The Family Dog Might Have the Secret to a Great Meal

Meals will always prompt quite a bit of discussion. Any home with a well used kitchen will be familiar with discussions about which meals and ingredients are the best. People love to taste and speculate on which items are the freshest or most flavorful. But a recent story in the Daily Herald has offered up a surprising opinion on the most tasty meal in the house. It may well be that the family dog is eating some of the tastiest and freshest treats.

Dog food companies have been shifting to a whole new way of looking at the industry. Many have begun to see their job as creating meals for dogs rather than simple items. A meal isn’t just a simple mass of ingredients and nutritional additives. There’s a reason that no human would ever choose to exist on nutritionally packed pastes. Meals spark joy within the tongue and spirit alike. And they’re able to provide a level of nutrition that can’t be matched. Many dog food manufacturers have come to realize that they can create meals that taste great, are nutrient packed, and are even economically priced. And all of that by using the same methods of creating meals for dogs that a chef would to prepare meals for people.

But the trend isn’t quite as new as it might seem. It’s only just now starting to really gain media attention. But some companies, such as the Beneful brand of dog food, have been at it for a very long time. In fact, Beneful was created all the way back in 2001. And the reason they came into being can be found with their name. Beneful wanted to create dog food which provided real benefits to the family pet. They began by looking at how to really maximize the nutritional value of dog food.

Purina Beneful quickly discovered that the best way to create the healthiest food was to use the best ingredients. And the high quality dog food brand discovered something else in the process. By making the healthiest dog food they’d also created something really delicious. The meats that were selected and prepared to pack in nutrients were also packing in taste. And the same goes for the tasty and juicy vegetables. It’s not just dog food, it’s a full delicious meal for dogs.


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