Nina Vaca Shows Courage and Strength in STEM

The STEM field keeps growing, and experts predict that by 2024, around 800,000 new jobs in the field will be created. While the field has historically been dominated by men, women like Nina Vaca are proving that women are just as important and capable in these positions. Vaca has grown to be a big name in STEM as the CEO, chairman, and founder of Pinnacle Group. As one of the leading firms in IT staffing, the company has been growing quickly since it was founded and was recognized as the fastest growing business led/owned by a woman in the United States.

Vaca is happy to see all of the women finding careers in STEM and hopes that this trend will continue and grow even stronger. Technology is advancing, and with this, so will the potential for careers in STEM. Exploring STEM is something that children can begin doing at a young age, and it can help them develop a love for the field that could eventually lead to a promising career in the future. It’s also important for children to have role models in the field that they can relate to. This is why it is a good idea to point out role models like Vaca and other women to young girls who are showing an interest in math and science.

It can take a lot of courage for women to explore a career in STEM, and Vaca encourages others to work past their fears and take a chance. Her career has not always been without substantial challenges, and while she has wavered at times, she still managed to gather the strength that she needed to lead despite it. Even when things are going well, Vaca points out that you still need courage and strength.

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