Rebel Wilson’s Isn’t It Romantic Is Better Than Expected

We’ve all gotten used to a variety of rules that romantic comedies have to follow, even if we’re not consciously aware of them. Because of that, many of us can see what’s coming before it even happens. For example, we always see the couple getting together before they do.

Both leads always tend to be the most attractive people on the planet, despite one or both of them being terrible with relationships in the film. However, Isn’t It Romantic starring Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth manages to subvert many of these tropes to craft an interesting film that many can enjoy.

This is because it could be said that Isn’t It Romantic is somewhat on an anti-romantic comedy. These changes are made obvious right from the get-go. Even from the beginning, Rebel Wilson’s Natalie is constantly belittled for her looks; for example, she’s told that she’ll only get married if her husband is looking for a green card. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

She’s also told that she’ll never be like Julia Roberts’ character in Pretty Woman, whom she idolizes. Throughout the start of the film, this leads to Natalie and the film mocking many of the tropes seen in romantic comedies.

However, this turns into a nightmare for Natalie as a head wound sees her life turn into its own romantic comedy. However, that doesn’t mean that it does away with all of the biting humor that it set from the start. Instead, it uses its humor to help make a joke of these tropes; this lets the film utilize these tropes while also suggesting a knowing wink for the audiences amusement.

These tropes come in a variety of ways, such as the impossibly good looking male lead in Liam Hemsworth. The soundtrack is also filled with a variety of songs that you’d expect to hear on Valentine’s Day, such Vanessa Carlton, Donna Lewis and Annie Lennox; this is especially apt for a film that was released on Valentine’s Day for a wide release before hitting Netflix.

Though it’s expected, Isn’t It Romantic and Rebel Wilson manage to make these a part of the fun. By setting up the film the way it is, Rebel Wilson and the rest of the filmmakers manage to make many of the typical romantic comedy clichés more entertaining than they’ve been in years. Ms. Wilson’s particular brand of humor also manages to shine through in the role, adding another unique layer of humor to an otherwise entertaining film.

Having said that, though Isn’t It Romantic attempts to subvert many of the genres tropes, it does fall into them in a variety of places. Because of that, there are many times when viewers will fall back into the same frame of mind that comes with may other typical romantic comedies.

This is especially through for many of the characters outside of Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth’s roles. Having said that, Isn’t Romantic is quite entertaining throughout its entire run-time. It’s not available to stream on Netflix for viewers worldwide.

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