All About Louis Chenevert

Lois Chenevert was the acting executive chief officer and also chairman of United Technologies Corporation. He had started working after he was selected in 2008. He acted as the president and chief Executive officer and two years later became the organization chairman. He was serving until his retirement period when he stepped down in 2014. Edward Kangas is the man who replaced him after retiring. In the early career, he served as Pratt & Whitney president from 1999 to 2016.

He was working for 2015 to 2017 in Goldman Merchant Banking as their Senior Industrial Advisor. He also represented Board of Directors from 2011 in Cargill Inc. He also acted as Yale Cancer Center as their chairman which is an American Institution that has been dealing with Astronautics and Aeronautics after he was inducted in 2005.

He attended HEC and attained a Bachelors degree in Commerce after majoring in production management. He later went for Doctorate Honorary where he was awarded from Montreal University in 2011. He is serving as the chairman of HEC which is an International Advisory Board where he is also the chairman and also a founding director at HEC friends.

United Technologies is from an idea that came from having a passion in delivering game-changing products which is a 30-year cycle of the product. Even though, many of the ideas had come from smaller strategic groups and other key executives. They approached by driving the profound acquisition which was to strengthen the portfolio.

What was ahead of him is to ensure that the ideas came to life. Having engineering and operating talent was what it all required to deliver the ideas so that they could give results which were beyond what the customers were expecting. Having an intense review was a necessity so that to give assurance of achieving the key objectives.

There is a trend that has been exciting him. It is all about technology and the speed that it is moving because it keeps creating opportunities which help in the acceleration of the company’s momentum for a better future. If you are an entrepreneur, he always encourages people to get the right team so that it will help them overcome obstacles. To ensure what they are risking is getting a reward.

Heal N Soothe Yourself Nature’s Way

There are many ways that a person’s body can communicate to them that something is wrong; fever and pain are just to name a few. Many people just try and hide this discomfort with medications that don’t necessarily make things better. Heal and Soothe, is an all natural joint support formula that doesn’t include the common ingredients, glucosamine or chondroitin.


What really happens when a person’s body has chronic pain? It is usually caused by inflammation. This inflammation causes the white blood cells to attack the cause of the inflammation. Once the white blood cells have taken care of the inflammation, fibrin comes in to help protect the area during healing. In some cases, a person’s fibrin can accumulate too much and cause inflammation that occurs with arthritis. Heal N Soothe, taken daily can potentially reduce this type of inflammation.


Fruit, herb, and tree extracts are part of the natural formula that Heal N Soothe uses to help reduce pain and inflammation. Not only does this natural formula help get rid of pain and inflammation, but the ingredients give the body the what it needs to help recover.


Avoiding the side effects that are caused by prescription and over the counter pain medication, Heal provides people with a safer alternative. The following ingredients are included in Heal N Soothe: Vitamin E, L-Glutathione, Serrazimes, Boswellia Serrata Resin, Bromelain, Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex, Devil’s Claw Extract, Ginger Rhizome Extract, Mojave Yucca Root, Papain, Rutin, and Turmeric Rhizome Extract. Each one of these ingredients have a natural pain relieving additive. Go Here to learn more.


The following contains the major effects that the ingredients in Heal N Soothe have. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps with tissue damage. It also helps protect the tissue from letting any harmful items get into it. L-Glutathione is another antioxidant that helps reactive the cells’ oxygen. Serrazimes are enzymes that help reduce inflammation. Boswellia Serrata Resin is a natural anti-inflammatory. Bromelain (found in pineapple), again is an anti-inflammatory and helps prevent edema. Bromelain is used in not only chronic pain, but in short term pain as well. Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex aids in protecting and healing tissues. The next ingredient is Devil’s Claw Extract which can produce great outcomes as an antiarrhythmic hypotensive and analgesic. It is also again, an anti-inflammatory along with the remaining ingredients.


The main idea of Heal N Soothe is that every one of its ingredients are natural and have been tested to show that is can aid in alleviating pain and inflammation. Learn more about The History of Supplements and the Rise of Heal-n-Soothe



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Alex Pall: How to Become a Successful Musician

The Chainsmokers is a phenomenal group who managed to create a dozen songs that would make it to the top billboard list. The group is composed of Alex Pall, who hails from New York, and Drew Taggart, who came from Maine. The two young men share the same passion for music, and it became easy for them to get along. The Chainsmokers are also uploading their music videos simultaneously on their YouTube channel whenever they release a new single. In just a matter of hours, their YouTube videos would record millions of views, thanks to their dedicated fans around the world who are supporting them 24/7.

Before they experienced fame and fortune, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart lived simple lives. Drew Taggart is a local musician from Maine, and he went to New York City after meeting his future manager who was on a trip and spotted him performing. Alex Pall, on the other hand, was art gallery personnel in New York City. It was his day job, and when the night time comes, he fully transforms into a DJ who performs across the city. Alex Pall had fallen in love with creating music ever since he was a child, and he enjoys sharing his craft with other people. Every night, he earns a lot of money just for performing his jam. It came a time when the money that he is earning from being a DJ eclipsed what he was earning on his day job, so to harness his talent, he decided to quit working at the art gallery and focused on being a DJ.

Alex Pall met his future manager while he was performing at a club. The managed loved his music and asked him to join the group that he is trying to create. The group, which will be called The Chainsmokers, was created in 2012, with Alex Pall and Drew Taggart as the major acts who would be composing and performing their songs. They offer a unique beat to their listeners, which gave them the fame that they deserve, but with the addition of “Sick Boy” to their album, the group admitted that they are trying to experiment on other music genres.

William Saito’s offers startup ideas for new entrepreneurs

People have become more empowered and one of the signs is the number of businesses been established annually. It has also become easier to establish a firm since people have become informed and equipped with the right skills. However, due to the high number private businesses, the competition is higher and there is a need to be well prepared before establishing a business.

William Saito a businessman has dedicated his time to equip people with the right skills before embarking on a private enterprise. William Saito is from Japan but mostly operates in the United States, with his vast knowledge in business, William has helped to establish several successful business. William Saito is not only in establishing businesses but is also an investor and this has helped him to understand business from the perspective of an investor as well as the founder.

Saito offers some of his startup ideas for anyone looking forward to venture into a business.

Identify the gap.

Before entering any business, it is essential to identify the problem and offer the solution, be sure to communicate to your audience the challenge you intend to solve. While planning be sure to carefully analyze your answers and make it attractive people want to see value in your product and this will increase traffic to your venture.

Identifying the gap is also important when pitching your idea to the investors, before anyone invests their money they need to believe in your plan and solution. It is thus important to be well prepared and informed on matters affecting the community.

Have a marketing plan.

When it comes to business branding your product is one of the key secrets to success. come up with a captivating method to attract more people to your company, with the increased use of technology it has become easier to reach your target market, but it is important to ensure that your method is attractive and unique.

Finding capital.

Startup capital can be sometimes one of the greatest challenges when it comes to a establishing a business, however with a good and detailed out plan it is easier to attract investors or even acquire a loan. William Saito also advices that instead of rushing to borrow money, one should find methods that help generate income with minimal need for initial capital.

Stepping out of the comfort zone.

William Saito encourages new entrepreneurs to be willing to take risks, before he became the success he his today, Saito also experienced his share of challenges, he encourages other investors to be ready to take up risks and learn from the experiences as this will help greatly in managing their businesses.


Dr. Eric Forsthoefel: Experienced Louisiana ER Physician

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel earned his medical degree from the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 2009. Afterward, he completed his medical residency at Lousiana State University Medical Center. He’s been practicing medicine for 6 years and presently specializes in emergency medicine.

Dr. Forsthoefel is 1 of 26 doctors practicing emergency medicine at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. He is certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Since Dr. Forsthoefel is certified in emergency medicine, he is qualified to treat patients experiencing a wide range of illnesses and injuries.

Emergency medical doctors are highly skilled and have the ability to treat patients under tight timelines and in urgent situations. While most doctors focus on one concentration, emergency medical doctors must train to be equipped for anything. Dr. Forsthoefel became well acquainted with various medical cases during his residency at LSU Medical Center. Today, he is equipped to treat patients suffering from physical trauma, cardiac problems, and additional acute conditions. Every day he has to exercise extreme caution in the workplace. For an ER doctor, like Dr. Forsthoefel, daily decisions made for patients can be life-saving. In addition, it is Dr. Forsthoefel’s responsibility to determine when it is appropriate to discharge a patient. He is also responsible for determining what department his patients should receive long-term care if needed.

Primarily, Dr. Forsthoefel treats patients in the ER at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. He accepts a variety of insurance plans including Medicare and First Health. His practice offers support for Spanish speakers. Given the nature of his practice, he is accepting new patients. His patients appreciate his kind and caring approach to assessing their needs and listening to their concerns. Well into his career, Dr. Forsthoefel is a highly qualified and successful emergency medical physician who provides top-notch care and support for Lousiana’s patients.

End Citizens United Has Become A Voice Of The People

Every fight for freedom and equality is characterized by various barriers especially from those who are exploiting others. In 2010, the case presented to the Supreme Court involving Citizens United and Federal Election Commission has led to commotion and opposition all over American especially in the political system. One of those organizations that are reacting and opposing to the ruling is the PAC End Citizens United. Over the history, there have been various cases that were seen as controversial at the beginning but after sometime they led to the current operation in the political culture of American.

Citizens United has been in the political arena for years and has great effects to the rolling of things in America. However, the effects may come to an end especially after various organizations have come up to counter the ruling. One of the major movements that have been on the forefront of combating the Citizens United ruling is the End Citizens United which was founded in 2015 by March.

The case in the court sprout from the year 2008 case, when Citizens United attempted to air a film that was attacking the Democratic presidential candidate. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) however found that the film was a campaign ad which never revealed who was financing it as required to the federal law. This led to Citizens United suing the FEC to stop them from asking them for the movie’s financiers. However, the case turned against Citizens United.

The ruling was only upheld for 2 years until Obama’s regime when the ruling was overturned because of the First Amendment law in the United States Constitution. Of course this was a breach of the constitution rights. This would clearly increase such campaign ads for donors will not be revealed.

This ruling gave a higher advantage to Republican Party which has many of the richest and economic elites. Various organizations and political activists have been on the forefront to overturn Citizens United decisions. Others have called for a constitutional amendment because of the misinterpretation of First Amendment by the Supreme Court. Organizations like ACLU, Center for Political Accountability, Sunlight Foundation, and End Citizens United among others.

The PAC End Citizens United has its headquarters at Washington DC and their aim is to simply end the ruling of Citizens United. They raise funds from grassroots which they use to support reformists who will take the positions of the incumbent leaders. It aims to raise $35 million for the next cycle of 2018 elections. The organization is led by Tiffany Muller as the president and Matt Burgess as the vice.

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Kamil Idris Talks About The Challenges In Enforcement Of Intellectual Property Rights

In a recent interview with Venture Outsource, Kamil Idris spoke about the challenges that countries are facing when it comes to intellectual property rights. In the interview, Dr. Kamal Idris laid out a few ideas of what governments should be implementing to safeguard content. He stated that this should be made a national priority with the increasing digitalization that is currently taking place.

With the rampant globalization and emergence of wider digital markets, the structure in which content is created, generated and stored often puts forth some challenges concerning piracy and counterfeiting. In this situation, the process of patenting is vital and challenging at the same time. To prevent others from misusing the content that one has put out or created, patenting is the route to take. However, even a small, mostly hidden change can render a piece of code or content original, thereby allowing one to bypass the restrictions that are imposed as a result of patented work. With the surge of digital content being released on a day to day basis, countries are often put in a tough position with regards to intellectual property.

Dr. Idris also tried to outline the factors that have caused the decline of globalization and the factors that have impacted the downfall intellectual property rights has seen. Two of these primary factors are piracy and counterfeiting which have increased extensively over the past few years. Dr. Idris also spoke about another factor that comes in the way of this development, which was the resources allocated to this sector. He stated that the right resources to be able to develop tools to be able to better aid information property rights is something that is needed but lacks the application to be able to safeguard digital content.


About Dr. Kamil Idris

Kamil Idris is a well-known name in the field of law and stands as an expert on the topic of intellectual property rights. He currently serves as the director for the World Intellectual Property Organization. He has served in important positions at various organizations that are geared towards societal and national development. One of the organizations that he has worked for in the past was the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants. Dr. Idris also has a number of qualifications in the field of law that have helped him become the well-reputed name that he is today.

O2Pur Is Making eCigs More Accessible

More than ever before, eCigs are gaining widespread popularity and acceptance over traditional cigarettes. It is quite easy to understand why, as there are multiple and wide-ranging benefits that eCigs offers. Below are a few of them;

The desire to save money

This is one of the key benefits of eCigs over traditional cigarettes. They are comparatively more affordable than the traditional option. Although eCig enthusiast hardly considers saving as a factor to consider, it is still worth mentioning. Thanks to reputable companies like O2Pur, the price of eCigs and eJuice is inversely proportional to that of traditional cigarettes. As the price of cigarettes goes up, eCigs price falls.

eCig Starter kit:

If you are a convenience-loving person who is very interested in vaping, then you can wait no more as eCigs starter kits offer the best way to proceed. These starter kits are made pre-bundled and contain all that is needed to start vamping. There is no guesswork when it comes to using these kits, as the experience is effortless.

An actual cigarette:

One of the most striking benefits of eCigs is its rechargeable feature. This allows it to be used multiple times. Their rechargeable feature helps to cut down on cost for regular smokers, and for non-smokers, it gives them access to an exciting hobby that they don’t have to spend so much on.

The choice of the eCig to buy is largely dependant on the individual in question and what he or she wants. Some of the criteria to look out for when considering buying eCigs include price, battery length, charge time, user review etc.

Charge time and battery length:

Charge time describes how long the device needs to charge while battery length describes how long it can be used. These specifications have a direct impact on convenience. For example, some affordable devices tend to have shorter battery length but longer charge time, while the opposite is obtainable in more expensive eCigs.

Tank compatibility:

This describes the style, type, and make of tank that is compatible with an eCig model. Tanks describe the storage container used for eJuice or in the case of vapor, the flavored substance that allows for vaping. Tanks cost varying prices, so customers must set up a tank-purchasing plan and choose a tank that is compatible with the eCig of their choice.

User review:

User reviews are an important source of knowledge, to glimpse the positives and negatives of a product. A product with good review and sold on a reputable website as O2Pur is definitely worth purchasing. These reviews help prospective customers know what can be expected from the product or device.

A Box Mod:

Box Mods describes eCig units that can easily be customized to suit user’s vaping experience. They come in either complete (equipped with electronic components) or incomplete (does not have electronic components). Everything about Box mods can be customized to bring about a more holistic user experience.

Not everyone who wants to get an eCig experience knows where to get it. When you are considering buying an eCig, you must opt for a reliable store like O2Pur. A reliable store will offer more competitive prices, better customer experience, and helpful information.

Discover Why Investing In Freedom Checks Is Never Waste Of Resources

Many people have come across Freedom Checks and the next thing they do is scratch their heads trying to wonder what they could be. Some have even been surprised to hear that they are investments. Everyone is happy whenever they get an investment opportunity they can afford and with good returns. According to Matt Badiali, Freedom Checks are not like the Medicare or Social Security that some people know about. He insists that these Freedom Checks are even better by far if people only got the right information about them. In fact, he says they are about 4 times larger than the Social Security payments that most people receive. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

Although these Freedom Checks have been allowed to operate tax-free, they are two conditions they have to meet. One of the conditions is that 90 percent of their revenue is expected to come from transportation, storage, and production of gas and oil. The checks should also pay the shareholders some percentage. However, the profit the Freedom Checks retain after these deductions are still huge. According to Matt, Congress enacted these Freedom Checks in 1987 and the company is legitimate. More than 568 countries issue these Freedom Checks since they have met all the requirements stipulated in Statute 26-F.

Matt came up with the idea of the Freedom Checks when he was working for various financial institutions. He has served as a financial expert for quite some time now and he has become more experienced on finance matters. Some financial projects have seen him go in different countries across the globe. He is a renowned expert investor in the oil and gas mining industries. He has been CEO of various companies that mine gas and oil and this has exposed him to great trends, discoveries and technologies. So when he is saying that Freedom Checks are the best for people to invest in today, he actually knows what he means. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

One sure thing about Freedom Checks is that they are an investment. This does away with any thought that would show these checks as a scam. You need to realize that even the investment newsletters consider Freedom Checks as an investment opportunity for those who want to grow their finances. Matt is remembered to have bought Kaminak Gold Corp’s stock in 2008 when the stock market crash became severe. Although some people didn’t think he had done the right thing, he just kept confidence in his entrepreneurial skills and he later became successful in the stock market.


Ian King’s Astonishing Achievements

Ian King is a successful entrepreneur who has been investing for the last 20 years. Ian is internationally known for his invaluable investments insights. So far, King has attained enormous success and a great reputation for his contributions to investments. Ian founded Intellicoins Company to serve investors who want to experience tremendous growth and earn huge profits. At his company, King focuses on advising investors on the best strategies to follow when investing in Cryptocurrency.

Ian King is an alumnus of Lafayette College where studied psychology. Before founding Intellicoins Company, King had served at Peahi Capital for a decade. Upon completion of his studies, Ian King joined a company known as Salomon Brothers where he worked as a desk clerk. After King left Salomon Brothers, he was lucky enough to get a job at Citigroup. Follow Ian King on

Ian King’s passion has also lied on the crypto asset market. Since King has a lot of experience and has gained extensive knowledge in cryptocurrency, he is one of the investment authors at Investopedia. Apart from sharing his knowledge through Investopedia, King came up with a fantastic program to help investor learn about crypto assets such as bitcoin and monero among others.

While King was an employee in major companies such as Peahi Capital, he discovered that he played a significant role in the success of entrepreneurs and companies. Ian King was excited to be a major source of influence to people and firm making millions of dollar at minimal risks. While still helping other investors, Ian felt the urge to start his own company so as to maximize his potential and explore new things. Visit to know more about Ian King.

Within a short time, King was inspired enough to quit employment to pursue his business goals. Ian says that he wanted a break from helping other people become richer so that he could focus on growing his business and earnings. King wanted to be among the wealthiest people in the world, so he took the risk.

Ian focused on venture investing because he had gathered a lot of knowledge in the field. While still carrying out venture investing, Ian learned about cryptocurrency and what they could earn in future. Some of King’s invaluable lessons in cryptocurrencies were how to invest and trade at minimal risks. It is worth noting that Mr. Ian started to contribute to Banyan Hill publishing as an individual with extensive knowledge of crypto assets. Ian Joined Banyan as a way to serve more clients by giving them advice about cryptocurrency investment options.