Isabel Dos Santos Remarkable Work Uplifting African Lives

Isabel Dos Santos is an outstanding entrepreneur who hails from Angola in Africa. She is ranked as one of the most prosperous women globally. Her role as the chairwoman at Unitel that is a telecommunication company, stands out. Statistics indicate that she is the most affluent woman in the whole of Africa.

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Additionally, she is the 8th richest person in Africa with a net worth of $2.1 billion. The eminent businesswoman studied electrical engineering at King’s College, London. She plays a pivotal role in making lives better for several people in her country.

For starters, Isabel Dos Santos co-founded Unitel that created over 50,000 job opportunities. In addition to that, the company has connected Angola to other countries worldwide. Citizens are now able to communicate with other people located in different corners of the earth. Isabel funds other areas of infrastructural development, as well. They include banks, TV stations, farms, shops, roads, and electrical networks.

Moreover, she contributed to finances that set up the first convenient stores and supermarkets. Her notable work continues to the most important group that is women. She utterly anchors their projects so that they can support their families.

Isabel Dos Santos acquired the best education and believes that it is vital for everyone. For this reason, she helps the girl child to access quality education. Her efforts are seen in the engineering scholarships that she sponsors. She focuses on female candidates since they are future mothers who will nurture others. Another vital category is the youth who are facing unemployment. Isabel Dos Santos prioritizes by supporting youth programs that equip them with skills. This way, they can be trusted leaders of tomorrow who are self-reliable.

Partnership and networking are the key values of business success. Isabel Dos Santos works with other people to improve Angola. For instance, she is working with Brazil to ensure that the fiber-optic cables are installed. It will consequently lead to an upsurge in education and commerce as well. She uses technology as a means to upgrade her country to become well known. AfricaCom will be a venue that she can talk about topics like Blockchain, data, and cloud computing.

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