Jeremy Goldstein: Working with Executives and Business people to Resolve Compensation Issues

Executive compensation issues are becoming more common in the United States. More than a decade ago, consulting firms specializing in executive compensation and other similar issues started to break off from their clients, which are the largest corporations in America. A lawyer named Jeremy Goldstein saw this as an opportunity, and he set up a law firm that will help corporate executives and business people who will be having an issue with executive compensation.



Who is Jeremy Goldstein?


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who presently manages his law firm, the Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. He has been working in the legal industry for several years, and he is also a member of the American Bar Association, serving as a chairman for one of its sub-committees. Throughout his career, he represented the largest companies in the country, and he was able to win most of his cases. The experiences that he learned through the years enabled him to become one of the top executive compensation legal professionals in the United States, and it became advantageous to him because he was able to present himself as a great choice for many clients, and they believe him because there are facts to support his claim.


Jeremy Goldstein studied at the Cornell University for his Bachelor’s degree, the University of Chicago for his Master’s degree, and at the New York University for his J.D.



How does it feel to be an attorney that resolves executive compensation?


Jeremy Goldstein considers his career as a challenge. This type of work has no shortcuts, and he needs to dedicate his time and energy to get the best outcome for his cases. He stated that he should also be available 24 hours, and provide his clients with daily updates on the status of their case. Despite the challenging environment that he is working in, he keeps on working hard because he feels satisfied every time a case is won.


Most of the cases that he is handling is similar to the old ones that he already resolved, but there are instances wherein a unique case surfaces, and he is more than willing to accept it because it will broaden his knowledge about executive compensation.



Why is it important to know the client personally?


When Jeremy Goldstein is working with a client, he prefers seeing them personally and asking them about their personal background. He stated that it would be easier for him to resolve the case when he knows the people involved personally.



What are his advices to attorneys like him and to his younger self?


Jeremy Goldstein pointed out that executive compensation legal professional should invest heavily in technology – especially powerful computers that can help them with their jobs. He also added that he would advise his younger self to take every setback as an opportunity.


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