The Hooded Sweatshirt is Everything You Want

For years, you have been cultivating the perfect “model off duty” look. You want to mix high and low pieces to appear casual, yet impeccably groomed. The newest addition to your laid-back wardrobe is something you might already have a few of: the hooded sweatshirt.

From Selena Gomez to Hailey Baldwin, all fashion’s “It” Girls are wearing versions of this comfy-cool staple. What’s the appeal of a basic hooded sweatshirt? First of all, this piece is available at every price point. You can find a decently made one at everywhere from Topshop to Rag and Bone. Celebrities on have even been spending seven bills on this one from French designer Vetements – but that’s not necessary to achieve the cool factor.

Moreover, you can pair a hooded sweatshirt with almost anything to customize your look and suit your personal style on Kendall Jenner styled hers with a jean jacket and leather skinnies, while Karlie Kloss paired hers with the whitest white sneakers and an army green jacket.

Not quite sure of your personal style? Take the quiz at JustFab. You simply answer the questions and click on the pieces you naturally gravitate towards. Then JustFab, the mail-order fashion subscription service will send pieces (shoes, jewelry, denim, handbags – whatever!) just right for you. That way, you will know exactly how to style your hooded sweatshirt, or other favorite piece, to reflect your personal style.

Finally, in JustFab the appeal of the hooded sweatshirt is the obvious: it is like the clothing version of comfort food! This piece is cute but not revealing (so you don’t feel obligated to self-tan). It’s warm enough to wear walking the streets of New York and comfortable enough to wear on an airplane. Best of all, you look effortlessly chic and authentically you. Let’s hope this look is here for the long-term.

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