Yeonmi Park Shares Her Story Of Defection From North Korea

The North Korean regime has always been seen as one of the harshest in the world that keeps an iron grip on the people of the country. Those who manage to escape from North Korea’s borders usually spend the rest of their time in hiding from possible retribution from the Communist regime. Yeonmi Park may only be in her early twenties, but she has set herself up as the voice of those who remain trapped in North Korea and hope to escape. Park’s amazing story of escaping to freedom has been detailed in her memoir “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom” and in a article. Yeonmi Park and her family had been members of the ruling class of North Korea before her father was sentenced to hard labor for his role in selling goods on the black market in a bid to feed his starving family. As starvation and humiliation became everyday occurrences for the family the decision to defect to South Korea was taken. Park, her mother and sister could not have imagined the many years it would take to arrive at the South Korean embassy in Mongolia as they crossed the freezing Yalu River into China to begin their journey. After crossing into China the family believed they would find safety with human traffickers employed to move them to the safety of South Korea. Instead, the family of Yeonmi Park faced dangers at every turn and saw the father die of complications from cancer left untreated on their journey. Years after setting out on their journey with Park aged just 13 at the start of the epic refugee story the remnants of the family arrived in South Korea and allowed Park to become an advocate for those in need within North Korea. Yeonmi Park of casey and yeonmi has faced the issues posed by North Korean sympathizers attempting to discredit her story, which is seen by most as a sign the young college student poses a threat to the regime with her outspoken views on real life under communist rule.

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