Sentient AI – E-commerce Recommendation Engine

When a client walks into a store, he/she will seek the help of the salespeople to receive directions for the items they require. The touch of personal recommendations goes a long way in maximizing on impromptu customer purchases. Online markets utilize the same concept through an e-commerce recommendation engine.

What is an E-commerce recommendation engine?

This is a smart combination of algorithms and machine learning to identify relevant product and recommend them to clients faster. Sentient Aware is an Al-powered e-commerce recommendation engine that is built to create a personalized recommendation system through recognizing a customer’s tastes and preferences.

Intelligent recommendations are better than traditional recommendations because they boost conversation rates, optimize your site, secure sales, promote your inventory and draw in loyal customers. When used correctly, an e-commerce recommendation engine is a key to drawing in more customers online.

How will Sentient Aware work for you?

Like most recommendation engines, Sentient aware customizes each of the recommendations on the home pages, category pages, and product collections. The items that appear as recommendations are related to the products searched.

For example, Amazon features ‘Customers Who Bought This Also Bought’, or ‘Frequently Bought Together’ on each of their pages to lure in customers. The key is to appeal to the client by reminding them of items they may have forgotten.

Majority of the engines rely on previously purchased items and previously viewed items. In addition to this, Sentient Aware also relies on in-the-moment recommendations by artificial intelligence to find relevant items that are appealing to the customer. Additionally, Sentient Aware also generates recommendations based on a customer’s visual preferences.

Why are e-commerce recommendations crucial?

Speed and ease are crucial to every modern day customer. With plenty of sites to choose from, a customer will grow impatient if your site does not provide what he/she is looking for. A personalized experience means that the shopper does not have to spend a lot of time looking for a specific item.

The use of an e-commerce recommendation engine will help you secure a sale and maximize the traffic to your site. Happy customers will improve your offline marketing by recommending your site.

Through the use of a recommendation engine, you can focus on your profits rather than your conversation rate. If a customer sees more of your inventory and purchases more of your item, they are of more value than clients that only visit the site and do not make purchases. This is better described as the increase in the customer’s basket size.



An efficient e-commerce recommendation engine will help you secure sales, generate customer loyalty, boost your conversation rate and increase a customer’s basket size. Sentient Aware is an e-commerce recommendation engine that is tailor-made to suit all of your business needs. Choose Sentient Aware today for an improved online business.

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