Richard Dwayne Blair: Why You Need Investment Advisory Service

Richard Dwayne Blair advises and guides people who need help with investing, money management, wealth building or financial planning. Richard Dwayne Blair has an established history of delivering on his promise, and his peers and clients respect him.

Anyone who is serious about reaching his or her investment or financial goal should consider getting expert assistance. There are many investment advisory firms offering a wide variety of financial services to clients.

Choosing a financial advisor or money management expert can be difficult if you don’t know how to go about it. It is crucial to research financial services firms and their features before making a decision. You should choose somebody you can trust and build a lasting relationship with.

During the first meeting, you should ask questions about services and fees, and make sure you know what you will be getting for your money. You should find out how long the professional has been providing services and what kind of clients he or she usually caters to.

Once you have a reliable and knowledgeable professional or firm by your side, you can rest assured that your money will be managed properly.

Wondering how Richard Dwayne Blair can help you in securing your financial future? Richard Dwayne Blair has a great reputation due to his outstanding service to clients. Richard Dwayne Blair caters to various clients in Austin, Texas.

Richard Dwayne Blair has a prominent investment firm, Wealth Solutions, which comes highly recommended in the industry. He has been providing superior advisory service to clients and is well known for following a Three Pillar Approach, which enables him to deliver a customized financial plan to his clients.

As a reliable and experienced investment advisor and financial planner, Richard Dwayne Blair has the industry expertise and resources to help you invest wisely and secure your financial future.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a renowned investment advisor and one of the leading financial planners in the industry. Every day, people from all walks of life turn to Richard for help with their financial planning and investment needs.

Avanca Indiegogo Gives Glowing Review of NewsWatch TV Support

Crowdfunding is a funding source that enables organizations to raise funds through small donations. With increasing popularity of social media, crowdfunding has become an alternative funding source for non-profits, entrepreneurs, and businesses. It is estimated that crowdfunding helped companies raise more than $700 million in 2016.

Avanca is a company that designs and manufactures accessories for smartphones, tablets, and laptops. They set a goal to raise $10,000 within a 30-day period. With an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, if the goal is not reached within 30 days, the company will not receive any funds raised. Avanca needed an aggressive, national marketing campaign, so they hired NewsWatch TV to produce and air their crowdfunding ad during the shows paid segment. The paid segment facilitates companies using the NewsWatch TV platform to market and promote their brand.

Amazingly, the Avanca Indiegogo campaign raised $456,551 in 30 days, far exceeding their expectations. In raw numbers, Avanca raised 2,939 percent of their goal in 30 days. The funds raised was 29 times greater than they hoped to raise. The head of marketing at Avanca, Nathalie van Wijkvliet stated, “We [worked with] NewsWatch and it was one of the main reasons why the crowdfunding project was successful. It’s great working with NewsWatch; we love it. We highly recommend working with the NewsWatch team.”

NewsWatch TV airs in 96 million households in 200 markets in the United States. The segment also aired in an additional 1 million homes via the NewsWatch outlets on the Internet with potential global outreach. TV Marketing via NewsWatch TV is an efficient way for businesses to market their brand.


American Institute Of Architects Moving Into The 21st Century

The American Institute of Architects (AIA), founded in 1857 by 113 architects, is a membership organization and professional network of architects and designers that today boasts approximately 90,000 members in more than 250 chapters. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., AIA has branches located throughout the United States with international chapters in Canada, France, Hong Kong, the UAE, China, and the UK.

AIA also has chapters in the U.S. territories of Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Under the leadership of Robert Ivy, the executive vice president and chief executive officer of AIA, he is utilizing cutting-edge innovations to redirect the focus of AIA resources.

Ivy, a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (FAIA), is leading the AIA as it moves into the 21st century, by redirecting AIA resources to juxtapose architecture in creative and non-traditional ways. Ivy is reimagining the role of design beyond just building structures to expanding its position to effect a social imprint on global issues that reflect AIA values like climate change, sustainability, or connecting design and construction with public health issues. AIA values include its commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of buildings to fight climate change, focusing on the sustainability of natural resources through the design and use of wise construction choices and reducing environmental hazards, and redesigning the role of architects with an eye toward promoting public health and safety.

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As a leader among leaders, Ivy has many accomplishments, and he has received numerous awards. Among his many accomplishments, Ivy served as editor of Architectural Record. While serving in that leadership position, the magazine won many literary awards including an award from the American Society of Magazine Editors, the Jesse H. Neal Awards, and the MPA Digital Award for Website of the Year and he received the highest honor bestowed by American Business Media, their Crain Award. Ivy is Senior Fellow of the Design Futures Council, and he is one of only seven people to earn the distinction of “Master Architect” awarded by the Alpha Rho Chi fraternity in its 100-year history. A published author, his biography of E. Fay Jones, a protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright, is in its third printing.

Ivy has always been a proactive leader with outstanding business acumen and a commitment to protecting the planet. As a member of the Board of Directors of AIA, Ivy is leading the AIA to position itself as the premier architectural organization in the world.

Vijay Eswaran Evaluates The Job Market

Vijay Eswaran advises new job candidates to embrace the idea of taking risk early in their career. He understands that is important to get established with a job right away. Financial security and experience is necessary in order to get established in any industry. However, Vijay notes that the job market changes rapidly due to innovation and technology. Jobs that are important today may be obsolete in just a few years. Therefore, new job seekers must always be looking to create their own opportunities in order to have longevity in any industry.

It is important for job candidates to do thorough research when looking for a company to become involved with. They must make sure that their skills and education are in line with the organization of choice. These attributes are crucial for performing a productive relationship between the employee and the enterprise. A key component to look at is whether to join a large corporation or a small startup firm.

Large corporations provide a great deal of security. There is a set way of doing things. The pace is much slower and the stability factor is very appealing. A startup company operates in complete contrast to the larger organizations. It will change rapidly as it adjusts to the industry. Startup companies also move at a much faster tempo because they are developing the resources that larger organizations already have. The job candidates at startups are expected to contribute right away. This gives them the chance to make a direct imprint on the outlook of the organization. The candidate must be completely bought in to the mission statement of the startup company in order to take full advantage of the opportunity.

Vijay Eswaran is from Malaysia. His mother was a school teacher so he valued the importance of an education at an early age. Vijay went on to study economics at the London School of Economics. From there, Eswaran attended Southern Illinois University where he earned an MBA. Vijay completed school and went on to get involved in multi-level marketing where he has had tremendous success. He is the Chairman of QI Group, which is based in Hong Kong.

OSI Food Solutions Kicks Off 2018 With Massive Growth

It has already been a big year for OSI Food Solutions. The company has made several major announcements in past months, which all contribute to an overall massive leap in growth and in its overall global footprint. If you are not familiar with OSI Food Solutions, it is a global leader in the production and worldwide distribution of value-added, healthy meats. The company prides itself on offering the best quality meat on the market while also offering the best customer service in the industry. The company is known for a commitment to quality and to ensuring that the distribution chain flows smoothly for the thousands of vendors that the company works with.

Another additional bonus that partners of OSI Food Solutions receive is full access to create custom meat products. OSI prides itself on having a large portion of its business dedicated directly to working with restaurant and distributors that want to offer custom foods. As seasons change and as restaurants become more engrained on offering creative dishes, OSI Food Solutions is committed to make sure that the meat offerings provided to restaurants meet the exact vision of the type of cuisine those restaurants would like to serve.

Below are just a few highlights of the strong growth OSI Food Solutions has already seen in 2018:

OSI Doubles Chicken Production Capacity

OSI Food Solutions’ Spain facility recently shared major news that it had doubled the volume of chicken that the plant would be able to produce. The facility added a high-capacity line that will essentially allow OSI to produce twice as many tons of chicken at the same rate. The facility will now have the ability to produce 24,000 tons of chicken each year, which is double the 12,000 tons of chicken the company had previously been able to produce annually. The Spain facility will now be able to produce an estimated 45,000 tons of meat annually, including chicken, pork and beef. The addition of the high-capacity line has also generated new jobs, contributing to helping boost the area’s economy.

Tyson Facility Acquisition

One goal of OSI Food Solutions is to expand its North American footprint. A major concrete step was accomplished when OSI bought Tyson’s Chicago facility. The 200,000 square foot space sold for $7.4 million. Tyson has originally planned to close the plant, which would have put over 450 people out of work. When OSI purchased the facility it offered employment to the majority of those employees.

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Who is Jim Larkin?

Jim Larkin was born in 1876, January 21st in Liverpool in England. Jim Larkin organized the establishment of General Workers Union and Irish transport.

General Women’s Union became the biggest union in the region. Jim Larkin in 1914 travelled to the United States. The Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU) led to the birth of a movement of new Irish Labour.

It was formed because many of the activists were abandoned by the British Labour and wanted a type of labour that will not neglect any activist which was a movement based on Irish. Jim as a National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL) official said that labour ought to be international.

When Jim Larkin launched the ITGWU, to them nationalism became like water in the mill. The sentimental Irishness of Jim came to the front. He strongly identified the movement of Irish Ireland with the union and in the labour movement, he made a force which was republicanism.

ITGWU associated majorly with the ambition to build one big union which was for all workers and industrial unionism which had been developed by Jim from his developed concern in syndicalism. Jim’s leadership was an anti-climax up to mid-1911. Jim needed funds for his dreams and schemes.

When there was the Labour unrest, Jim responded to the problem and from 5000 to 15000 members the union grew, which made it a key player in the Congress of Irish Trades Unions. Jim gained more power and popularity and in nurturing the cult of personality he did not have any fear.

The lockout in 1913, made Jim to clearly moderate the reliance on casual personnel of ITGWU and pushed into employment sectors which steady an example being the Dublin trams.

The startling war of 20000 workers alongside 404 workers indicated how Larkin was prevalent in Dublin. It made Jim be renowned internationally as the labour champion.

In 1914 October Jim moved from the United States and maintained the general secretary position of ITGWU. He got into a new career as a public speaker of globe-trotting and freelance.

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The Chainsmokers: Diving Into The Dark

For two straight years, The Chainsmokers have turnt up the radio with hit songs. They popped on the scene in 2015 with “Roses,” and things took off from there continuing for months at a time. Who are they? Alex Pall and Drew Taggart produce memorable tracks and have had a duet with Coldplay, “Just Like This.” As they remained commanding the music tracks they immediately became an instant hit with music lovers.

Their normal electronically driven songs have now taken on a darker side and gaining followers. Their single “Sick Boy,” launched a list of supporters and is moving strong.

The dynamic team is setting their sights high and doing what feels best to them. Giving an exclusive interview before a concert, Taggart says its been awhile since their new song. It took about nine months. They strive to stay in the moment and keep their songs current. He adds that the duo has matured over a course of time and is ready to dive into some new territory. The goal in their music he says is to stay in touch with society, keep up with what is going on and affecting people.

Taggart explains the creation of “Sick Boy” was a bit difficult at first. They wanted to stay true to themselves and didn’t want to be what people were writing about them, especially when people can write about them and get it wrong. Alex chimes in to state that the duo has standards. He says the fans have really embraced “Sick Boy” and they are gearing up to give them more in the albums to come.

However along the way, they don’t want to lose themselves of who they are and create music thats not real. Alex says they’ve accept the challenges they face because they strive for perfection in their shows and in their music. It can sometimes give them anxiety but its worth it in the end. Taggart elaborates that they push one another to keep the pace and avoid laziness. They want people to hear what’s in their heads and enjoy the music. On their Grammy nomination, the duo says they are humbled greatly and are very proud to make music that people can relate to.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Change The World Of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the top female plastic surgeon in Texas. Her interests began, surprisingly, way before the eighth grade. A teacher’s compliment that she had hands like a surgeon lead her on her way to be one of the most sought-out plastic surgeons in Texas. She has built her own brand and company up from a very satisfied group of patients that either keep coming back or make her their number one referral to friends and family.

Her medical training came from University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. The love of science brought her to practice medicine as she states. She later migrated to New York to learn and work in aesthetic surgery after accepting a fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. After a short time, she excelled and began working under well-renowed surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston. After eight years, she returned to Texas to be a single mother of choice to small two children.

What makes Walden stick out is her lead on the industry. She continues to impress by using 3-D imaging technology, Vectra. Patients love it because you get to see your images before the surgery. This is mainly for rhinoplasties or breast augmentations. Dr. Walden has gone a step further by developing her own instruments to do breast surgery. This technology is only provided by Accurate Scientific and Surgical Instruments (ASSI).

Dr. Jennifer Walden consultants to the top aesthetic businesses, primarily ThermiAesthtics, Venus Concept, Ideal Implant and Sciton, Inc. Incidentally, she has reigned as one of the first to Auston doctors to use this tool on vagina rejuvenation. The mechanism gives off a temperature type radio-frequency that brings about non-surgical dermatological application..

She uses it because of the number of people it helps, mainly women. Most are unaware that 92 percent of plastic surgery patients are in fact women. Dr. Jennifer Walden relates to these women and understands their needs. She continues to strive to give her patients her best in their specific situations.

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Malcolm CasSelle the CIO at OPSkins is Providing a Safe Platform for Virtual Asset Transfers

Malcolm CasSelle the CIO of OPSkins is providing a safe and secure platform for the successful transfer of virtual assets over the blockchain. Malcolm CasSelle has established himself as a true innovator in the digital industry and built his career upon a foundation of education from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a Master’s Degree from Stanford University in Computer Science. Malcolm CasSelle has grown to prominence by providing strong leadership within the digital industry at various companies that are currently seen as leaders in the industry. Companies such as Facebook and Groupon to name a few, are companies that have utilized the successful valuable leadership and intellectual guidance provided by Malcolm CasSelle. More recently, Malcolm CasSelle has provided innovative leadership within OPSkins that has led to technologies that are revolutionizing the blockchain through advancements in safety and security of virtual asset transfers. Virtual assets have exploded on the scene with the recent growth and expansion in the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The technologies developed at OPSkins have created the blueprint for the streamlined usage of cryptocurrencies by individuals over the blockchain with ease and simplicity without the regulations of other currencies utilized by the central banking institution. By eliminating regulations and making transfers convenience and structured the OPSkins platform is unparalleled by any other avenues of asset transfer. Also, with the advent of smart contracts, OPSkins is leveraging the ability of parties to transfer value in a safe platform over the blockchain that is both convenient and user-friendly for both parties. Common inefficiencies have been eliminated by streamlined corrections of the issues of frictions, fragmentation and other issues that prevent the universal acceptance of the blockchain as a means of asset transfer. The successful leadership and valued intellectual guidance established at OPSkins through the leadership of Malcolm CasSelle, has provided a safe and secure transfer of virtual assets over the blockchain for generations to come.


The RealReal Offers The Fashionable With Pop-Ups

One thing that can be said about The RealReal is that it is the retailer that has been developed for people that love fashion. There are plenty of different types of people when it comes to fashion and style. There are the people who just buy clothes to wear. These types of people are only going to do the bare minimum when it comes to clothing and style. When it comes to dressing well, they have very little idea about what it takes to dress well. Many people believe that they have to buy expensive suits. This causes them to shy away from the activity as a whole.

Then there are the types of people who are aspiring. While they do want to be stylish and fashionable, they have very little in the case of finances. Therefore, they often find themselves having to settle for lower quality brands that may look decent to the uninitiated. However, the fashionable are going to see plenty of problems with the outfit. However, they do get some good looks while saving money. One thing about The RealReal is that they can actually bring something to the aspiring fashionista.

For those that are into authenticity, The RealReal offers a paradise. They also bring about pop-ups for people that want an experience that goes beyond the website. This gives them a chance to look at all of the different items on the rack and decide on what they want. The best thing about this is that they are able to find something enjoyable for themselves that is very high in quality. They also look a lot better than what is bought from lower quality stores. Therefore, they will be truly impressive to many people, especially if it is worn by someone with a great sense of style.