Vinny Parascandola Takes His Role As An Executive Very Seriously

Many people struggle with the decisions that they have to make regarding insurance coverage. There are many aspects to insurance that people do not understand. There are various types of insurance such as health, life, home, automobile, and disability. Within the different types, there are various aspects to the insurance coverage. With all the different types of insurance and the various choices that people have regarding insurance, sometimes they pick the wrong insurance coverage for their particular needs and situation.


For people who do not understand all the different aspects and layers to insurance and insurance coverage, there are a variety of resources that they can use to help them to better understand the areas of insurance where they need assistance. Some of the most popular ways that people look to receive assistance related to insurance questions and concerns are insurance websites and insurance professionals.


Insurance companies are the central resource for many questions that people ask concerning insurance. In many cases, insurance companies provide access to the insurance websites and the insurance professionals. AXA Advisors is a top insurance company in the insurance industry. The company has been in business for over 100 years and has an outstanding reputation in the insurance industry.


AXA Advisors is a leading insurance company that provides customers and potential customers with access to the company’s website that contains a tremendous amount of insurance related information that helps people find answers to many insurance questions. Also, AXA Advisors has an excellent training program for its insurance professionals that provides them with a great amount of insurance knowledge and expertise. The employees use the training to help people who have insurance related questions or needs.


Vinny Parascandola is a senior vice president in the New York office of AXA Advisors. Vinny Parascandola is an executive who is directly responsible for various aspects of the training that is conducted by AXA Advisors for its employees.


Vinny Parascandola has over two decades of experience in the insurance industry, and he has proven to be an excellent executive. Vinny Parascandola leads by example and demonstrates a great work ethic to all the insurance professionals at AXA Advisors.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta And His Notable Contribution In The Medical Field

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a well-known psychiatrist and neurologist based in Voorhees, New Jersey. He earned a medical degree from the Government Medical College in 1979 and has a vast experience of over 40 years in the medical field. Dr. Shiva Vasishta signed up for residency at the Tufts Medical Center and the Boston City Hospital. He presently practices medicine at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates, and he is also associated with Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill Campus. Dr. Shiva accepts a range of insurance plans in his treatment programs such as Horizon Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, and the Medicare.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is licensed by the Board of Neurology as a qualified and experienced practitioner. He works as a member of the Eastern Neurodiagnostic Association PC Group. As one of the few certified neurologist, Dr. Shiva Vasishta treats epilepsy, seizures, headache, dementia, stroke, sleep disorders, MS, and neuromuscular ailments.

The new NIH study shows that stem-cell transplants may be the next great hope in the fight against MS. The medication is known as high-dose immunosuppressive therapy and autologous hematopoietic cell transplant. The participants of this study received a one-time treatment of HDIT/HCT, and 69% of the participants experienced no relapse, progression of symptoms, or new brain lesions.

The ground-breaking study, commonly known as HALT-MS, was launched in December 2014 with the financial help from Immune Tolerance Network and was sponsored by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. It was concluded on February 2017 and the research findings documented in a medical journal called Neurology, which is published by the American Academy of Neurology. The Director of NIAD’s branch of transplantation, allergy, and immunology, Dr. Daniel Rotrosen, revealed that the new multiple sclerosis treatments would be a ground-breaking innovation for the medical world. He also said that patients suffering from relapsing MS and those who do not recover from MS after using conventional MS drugs would benefit from the HDIT/HCT.

Honey Birdette Is Seeing Massive Growth In USA

The Australian boutique luxury lingerie brand called Honey Birdette is seeing massive growth for its sales in the United States. Just how massive is this growth in sales? Over the last year, sales have jumped by about 375%. These sales represent e-commerce sales. The company has no physical brick and mortar store in the USA.

Honey Birdette is hedging that the massive growth in online sales will continue well into the future. The company has recently revealed that is has revamped its USA e-commerce website and made some changes to its online sales model there. Its USA site has been reformatted to make the shopping experience easier and more convenient. Shipping for orders over $50 is now free of charge and returns are now made even more easy and simple. Honey Birdette has also increased its product offerings in the USA in an attempt to boost sales even more. Shipping speed should also improve as Honey Birdette has made changes to its logistics and shipping department that serve the USA.

The great growth in the USA has made Honey Birdette strongly consider opening up physical retail stores throughout the country. In the United Kingdom, Honey Birdette is planning on expanding its limited presence there. The company only has three stores in the UK right now. It has set out an ambitious agenda though. Honey Birdette plans on rolling out 10 new stores this year and an additional 30 by the end of 2018. An entry into Europe’s major cities such as Paris and Vienna is also expected.

Honey Birdette was founded by Eloise Monaghan in Brisbane, Australia while she was talking with a friend over a cup of wine. It sells upscale, sensual and boutique lingerie as well as intimate accessories. All of Honey Birdette’s items are designed in house and are unique.

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Igor: The Leader

When it comes to investing, few people can compare with Igor Cornelsen. Mr. Cornelsen is a keen investor. Furthermore, he knows how to appropriate high-yielding returns on any investment. In reference to goods and services, Igor has proven his dominance in the industry. Therefore, he possesses a wealth of knowledge when it comes to investing. With such an insightful outlook on where to allocate funds, Igor has deterred several people away from making unwise investments. For example, there is a difference between investing in a damaged company and investing in damaged stocks.


Damaged companies are far riskier because oftentimes they require an investment that exceeds their initial return. However, investors that invest in damaged stocks place themselves in a position to reap the rewards of their investment. Purchasing damaged stocks are very cost effective. Furthermore, investors are almost guaranteed a profit from their investment. They also have a longer time to pay it off. With such an acumen in investing, Igor Cornelsen has propelled himself into multiple high-ranking positions. Prior to retiring in 2010, Igor led several of Brazil’s top banks. To Igor, investing is far more a passion than it is a profession. He considers it to be a hobby.


In other news, Brazil’s banking industry has thrived in an oftentimes unpredictable global economy. Toward the end of 2014, Brazil’s top banks saw a meteoric rise in their shares. Furthermore, the top banks’ shares rose by around one-third. As a result, many other countries are puzzled by Brazil’s ability to navigate the fierce rapids of the global economy. However, Igor seems to know exactly how Brazil does it. Igor Cornelsen believes Brazil’s success can be attributed to their knowledge and experience of the market. The genius of Brazil’s banking industry can be attributed to who bankers in the private sector lend to. Furthermore, Brazilian bankers in the private sector only lend to borrowers with the top credit. In return, this removes the element of being liable when they lend to borrowers. Another reason why Brazil has maintained such a healthy economy is due to their surplus of natural resources.

Felipe Montoro Jens Discusses Public Interests

Recently, there was a meeting with the purpose of discussing the concessions that the government in Brazil had announced. The meeting was between Mr Felipe Montoro Jens and Mr Edison Carlos. The two experts talked about some main point that had to be involved in a discussion and each stated of them stated their thoughts on the matter.



The government of Brazil will be making the concessions a reality through their partnership with two large national corporations – the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. Mr Edison Carlos acts as the president of a large Brazilian company called Trata Brasil. Mr Edison Carlos talked about the many beneficial changes that would result from the enforcement of the concessions. The water sector, in particular, is approving of those concessions. Mr Edison Carlos also mentioned the changes in resource management that would happen in the companies of Brazil. That would lower the waste of water significantly which is a point that Mr Felipe Montoro Jens also brought up as significant. In fact, the corporations in Brazil and the public make up the whopping 90% of the sanitization of the country. That means that mindfulness is present and the percentage will probably become higher as companies will be forced to become even more mindful of water waste once the water concessions are in place.



Mr Felipe Montoro Jens discussed the fact that the needs of the public should be put before everything else. The costs need to be revised to make sure the interest of the public is respected. For that reason, there will be a plan for each area. The program will be made according to what the citizens of the particular area need nd what their financial background is. The concessions will be beneficial to all parties according to the experts.

Goettl Air Conditioning Well Deserved Celebration & Recognition

Goettl Air Conditioning recently celebrated their 78th anniversary this past Valentine’s Day. This company was established in 1939- a time when Packard became the first automobile company providing an air conditioning unit in their cars, a gallon of gas costs 10 cents, eggs cost 18 cents per dozen, and the average new home price tag was $3,800.

The Goettl name has a great reputation as well. They are recognized for their excellence in air conditioning and heating service and installation, and they have acquired that reputation since it was originally established in Phoenix by the Goettl brothers, Adam and Gust. Being Austria-Hungary born, Adam and Gust became globally known pioneers in conditioned air technology. They formed their sheet metal company into manufacture evaporative coolers that would be developed into several innovations within cooling and heating technology. And with this, they led the industry, and they often were known to be the first of their kind.

Succeeding for nearly eight decades by evolving through numerous technology and business changes, Goettl provides tons of HVAC equipment and services. Also, they provide duct cleaning services for better indoor air quality. Goettl service centers are located throughout the Tucson and Phoenix metropolitan areas. And since Goodrich acquired this company in 2013, Goettl has expanded the Las Vegas area in April 2016.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

As mentioned before, Goettl Air Conditioning was established in 1939. They offer top quality heating and AC equipment as well as a full range of repair, maintenance, and replacement services. They operate in the Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Southern California areas.

Goettl is an industry pioneer in which they maintain their legacy and values since it’s first beginnings in 1939. They ensure that their technicians are drug tested and background checked. They also ensure that their technicians receive continuous training to make sure their company remains the best in the industry. And as a result, Goettl was recently recognized as the “Best HVAC” company in the state by the readers of Arizona Foothills Magazine. They also were recently recognized by the mayor and other officials for their business excellence and other things.


A Detailed Focus on the operations and Technology of NuoDB

NuoDB is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based database company that was established in 2008. Its technology is an elastic SQL database that is meant for cloud applications. NuoDB boasts of an SQL compliant database that is referred to New SQL.

NuoDB has an object architecture that operates in the cloud. As such, the addition of a new server in a bid to scale-out the database causes it to run faster. The cloud database does not only scale out with sharding but also spreads out tasks among some processors to prevent bottlenecks of data. Additionally, it utilizes peer-to-peer messaging in an attempt to connect tasks to modes


Jim Starkey, a successful database innovator and architect, is known for being the first to envision NuoDB in 2008. Together with Barry Morris, an enterprise software executive, they launched NuoDB in 2010. The important part of the founders’ vision for NuoDB involved the idea of creating a database that boosts the ability of SQL to handle multiple problems related to cloud computing and the increment of global application deployments.


In 2015, Gartner recognized NuoDB as a visionary in the Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems. Since NuoDB’s inception, it has received funding from various investors including Longworth Venture Partners, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Morgenthaler Ventures and Dassault Systemes.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Partner with Others to Establish a Clinical Pathway

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988. This company became started on finding a personalized and patient-centered approach to the treatment and care of cancer patients. Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is fully dedicated to providing a combination of different treatments that is specifically tailored to the different needs of each patient individually.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America as well as a couple of other companies, NantHealth and Allscripts, are working together to find a custom solution that will enable eviti to have access to all of the clinical workflows of Allscripts electronic health record. Eviti is a part of NantHealth and it is a support solution for clinical decisions. With the integration of this, Clinical Pathways Program will be able to help inform the process of cancer treatment without interrupting the workflow of the physicians.

As stated on Wikipedia, Clinical Pathways is able to present physicians and patients with treatment options that are appropriate for them specifically. It also keeps up with the new data and all of the new oncology research, which will in turn eliminate the clinicians guesswork. It provides many different treatment options that are all customized to the standard of care by the CTCA and it gives the patients the ability to review these options and choose which they prefer.

Clinical Pathways was designed with the patients specifically in mind. Once the treatment platform becomes engaged it provides numerous things. It will provide treatment regimens that are customized and specific for each individual patient. It will compare each treatment option and include the costs. It offers patients with access to guidelines that are up-to-date as well as the rate of response, the adverse side effects and even the amount of toxicity. This pathway creates a greater amount of transparency around the selection as well as the care delivery of the cancer therapies.

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Eric Lefkofsky Founded Tempus to Help Breast Cancer Patients Get Quality Treatment

Even though the Founder of Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky has established many other companies alone or with other partners, one of the startups that are close to his heart is Tempus. This Chicago-based start-up has a partnership with UChicago and many other health care organizations to offer doctors a comprehensive data that can be used to treat their patients. They will provide all the latest data and information that they will need to help their patients and improve the quality of services provided to their patients.

Tempus with the support of the University of Chicago will contribute to building this exhaustive database. By studying more than thousand cancer patients and finding similarity in molecular patterns, the company aims to aid physicians in treating their cancer patients. According to reports, more than two million women are affected by breast cancer in the United States every year. It is the aim of the company to improve the quality of service that is provided to them by joining hands with many different universities and organizations to collect data that will allow doctors and researchers to learn about the disease and how it affects people differently.

Eric Lefkofsky is among the most successful entrepreneur that has founded some of the most successful internet companies. It was in 1999 when he started his first internet company with the name of Starbelly that sold promotional products to their customers. After that, he went on to fund many other companies like Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, and MediaBank. It was after he founded the international company, Groupon, that he became famous. He is also associated with many different non-profit organizations across the nation. He also created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation and had contributed to many different organizations in different sectors, including medical research, education, and healthcare.

How Equities First Holdings Became The Leader In Alternative Loans

Equities First Holdings, LLC is a global alternative lender which is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company was founded in 2002 by Al Christy, Jr., who serves as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Equities First Holdings clients are businesses and high net worth individuals who are seeking capital outside of a traditional lending source.The alternative lending that Equities First Holdings provides is based on their assessment of the businesses risk as well as what their analysis sees as the future performance of the company’s stocks and bonds. If they approve the lending request they provide a lower interest rate than a traditional lender would provide, as well as better financing terms, in exchange for stock in the company.

Equities First Holding’s can either hold the stock through the end of the loan or they can sell the stock if that makes more financial sense.The capital that the business gains through the loan can be used for many things. Some of the businesses use it to expand their business through hiring employees or reaching new markets. Other ways the capital is used can include acquiring new facilities, technology, or additional products to sell.In July 2016 Al Christy, Jr. was interviewed by Market wired an he said that the market for stock-based loans has been rapidly growing over the past few years.

He said they’re popular because they provide a hedge against investment risk if the value of their stock drops. He said that people and businesses also see them favorably because there are no restrictions on how the capital is used. They are also non-recourse which means the borrower can walk away from the loan at any time.Since being founded Equity First Holdings has expanded to include offices in Sydney, Perth, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.