Securus Technologies Set to Highlight GTL Wrongdoings in a Course of Six Months

As Securus Technologies, we will release reports, articles, facts and findings that showcase all the integrity breaches and wrong doings done by Global Tel Link (GTL), an inmate communications provider. According to PR Newswire , Securus will release the reports over the course of the next six months as investigations into the communication provider continues. The investigation is being carried out by Louisiana Public Service Commission.

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Richard Smith, our CEO, said that he personally loves the industry and the role that Securus plays in providing services to law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities, inmates and their loved ones as well as the society at large. He added that it was very unfortunate and offending when a carrier goes beyond the integrity boundaries that are set to regulate our industry.

We will review the wrongdoings by GTL over the next six months and release the findings to the public in a campaign that seeks to shame the company and make it act with better integrity.

The First Series

Involves a review of Order No. U-20784-B, a 17-page report that contains GTL actions when the company was contracted by Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC). The Louisiana PSV found that:
GTL had programmed their telephone clocks to add between 15 to 36 seconds to each call duration.
GTL programmed all its telephones with higher call rates than those legally permitted under the PSC rate caps as well as its own tariffs.
GTL added inflated charges to all its customers after each call.
GTL also billed calls more than once.
GTL’s unlawful practices were aimed at overcharging clients.
Taxpayers were grossly overcharged to the tune of $1,243,000 million.

Securus Technologies

Securus America is located in Dallas, Texas. We serve over 3,400 agencies including public safety, correctional facilities and law enforcement. We also serve over 1.2 million inmates across the North American continent. We provide essential technological and telecommunication services including emergency response, information management, inmate video calls and self-service, biometric analysis and investigation.

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