Bruce Levenson Journey in Building His Business Career

Known for his philanthropist nature and his business investments, Bruce Levenson on is a well-respected business man and also the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, an NBA team. His experience is drawn from his involvement in the governance of NBA in Hawks where he was sitting in the Board of Governors. He is a daring entrepreneur who has tried his hands on other industries such as telecommunications. He co-founded a communications company known as United Communications Group in the 70’s. Apart from telecommunications, he has also invested in the IT industry and he was one of the founders of TechTarget which is no longer a private company after it was publicly traded through an Initial Public Offer.

Levenson is an American citizen with a Jewish descent. He spent most of his early life in Maryland although later on he moved in pursuit of his college Education. At this point, Levenson did one of the most daring thing that a student can do. He was actually doing a law degree at the Washington University in St. Louis. While in college, Levenson attended his classes during the night so that during the day he was busy trying to make a name in journalism at the Washington Star. His schedule was becoming tighter as the days go by.

In 1977, he decided to move into business and was one of the founders of UGC which was a partnership between him and Peskowitz. Interestingly, the company was started and run in Levenson’s apartment. This was a publishing company and at that time they were only publishing a newsletter called Oil Express. With this news later, they focused on the oil industry and its progress which was a smart move since the industry is a major area of interest for most Americans. As time went by, the company went on to acquire other businesses and eventually it grew rapidly.

This is an NBA team of professional players who are stationed at Philips arena. Levenson bought the arena as well. He is a well-known charismatic man with a very compassionate heart and he interacts with people very well. For instance, he and his wife went along with the hawks’ crew to the U.S holocaust Museum in Washington. He was also accompanied by his mother-in-law in this trip and it was a good moment for the family and team as well. As a reward to their reputation in the information sector, Levenson and his partner Peskowitz were put on the Software and Information Industry Association’s Hall of Fame.

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