Nick Vertucci is helping people like him reach financial freedom

Nick Vertucci is helping others succeed at the real estate business like he did. It all started from his humble beginnings. He did not have an easy start, but he worked hard and made a name for himself in the real estate business. Now he is helping countless other do the same at his academy called the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA).


Here’s his story. He had a happy life until tragedy struck his family at age ten. His father passed away. Because of it, his mother had to countless jobs and long hours to support her children. Sometimes he would fall asleep at night and not see her. Things did not get any better when at 18 he found himself living out of his van. This was the worst period of his life. Nick decided to change and take a stab at entrepreneurship. He started his own business selling computer parts and made a living. Things got even better when he married his beautiful wife and had three children, all girls. In 2000 the dot com crash annihilated his business and finances.  At first he was hesitant, but his friend soon convinced his to go. What did he have to lose? The first day of the seminar he absorbed all the information he could. Though he did not understand all of it, his desire to learn shone through. At that point a light bulb when off in his head and he realized that real estate would get him out of his financial hole. He continues to learn more about the real estate industry with patience, time, and a desire to be financially fit. Nick Vertucci never gave up through the whole process and kept chipping away at it. At one point Nick would successfully can himself a millionaire. With his good fortune he wanted to help others get out of debt, and live their lives on their own terms. Nick helps people who have the drive, but need the education when it comes to real estate matters. NVREA is helping people from every walk of life get the knowledge and confidence to live the life they truly desire. It’s simple, easy, and affordable.

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