Funk Returns to the Charts

Taylor swift has been ousted out of the #1 spot by a song that seemed to come from the 80’s. Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk has become Billboard’s #1 in the Hot 100 chart. The song is unlike any other song from the decade. It has elements of a good 80’s song but has some contemporary elements to it as well.

Mark Ronson talked about how the song was conceived. Bruno used to do this sound check before his gigs and the song kind of picked up from that. The track goes way back while Bruno Mars was still touring. Another odd thing about the song is how it lacks a chorus. This makes the track very unique and had more placed for other exciting parts of the song.Probably the most memorable part of the song is the brass riff. It does not have any vocals but the way it built up to that part made it very exciting and groovy.

The scale used for the song is very basic and only two chords are needed to play the entire track. An interview with a professor on popular music , Christopher Cowdray, reveals some of the reasons why the song is so catchy.