based in Switzerland. The company specializes in providing guidance to entrepreneurs who are looking to build their companies. This company uses a business model similar to Mike’s experience in the banking sector. Baur’s company will organize an event where entrepreneurs will present their business idea to Mike and his staff. He will then evaluate the business idea and select it. Once chosen, the business will then receive a number of benefits such as mentorship and coaching during its time in business.


One of the things the Mike’s company Swiss Startup Factory will assist entrepreneurs with is financial management. The company will help advise business owners about keeping costs down, maximizing revenue and also managing debt. Swiss Startup Factory will also give entrepreneurs advice on how to arrange loans so that they can use leverage to expand their companies. With sound financial management, businesses will be able to more easily stay in operation and prosper.


Another thing that Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory will advise entrepreneurs on is marketing. In order for a business to continue making money, they need to effectively market their products and services. Swiss Startup Factory will provide coaching on how to market more effectively and find more ways to get more customers. By following this type of guidance, entrepreneurs will be in position to build their customer base and make more money.


When working with entrepreneurs, Swiss Startup Factory also provides advice on how to develop products and services. As a business, it is important to find ways to improve on your products and services. Therefore, Mike and his company look to provide entrepreneurs on guidance on how to make their products and services better.

John Goullet’s Commitment to Offering Unique IT Solutions

John Goullet, a master’s degree holder in Computer Science, combines his entrepreneurial skills and IT expertise to succeed in any venture he undertakes. His ability to read, understand, and change with the changing market trends makes him one of the most prominent IT gurus in the U.S. John knows how to take advantage of his competitors’ mistakes and doesn’t hesitate to copy the positives from them.

John’s Career

During his early days in the IT industry, John specialized in offering IT consultancy and IT staffing services. After some few years in the industry, he founded his firm named Info Technologies that provided IT solutions to some of the premier companies in America. Within the first five years of its existence, Info Technology had accumulated assets estimated to be worth over $30 million, ranking 8th among the fastest growing firms across all American industries. The company merged with DIVERSANT Inc. in 2010 to form DIVERSANT, LLC. From 2010 to date, John serves as the company’s Principal.

The Idea of Forming DIVERSANT

IT experts in the U.S. are inadequate compared to the huge market demand, a fact John understands very well. In a feature by Ideamensch in November last year, he explained that he had had the dream of addressing that inadequacy long before he began his IT career. Being the brilliant guy that he is, he came up with the idea that establishing an IT staffing company was the solution to the shortage problem. Deriving his motivation from other successful people in the Industry, he realized his dream in 2010 when he formed DIVERSANT, LLC. John is optimistic that the future of the American technology industry is bright, specifically for the competent companies like DIVERSANT.

His Social Life

John’s hobbies are reading and working out. He told Ideamensch that he wakes up to a one-hour gym session every day before leaving for office. John makes himself productive by getting to the office early in the morning and leaving early in the evening. John Goullet’s favorite book is Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War written by the security expert, Sebastian Gorka, and any business book by Jim Collins. Currently, he is gaining interest in golf and is taking lessons to sharpen his skills in the game.


Jeffry Schneider: The Attractive Brain Championing Alternative Investment Ideas

Jeffrey Schneider is the founder and CEO of the Ascendant Capital LLC. The company is an alternative investment entity that deals in a diverse range of marketing, education, sales and operational services, as well as innovative approach in financial structuring. With such a vast field of operation, Ascendant Capital has basically developed a new approach in the financial investment market. It raises funds for established and budding alternative asset fund sponsors. With market operations that entail diversifying holdings and reduced volatility, the company shields itself from most of the market shocks and dramas, thanks to the Schneider’s prudence. Ascendant boasts of global coverage and wide partnership with various financial institutions. It partners with private banks, several networks of family offices, over 50 broker dealers, and approximately 250 registered investment advisors in most of its income-generating private equity investments.

Jeffry’s skills and experience in the financial investment market has directed the Ascendant Capital to a robust and rapid growth. He has since seen the company grow its employee base from 2 to 30 employees within a span of 5 years. His stay in the company has also rapidly turned it into a giant capital mobilizer, with the company approximated to have raised over $1 billion to other firm managers who are their investment partners. The money has been mostly directed to real estate investment, automotive industry, as well as tech firms. Most of these industries are less prone to market shocks, meaning that they also enjoy safety in their investments.

About Jeffrey Schneider

The university of Massachusetts graduate founded the Ascendant Capital company in 2008 prior to his engagement with various leading financial service firms. He worked at the Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors as one of the leading senior strategizing officers for two years from 2002. He has also worked at the Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney and Alex Brown.

Mr. Schneider is an enthusiast of outfield activities. He has participated in several marathons, ironman, as well as half ironman’s competitions. His penchant for healthy lifestyle has seen him engage more in eating healthy as well as regular training to stay fit.


Troy McQuagge Wins Gold at the One Planet Awards

In January 2017, the much-coveted Planet Awards declared USHEALTH Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Troy McQuagge, the Gold Winner in its CEO of the year category. The One Planet Awards program rewards and acknowledges professional excellence from different industries worldwide. All organizations are eligible to participate in the awards.


After joining USHEALTH in 2010, Troy set out to make a difference in the company. First, he had to re-strategize its distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors, to make it profitable. It advises USHEALTH clients on the insurance products and services offered by USHEALTH Group, and how these products fit into their health care needs.


Re-building the agency turned out to be a stepping stone which led to McQuagge’s promotion to CEO in 2014. Other than the internal re-strategizing he put in place, the company also registered exponential profitability and growth. These results are very remarkable because the health insurance market is highly competitive.


Troy McQuagge’s Response


After receiving the prestigious award, McQuagge acknowledged that it was an honor to have received peer recognition for what he had managed to achieve. He, however, didn’t take all the credit. Instead, he dedicated the gold award to all the employees of USHEALTH Group, Inc. He further stated that the award was a testament to the company’s ongoing conviction towards solving the healthcare affordability challenge faced by customers and providing innovative health care solutions that will match their growing medical needs.


The One Planet Awards


The One Planet Awards recognize organizations for their professionalism and excellent business culture. The categories considered are divided into sections that include new products and services, marketing, public relations, teams, executives and corporate communications. For one to participate in the awards, they need to submit their nominations.


USHEALTH Group, Inc.


The headquarters of USHEALTH Group are in Fort Worth, Texas. The group is made of smaller companies whose aim is to provide a variety of health care solutions for its customers. It has served over 15 million clients and boasts of a collective experience of over half a century.


About Troy McQuagge


Troy McQuagge is the President of USHEALTH Group, Inc., and also serves as its CEO. He is a dynamic professional specializing in sales and has over 30 years of experience. He has achieved exemplary results in very competitive environments. In 2010, he was selected to lead USHEALTH Advisors as President and CEO. During his tenure, McQuagge ensured that the company grew and became profitable.


Mr. McQuagge designed an Agency Platform which enabled the parent company to achieve its growth objectives. His other accomplishment includes the 2016 Gold Award for Company of the year awarded by the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards.