Jimmy John Liautaud Is An Amazing Sandwich Mogul

Sandwiches are beloved all over the world. A good sandwich really hits the spot. It’s convenient, portable and full of flavor. Someone who understands exactly what goes into making a sandwich is Jimmy John Liautaud.

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He started with a single shop more than three decades ago. In the intervening years, he’s learned that it is possible to please the American public and make a fortune at the same time. As one of the most successful sandwich entrepreneurs ever, he still remains devoted to the art of making them.

He’s still deeply involved in creation of sandwiches that delight his customers. He sold a large part of his empire to an Atlanta based capital equity firm. Yet he still keeps a close eye on the products served in his line of chain restaurants.

The Test Kitchen

It is with this in mind that he spends part of his time each week in Jimmy John’s test kitchen. The test kitchen is a very special place for Liautaud. It keeps him connected to his roots. He is the final person who gets a say in the product presented to clients. It is his palate and his understanding of exactly what goes into making a sandwich that takes center stage in the test kitchen.

He knows what his customers are looking for when they want a sandwich at one of the more than two thousand locations. Every Wednesday he can be found examining a series of sandwiches that might be on offer for clients. He personally decides if something’s going to work or it needs to be revised.

The Start of a Dream

Like so many who achieve so much, his own transition to the world of making sandwiches began with a simple idea. He knew that he could make a better sandwich. It was his father who gave him that impetus.

The twenty-five thousand dollars in capital he gave his son helped him realize his dreams of starting a business of his own. His mom was an immigrant from Lithuania. His dad tried many professions before finding one that worked for him. Liautaud took his advice and began to see where he could fit in and create a product that would appeal to a great many people of different backgrounds.

Taking Off

There were several different ideas that occurred to him when considering what kind of venture to start. He thought about starting a hot dog stand. However, the items required to present the product to the public were out of his budget.

It was then that he settled on the idea of a sandwich shop. Sandwiches are easy to make and appeal to a wide audience. He realized he could make them easily and sell them to students. His first shop opened up in Illinois in 1983.

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At the time, he was nineteen year old. Yet it was the start of years of success. Since that time, he’s seen his dreams come true and find a place to serve the awaiting public.

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