Lime Crime Came out with a New Product and it’s all About the 90s

The makeup brand Lime Crime prides itself on its cutesy designs featuring florals and bright, fun colors and to compliment that, the brand is combining their character with the 90s staple Polly Pockets.

The new product that Lime Crime is putting out is the Pocket Candy eyeshadow palette. The products were originally going to be available at the end of September, but the launch was moved to the earlier date of Sep. 19 due to the incredibly high demand and anticipation. It costs $36 per eyeshadow palette or $90 if you buy all three.

The Pocket Candy Eyeshadow palette comes in three variations, each featuring five shades. The first one is called Pink Lemonade, and it comes in a bright yellow packaging. It contains two brown shades, two pink shades, as well as a metallic yellow-toned color.

The second plate is called Sugar Plum, and it is bolder as it comes in bright pink and contains all shimmers. There is also a duo chrome shade switching between purple and pink.

For the lovers of pastel colors, there is the Bubblegum palette which comes in light blue packaging, and it contains a mix of mates and shimmers with soft hues of pink, blue, and brown.

Lime Crime was created by Doe Deere. She created it a handful of years ago after she decided that there are not enough right cosmetic products on the market. In 2008, Lime Crime set out to become a company of bright colors, fun prints, and a strong social media presence. The firm is vegan and cruelty-free, and it prides itself on being one of the first cosmetic brands to show the color that people needed n their lives.

Doe Deere, in particular, has always loved colorful things. She enjoys fashion and makeup, and when she noticed how limited her choices have been, she decided to create it instead of wait for other brands to come out with something suitable.

Up to date, Lime Crime has come out countless makeup items, and it continues going on strong with its branding of being so bright, it’s illegal, as their slogan states.

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