The Brown Agency is a major asset to talent and clients alike.

The Brown Agency is one of the newest and most powerful talent agencies in the Austin area. The agency focuses on recruiting top quality talent and they have built a major reputation very quickly. The Brown Agency is now considered the leading commercial talent agency in the central Texas area. They give their clients a huge range of talent options, while also giving top talent the exposure they need. They work with major brands throughout the world, including Louis Vuitton, Dell, and Toyota.

The Brown Agency launched in 2015, but started as two separate companies, Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South. Wilhemina Austin was launched by Justin Brown in 2010. Over the four years the company was in business Wilhelmina Austin quickly emerged as one of the top agencies in central Texas for modeling talent. Their talent trusted them to find the best possible jobs, and the company always delivered.

Heyman Talent-South was an equally valuable talent firm. They specialized in locating top-quality acting talent. When the two companies merged they were able to give their clients a diverse array of opportunities. Companies looking for top talent had access to a greater portfolio and talent had access to bigger and better opportunities.

The Brown Agency is currently headquartered in Austin, Texas. To give their talent the best possible exposure the company also maintains offices in Los Angeles and in Dallas, Texas. Their three offices allow the company to stay in contact with every company.

The Brown Agency was able to keep the best leadership talent from both companies. Justin Brown has stayed on as CEO and president. He is doing a fantastic job in that role and hopes to lead the firm for years to come. The former leader of Heyman Talent-South, Michaeal B. Bonnée has agreed to stay on as an advisor. He will lend his expertise when it comes to the theatrical division.

Justin Brown was a major fan of the merger from the very start. He knew that merging the two firms together would allow the final product to be a full-service agency. He is fully committed to serving clients in the best way possible and he knows that both talent and companies benefit from this move. He hopes the Brown Agency continues to grow. The new agency takes great pride in their ability to choose the best talent and to find the best possible opportunities. The Brown Agency hopes to keep providing top-quality talent for years to come, and at a larger scale.

Talent identification is a critical skill, and the Brown Agency is one of the best in Austin, Texas. As Austin continues to boom, the Brown Agency should grow along with it. Hopefully, they grow for years to come.

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