Your New Routine With Prevagen And Brain Health

One of the reasons we become a bit anxious around the autumn time is the pressure we put on ourselves as we come back into a season of “getting it all done.”

Everyone goes back to school, morning wake up times are a bit earlier, the to-do lists are especially long after summer fun, and we feel like we have to accomplish everything in the first week of fall.

Getting into a new routine is vital for your mental and emotional health and taking supplements such as Prevagen can become apart of that new helpful routine.

Prevagen is a memory-improving supplement containing apoaequorin, a substance supporting cognitive function. Supporting a new season, and new routine these paired together might be the ticket in starting your autumn season right. We’d like to recommend a few other tips in shifting from the relaxed days of summer to the productive season.

One of the largest factors in shifting momentum is the amount and quality of sleep we are getting. Start to play with the schedule of your bedtime and wake up time. It is even more important in fall and in seasonal shifts to be getting enough quality sleep.

Instead of starkly shifting times, begin to gradually sink into a new routine. If you are a night owl, start to slowly shift going to bed fifteen minutes earlier as well as getting up fifteen minutes earlier. Try to fit in seven to eight hours no matter what the times.

When we are feeling the colder weather and darker days it can be hard to convince the body it wants a workout. It does, and getting your body moving can help regulate emotional patterns, invigorate blood circulation, invigorating brain health, and keep positively motivated when trying new things. Choose an activity that you truly enjoy.

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We set ourselves up for failure as we try to force ourselves to do something we really don’t like. If a type of exercise or movement isn’t working, always feel you can switch up your activities and try something new.

Setting schedules, writing down to-do lists and knowing what you want to get accomplished are the first steps in being consistent. Keep these lists and schedules very simple and basic for the first couple of weeks until you feel some success with your routine.

It also feels great to cross something off your schedule or list.

Celebrate scratching off obligations, appointments, and basic errand running. If at any time you get overwhelmed by the amount you want to get done, go back to basics until you feel you’ve got the routine down again.

The hardest thing to add to any to-do list is time to relax. Without this, we tend to overextend, become over-stressed and anxious. This starts a vicious cycle of beating ourselves up along with doing the opposite of relaxing.

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If you need to put it into your schedule, do that to remember the importance. Staying relaxed helps you stay flexible, deal when situations don’t go the way you wanted and helps you continue to move forward knowing you will be taking care of yourself along the way.

New routines don’t have to be successful and written in stone. When developing a new routine, trial things out, and keep only the tactics that work. Soon this will feel natural and you can continue to focus on bringing more and more success’s into your life.

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Smita Shah Speaks Out on Best Practices for Empowerment in the Workplace

There are many things you can say about best practices in the workplace, but it’s vital that you
discuss how it impacts empowerment in the workplace too. Smita Shah is now known as one of the
top engineers and entrepreneurs in the world. Now, she speaks out on best practices.
Working in a male-dominated industry can be tough, but for Smita Shah, it’s not so bad. She’s
made a name for herself in the world of engineering. She is also focused on empowerment for the
professional female. What is it that brings life to the words of this self-proclaimed nerd?
She was always busy working on math problems while other kids played. Being different is nothing
new for Smita Shah. This is how she translates the view of women working in an industry that is
dominated by men.
She has founded her own company as well. It was in 1998 that she start SPAAN Tech, Inc., after
her graduation from MIT. With all of this behind her, Smita Shah is now dedicated to helping other
women find success as well as empowerment in their fields.
She believes that the success of women in the workplace has to do with poor self-image. Her take
on this topic is that if there were more women in powerful positions in business, then women would
have examples to help them see themselves as strong.
One of the facts that Smita Shah points out to fellow female entrepreneurs, is that there are now
more than 100 million business owned by women. Although the number of businesses owned by
men is far greater, there’s no reason that women should be discouraged from owning a business if
they so choose.
It’s clear, that if a woman is dedicated and she has the ability, she can do anything she wants. She
makes a great point that talent has no gender. Skills can be developed regardless of gender. There
isn’t any limit with those two things.
One of the first things Smita Shah tells women is to believe in themselves. Skills are what get you
to where you are, and greater skills are what pay. Those women that want to go further are the
ones that have skills. Learn more:
It’s always wise to examine your ability as well. What is your greatest ability? Are you using your
ability? This is part of the formula for greatness for women in business. Using the skills you have,
and pairing that with your natural ability is exactly what gets you to where you want to be.
Smita Shah is still running her company SPAAN Tech, Inc., and teaching women how to tap into
their empowerment in the workplace.

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How Colbeck Capital Management Offers the Best Solutions to Financial Entities

Colbeck Capital Management, LLC is an investment-based company that primarily focuses on offering credit opportunities such as strategic lending, consulting services, and portfolio management. The company which is based in New York, in the United States, has been a financial pillar to most people who are in search of financial assistance services, as well as those who might be stuck between making decisions that revolve around their companies and those working in them.

Services Offered

Colbeck is focused on investment objectives which are structured to meet the financial goals of different companies and individuals. For instance, the company offers senior secured loans such as asset-based, enterprise value, and cash flow to a vast number of investment companies. With these loans, the involved companies are in a much better position to increase their presence in the market, as well as fight off competition.

The company also specializes in exit financing and debtor in possession. These services are offered to companies which may be stranded in overseeing their daily operational procedures. In most instances, especially during hard financial times, companies may be forced to pull out of a financial deal. In such a situation, Colbeck steps in to ensure that the exit will not hurt the company and subject it to more losses. Additionally, the company also offers a better exit strategy that protects the company and the loan provider.

Colbeck Capital Management focuses on credit-oriented opportunities such as distressed debts, event-driven and value-based investment, and strategic lending. Additionally, the company also focuses on securing imperative corporate loans, which the company believes helps other small and large companies in driving their business premises to extra heights.

With numerous investment opportunities going down the drain due to lack of knowledge, Colbeck Capital is of the ideology that with the right guidance, many people are in a much better position to put their investment plans into action. The notion behind this argument can be based on the fact that by focusing on secured strategic corporate loans, Colbeck believes that investors can invest their money in the right areas hence making it ideal for them to get their returns on time.

Colbeck also aims to generate consistent returns, which can be adjusted based on risks encountered. The company does this by maintaining a broad and investible universe that targets undercapitalized markets. This ensures that investors can bank on some of the best markets, which also guarantee them the best returns when the best risk management procedures are taken into consideration.

Colbeck’s mandate enables the firm to provide better solutions to companies facing difficult financial situations. For instance, Colbeck offers companies multi-constituent restructuring services, tight timeframes, non-traditional assets, management buyouts, and PIK interests. With these financial solutions, companies can highly rely on Colbeck for solutions that they may find hard to contemplate or apply as required.

By embracing a partnership with entrepreneurs, Colbeck creates a unique set of solutions that provide intractable capital and equity solutions. What this means is that the company is well-placed to provide entrepreneurs with the best solutions when it comes to partnering with other business entities or individuals. Find out more about Colbeck Capital Management:

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is Changing the Luxury Travel Industry

Being a young professional can be difficult, for Sergey Petrossov he is a young professional who founded and now runs a billion-dollar business. Sergey Petrossov is the founder and CEO of JetSmarter, a jet chartering company that allows its members to access chartered flights, to make up their own chartered flights, and to access discounted flights around the world.

JetSmarter started as a small, less than 50 employee business and it has grown into a company with over 250 employees and offices in some of the world’s largest cities like London and Dubai. Sergey has not let his success go to his head, however. He started as a young boy after his family moved to the United States when he was four years old. Though they started in California, his family eventually moved to South Florida where his business is now based.

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov went to the University of Florida and studied business before he began working toward starting businesses. He was part of a startup that created software for online customer service as well as being part of a distance learning company that helped create cloud solutions for schools teaching distance education. The JetSmarter founder worked to make sure that his approach to the private jet industry was something special and something truly different from those options that are now currently working on the market.

Petrossov wants his company to be a social one, allowing users to work with one another to find the options that work best for them. Customers are able to charter flights together, take private flights, and to take part in a range of other services as well like jet shuttles as well. His vision is set to change again however as he is working to create what he calls, predictive hospitality, where the needs of the customer can be determined before they even ask.

Recapping OSI Food Solutions’ Business Moves In The Past Few Years

The food industry is a demanding field to work in. Specific types of foods has to be produced for specific clients, and on-time shipping must commence or food retailers could find themselves “in the red.” There is one food manufacturer that stands out among an intense crowd of food providers. This company is known as OSI Food Solutions, and it has certainly helped to revolutionize the industry. OSI Food Solutions is more than a food provider. This particular company specializes in food management services as well as food development services. More than 20,000 individuals work for this giant. OSI produces tons and tons of food on a daily basis and distributes the foods all around the world. The company’s food supply line is extensive beyond belief as it crosses oceans and stretches across vast expansions of land to reach its destination. Some of the foods include pizza, hot dogs, turkey products, panini, onions, fruits, ribbetes, pot roast, cooked sausage links, marinades, lettuce, flatbread, fresh dough products, bacon slices, bacon bits, tomatoes, fritters and many more. Join Linkedin to see all updates at OSI Food Solutions.

OSI Food Solutions has stable leadership that’s highly trained to get the job done. David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin represents the president and CEO positions. These two individuals have been with OSI for a combined 60 years. Staying ahead of the competition has always been a major goal. These two leaders have worked their magic in the boardroom to sustain and expand OSI’s global success.

By partnering with Impossible Foods in 2019, OSI Food Solutions will play a major role in the production of meatless burgers. These plant-based items have made a huge splash in the food industry, and the meatless burgers have a wonderful prognosis for the future. OSI Food Solutions has once again found itself in an evolutionary state that appears to be worth its weight in gold.


Founding Kisling Nestico & Redick Partner Retires

For more than a decade, Kisling Nestico & Redick have stood apart from similar personal injury law firms for their commitment to improving communities across Ohio, to charitable causes, raising more than three hundred thousand dollars in donations over the last five years alone, and for their campaigns against unsafe driving.

Kisling Nestico & Redick began with an auto accident that nearly claimed the life of founding partner Rob Nestico at fifteen years old. Nestico sought out legal partners who could help him to combat unsafe and negligent driving, both in the courtroom and through the firm’s tireless public campaigning. Redick’s duties at the law firm included day-to-day financial operations, general management concerns, and actions intended to hold insurance companies accountable for their promises to injured parties.

Robert Redick was a founding partner at Kisling Nestico & Redick, and after thirteen years with the firm is now retiring to Florida in hopes of enjoying the warm weather of the state, and greater opportunities for travel, afforded by the free time he hopes to enjoy in his retirement.

In his time with the law firm, Redick helped Kisling Nestico & Redick to debunk many preconceived notions about personal injury attorneys, proving that KNR is there to help the impoverished and at-need, and willing to hold insurers and corporations to task in regards to their responsibilities to injured people. Redick has been instrumental in making his namesake law firm a welcome and celebrated presence in the Ohio legal community.

Maarten De Jeu’s Science Spin’s Program Taps Creativity in the Farrell Fellows

The Museum of Science Industry or MSI conducts the well-known Farrell Fellows internship every summer. They draw in numerous teens in the Chicago area to come to the museum so that they will become more educated and interested in the area of scientific learning. In the western hemisphere, MSI happens to be largest science museum, so they feel compelled to do their part in tapping the interest of the children who serves as the voice of the new generation.


The Successful Science Spins Program


One of its successful programs is known as Science Spins, and this was established by a successful financial professional based in Chicago called Maarten de Jeu. He is a popular strategic business advisor, who happens to be founder and managing partner of SVM Business Advisory. He has built a stellar career track record in the finance sector, international business dealings, and commercial real estate investment.


Giving back to the community is always on top of the agenda, so when he was co-chair for the Farrell Fellowship, he went all out for the Science Spins program to tap the attendee’s curiosity, encourage their minds to think critically, and to help them harness creative and innovative ideas. The Science Spins focused on the history of the bicycle, which he and his team conducted in a creative manner to spark the interest of the museum visitors, and most especially, the Farrell Fellows interns


The Founder’s Track Record


Marteen de Jue’s impressive career and community achievements are in line with his equally impressive track record in business education. He ranked first in his class for his MBA program at the prestigious University of Oxford. Marten has always believed in the importance of a good education, so he has always strived hard in school. He happens to speak English, Dutch, German, and French while being a member of the Economic Club of Chicago and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.


Partnering with MSI is extremely important for Maarten because he wants to impart his knowledge to the younger kids. He believes that inculcating the value of a good education begins when children are in their impressionable years. One of the best ways to do it is to make use of their valuable free time during the summer, which is what the Farrell Fellowship aims to do. The value of a good education, the love for learning, and the continuous quest for knowledge all become a determinant of future success.


The Nitty-Gritty of the Farrell Fellowship


The MSI’s Farrell Fellowship takes place during the summer months with the program lasting for five week. Aside from an intensive science course work, the teen participants learn other things that will become beneficial for their future. Aside from just touching on science issues, the kids deal with things like improving leadership skills, harnessing the gift of public speaking, and stimulating their imagination and creativity, all by working with the particular scientific topic for that summer period. The high light of the program is towards the end when the students craft and present their interactive science activities with their own museum displays and through their involvement with their communities. Learn more:


To illustrate, in the 2014 program, forty teens crafted the America’s Got Bubbles culminating show, where the goal is of course to learn the chemistry behind these fascinating bubbles that are popular with both children and adults. To further their cause, they visited seventeen public library branches in the Chicago area to present and explain to the community about the intricacies of bubbles and how it applies to real life.

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Betsy Devos is a Surprising Political Powerhouse

Many people don’t know who Betsy DeVos is, but she is slowly making a name for herself in the world of politics.


DeVos has always been interested in education and has dedicated herself to the idea of freeing education so that parents have choices beyond public school. She has been a strong voice, advocating for private schools, and it does make sense because DeVos was brought up in an affluent lifestyle.


Betsy’s fight for this kind of education started in her home state of Michigan, where she was able to help pass a number of changes that have derailed a lot of money away from public schools and into the hands of private or charter schools.


These schools want to get money from the government but don’t want the government to be involved in their practices.


Still, Betsy believes this is the best course of action, even though it seems many students in Michigan are suffering because the public schools near them are no longer open. Advocates for school choice like DeVos believe this is just a little turmoil that occurs after change, but things should take a turn for the better in time.


Betsy believes that funneling money away from public schools is going to help give public schools an incentive to improve. There is no doubt that some public schools can use some improvement, so this argument could have some validity. Still, it is clear that making it hard for students in certain areas to have access to education is not the right path.


Betsy DeVos is now the Secretary of Education for the United States. Many consider this a strange decision since she doesn’t seem to have the best interest at heart regarding public education. President Trump does not seem to make decisions that many would understand.


When she first stormed into the spotlight, Betsy was able to disarm people because she seemed meek, personable, friendly, and considerate. This demeanor has made it easy for people to underestimate her, which is something those who have worked with her would warn against. Many of those who have worked with her say that she is relentless and does not take opposition well.


This is a woman with incredible determination and a woman that is not afraid to use her money to get what she wants. Mike Cox, a Republican politician and former state attorney general mentioned that Betsy will go after what she wants with determination that could put fright in her opponents.


Back in Michigan, she was able to pass legislation using the power of her money, and she was able to reward allies and unseat lawmakers that did not bend to her will. If a billionaire or an incredibly rich person wanted to dictate change, then this person should definitely pay attention to all the things that Betsy has done over the course of her political life.


There is no telling how much more change she is going to be able to bring to this country now that she is the Secretary of Education for the entire nation, but foes and allies are keeping an eye on Betsy DeVos.


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Equities First Holdings Gets Positive Look From GC Report

Equities First Holdings LLC, which is sometimes also shortened to EFH, has gained notice from a variety of outlets. One of them is the GC Report, which has taken a look at the stock-backed lender that has established a presence in spots around the globe.

The GC Report took a positive view of the company and its work. In its look at EFH, GC Report praised the company.

Russell Gimelstob Is A World Class Tennis Player Who Doubles Up As A Real Estate Professional

Russell Gimelstob is a businessman who serves with Dune Real Estate Partners as a partner, member of the investment committee, head of acquisitions, and managing director. He went to work with the company just a year after its founding and has worked his way up through the ranks since. Gimelstob has plenty of experience in almost every aspect of the real estate sector and has been serving in the industry for a good part of his life.

Russell Gimelstob was raised in New Jersey and knew he wanted to be involved in athletics when he was younger. He played many different sports and did well in all of them. His father was a positive figure in his life as he served as the coach of more than one state championship team. When Gimelstob was just a young boy, his mother encouraged him to play tennis. There weren’t many other children his age playing tennis at the time, but he went ahead and learned the game anyhow.

Russell Gimelstob studied at Newark Academy when he was younger and played tennis at the private school during most of his time there. He did very well and was the first sophomore in the history of the school to be given the title of captain. It was his talent that allowed his team to become state champions three years in a row. During his earlier years, he spent a lot of time getting better at tennis by practicing his game in Palos Verdes California. He worked with Robert Lansdorp during this time and became a much better player because of it.

Russell Gimelstob was offered many different opportunities once he became of age. During his third year in high school, he decided to focus more on his studies rather than accepting scholarships into Ivy League schools where he could have played tennis. He later made the decision to study at Cornell where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree and M.P.A. He later admitted that he joined the school’s tennis team because of Barry Shoemaker. Today, Gimelstob serves his community as an active philanthropist.