PSI-Pay the Alternate Payment Systems

More than half of the payments for purchases in Britain are made through the credit cards. A statement made by the British retail consortium backs this. Additionally, one of the recent most comments of PSI Pay and its partners, kerv wearables could see the cashless payment option elevate to a higher level in the market. The two giant firms backing cashless payment have now combined powers to co-find the first contactless payment ring in the market. With the increasing number of stores, both in the UK and all over the globe, contactless payment will be the ideal option to make payment using the device that is on your hand.


For the first time in history, cards in the UK have overtaken coins and notes. Furthermore, the establishment of the contactless payment is poised to further challenge most of the traditional modes of payments. This mode of payment has been in the market for the last ten years accounting for more than a third of the total payments made in the UK since 2015.


What is Contactless Payment?

This is one of the most shared questions. Contactless reimbursement uses the debit, credit or the smart card to complete payments. While the PSI Pay is the firm that provides this system. Kerv, one of the PIS affiliate complete the payment process with a proprietary ring. This ring is designed for both durability and comfort. It is available in twelve different shapes and sizes and it is fashioned to fit both genders. Furthermore, they are also intended to stand harsh conditions like scratches or water damages.


Why Contactless Payments

Without any doubt, this option has many benefits. For instance, it is fast and easy to use. The primary aim of contactless payment is to simplify transaction and payment options. This means that there is no need to count cash, wait for credit card certification, or even credit card scrutiny. All you need to do is touch the contactless ring or card against the reader, and you will be good to go. For those concerned about the security level of these devices they need to worry no more. Notably, these payment options have accurate security measures like chips and pins that that counter any illegal access.


 Contactless Payment is the Wave for Future.

PSI Pay and all its affiliate are sure that contactless payment is the ideal way of the imminent. Besides, most of the traditional cash-based transactions have also incorporated this noble venture. This implies that carrying cash is no longer critical.

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