Your New Routine With Prevagen And Brain Health

One of the reasons we become a bit anxious around the autumn time is the pressure we put on ourselves as we come back into a season of “getting it all done.”

Everyone goes back to school, morning wake up times are a bit earlier, the to-do lists are especially long after summer fun, and we feel like we have to accomplish everything in the first week of fall.

Getting into a new routine is vital for your mental and emotional health and taking supplements such as Prevagen can become apart of that new helpful routine.

Prevagen is a memory-improving supplement containing apoaequorin, a substance supporting cognitive function. Supporting a new season, and new routine these paired together might be the ticket in starting your autumn season right. We’d like to recommend a few other tips in shifting from the relaxed days of summer to the productive season.

One of the largest factors in shifting momentum is the amount and quality of sleep we are getting. Start to play with the schedule of your bedtime and wake up time. It is even more important in fall and in seasonal shifts to be getting enough quality sleep.

Instead of starkly shifting times, begin to gradually sink into a new routine. If you are a night owl, start to slowly shift going to bed fifteen minutes earlier as well as getting up fifteen minutes earlier. Try to fit in seven to eight hours no matter what the times.

When we are feeling the colder weather and darker days it can be hard to convince the body it wants a workout. It does, and getting your body moving can help regulate emotional patterns, invigorate blood circulation, invigorating brain health, and keep positively motivated when trying new things. Choose an activity that you truly enjoy.

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We set ourselves up for failure as we try to force ourselves to do something we really don’t like. If a type of exercise or movement isn’t working, always feel you can switch up your activities and try something new.

Setting schedules, writing down to-do lists and knowing what you want to get accomplished are the first steps in being consistent. Keep these lists and schedules very simple and basic for the first couple of weeks until you feel some success with your routine.

It also feels great to cross something off your schedule or list.

Celebrate scratching off obligations, appointments, and basic errand running. If at any time you get overwhelmed by the amount you want to get done, go back to basics until you feel you’ve got the routine down again.

The hardest thing to add to any to-do list is time to relax. Without this, we tend to overextend, become over-stressed and anxious. This starts a vicious cycle of beating ourselves up along with doing the opposite of relaxing.

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If you need to put it into your schedule, do that to remember the importance. Staying relaxed helps you stay flexible, deal when situations don’t go the way you wanted and helps you continue to move forward knowing you will be taking care of yourself along the way.

New routines don’t have to be successful and written in stone. When developing a new routine, trial things out, and keep only the tactics that work. Soon this will feel natural and you can continue to focus on bringing more and more success’s into your life.

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