What’s There To Say About “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

Sean Penn is best known for his acting career, while some are aware he also has directed, written and produced. Less known is his philanthropic work and rebellious attitude and actions toward certain unfortunate realities of the mainstream world. However that is what he would prefer to be known for now. Penn is tossing aside his Academy Awards and picking up the pen to turn his attention toward being an author. Already publishing his first book in March which is, perhaps ridiculously, titled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” it is hard to ignore the new waves he is intent on creating.


The premise of “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is far from the mundane inanity the title suggests, which is sort of the whole point of it. Sean Penn is fed up with the way things are going in the world and especially with this country at the helm. One of the characters in his book rather clearly but mockingly resembles President Donald Trump, who is known as the landlord with cotton candy hair. The star character of the book, not surprisingly, is apparently representative of Penn himself. Some of the details are a bit far-fetched but his heart is in the right place. Bob Honey is a contract assassin for the government in the book, but his day job is as a septic-tank salesman. Even his role as a contract killer is an odd one as his main target is elderly people who are said to use up too many resources and his weapon is a mallet which he must hit them over the head with. The elderly people are meant to represent big businesses and old corporations that take too much without giving back.


There are many jabs and stabs and mallet whackings going on in this unbelievable book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” and Sean Penn is apparently cooking up another book soon. One can only imagine what will reside on the pages of his next masterpiece. If his acting and varied movie career is any indication his career as an author will not be fleeting. He certainly has the passion, and seems to have piqued interest, but the question of how sustainable this attitude and daring commentary can be is up for debate. As long as the books fly off the shelves and his audience is content to grow with him off the screen, continued success is inevitable. That is granting he stay alive to engineer and enjoy it.

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