Location Smart Helping People Stay Connected

Staying connected with all the different communications devices that one may own today is important. A company called Location Smart is here to make sure that this happens. They offer a cloud based way of dealing with this. With this service one can be constantly aware of exactly where they are. It can also help your devices stay connected better. As of 2018 an estimated 17 billion devices that are connected were in use around the globe. Most people are estimated to have at least two connected devices. There are more and more communications devices being developed all the time.

Desk top PCs are widely still in use. Also smartphones, smartwatches, laptops and tablets are widely used. For security and convenience people’s homes and cars are many times hooked up to the internet. Even house appliances may be online. IoT device stands for Internet of Things and all these devices are IoT in nature. IoT devices today can be many things including factory machines and equipment, infrastructure, cargo moving machines, ships and airplanes, and many other types of devices.

These devices are located all over the world. Many of them are in motion and moving about. Companies that provide communications services do not only work in certain areas any longer. They need to operate in a global sphere. This is why Location Smart is a needed company today. The company utilizes a Location-as-a-service or LaaS for short. It is cloud based. Location smart can help in many ways including the ability to locate devices connected to Wi-Fi around the world. It can locate devices that are connected to cell phone towers. Location Smart can obtain a person’s browser location anywhere in the world for people using popular browsers.

Location smart is the largest Laas company worldwide. Using this service businesses and individuals can have access to global mobile engagement services and keep connected to devices, assets, consumers and workers. It can also help with location and identity issues. Location Smart offers an easy to understand cross-carrier platform. They are used by Fortune 500 enterprises and customers. The company is used in gaming and lottery, needs of enterprises and in the verification of financial transactions. They are connected with some 15 billion devices on a global scale and handle some 1.5 billion monthly transactions.

The company can provide geo-enabled SMS or in app message sending with Location Smart Messaging. Two way messaging services can be used in 60 different carriers. The company can protect one from cyber criminals. It has a real time identity verification protection program. It can quickly validate if a person is who they say they are. Location Smart can help with privacy issues. It features consent controls for opt in or out capabilities. The company also has many other features to help people.

On November 7 2018 Location Smart greatly expanded it’s business throughout Canada. The secure carrier network, network location, consent management and SMS or short message services were expanded. Canadians can now find and locate users in real time.


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