Rebel Wilson’s year could not get any better. From the release of Isn’t It Romantic which was a hit and was well received by fans to celebrating her birthday with friends, Rebel is living her best life. Isn’t It Romantic was a rom-com that starred Rebel Wilson as the lead actress acting as Natalie. Natalie is an architect living in New York who is clueless about love as she has never experienced it.

The film follows the life of Natalie after she gets stuck in a parallel universe where everything plays out as a romance film. Isn’t It Romantic was first released by Warner Bros.Pictures then later by Netflix. The film was a masterpiece, and fans cannot get enough of it. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Rebel Wilson is now filming a new movie Cats. She is working with Taylor Swift on the movie, and she is happy about this. Rebel thinks of Taylor as the sweetest person and an amazing actress. During an interview, Rebel said that Taylor has a different vibe when acting which is exciting to watch. Taylor Swift made hating her become even harder after she brought her co-stars gifts from her tour.

The gifts came as a surprise, and the co-stars shared their joy on social media. Rebel Wilson celebrated her birthday in Beverly Hills with friends working out. They were adorned in cat costumes making the exercise earn the name catzercise. The routine involved a few dance moves that Rebel Wilson and her friends completely aced. Rebel posted two videos of the group rehearsing and exercising in their attire.

She then encouraged her followers to try it out if they were looking for a hot body for summer. Rebel also made a cake for herself during a cake making session.Rebel Wilson is natively from Sydney where she grew up with her siblings.

She studied at a girl’s high school where she was taught to be a go-getter and follow her dreams. Rebel was shy in high school, but after joining a drama class, she was able to overcome it with the help of her teacher. She has worked to get to where she is and deserves all the praise and attention that she is receiving.

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