James Dondero Dares to venture where very few Would and Scores Bigtime

James Dondero started his first venture capitalist company in 1993. Previously, Jim used to work in different companies holding top executive positions. In the thirty years defining his career, he’s made some of the most unbelievable risky and bold calls. Most of his predictions ended up being true. He is among the few investors alive who can confidently say, they beat Warren Buffet to the punch. Jim made tons of money by hedging against the Texas energy company which later went bankrupt. In the ensuing bankruptcy, Warren was reported to have been one of the casualties.


Argentine’s Sovereign Debt


The moves taken by James Dondero in the recent past can be said to be controversial and very high risk. For instance, everyone looked with bewilderment as Dondero and his firm staked millions of dollars to buy the Argentine’s sovereign loans offered as bonds. The struggling south American nation was almost on the edge of full-blown chaos were it not for the private credit they received from investments firms the likes of which Dondero managed.


Impressive Double-Digit Gains


The co-founder of Highland Capital Management was quoted in an article posted on Barron’s remarking his unique problem-solving technique. He often prefers to retreat somewhere quiet and serene to meditate on present problems and the epiphany always comes in solitary. His hedge fund has outperformed most of its peers in California and elsewhere as it posted impressive gains of around 30% in the last financial year alone. That’s amazing, especially considering how clients dealing with the leading investment banks and brokers in places like Wall St. only received averaged gains of less than 5% for their investors.


Meet Highland Capital’s Owners


An article posted on Barron’s gives the exact reasons why Highland Capital Management has done so well in this tough and perilous economic times. The post does a great job of allowing us to know who Jim really is and where he came from. James is an alumnus of the University of Virginia. There, he studied accounting and finance graduating with top honors. Highland Capital Management was born in 1993 and it could not have been possible without his investment partner, Mark Okada. Today, they moved their HQ’s from California to Dallas to enjoy tax breaks plus the people are remarkably nice and warm in this part of the nation. Their company now employs close to 200 professional accountants, lawyers, financial analysts and other core support staff.

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