James Dondero and Diverse Organizations

James Dondero wasn’t like many other young students in college. The University of Virginia pupil didn’t slack off at all. He took all of his accounting classes seriously. He took all of his finance classes just as seriously. He felt amazing once he acquired his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in commerce more than three full decades ago. His hard work truly paid off. JP Morgan is a huge investment business that opted to hire him not long after he finished school. He did so much brilliant work for the company for a while. Once he said farewell to JP Morgan, he realized that he was ready to work for American Express.

James Dondero naturally met a lot of people who worked in his same exact field. That’s how he countered a painstaking man by the name of Mark Okada. Okada and Dondero had many things in common. They were a couple of investment bankers who were simply trying to find their places in the industry. A lightbulb went off in one of their heads, too. They chose to go into business and launch Highland Capital Management, LP in sunny Los Angeles, California. The company remained in the SoCal metropolis for roughly a full year. That’s when they decided to operate it out of Dallas, Texas.

Jim Dondero uses many talents on the job at Highland Capital Management. He comprehends all things that involve hedge funds. He knows a lot about credit card strategies that are in place as well. He’s never bored even when he’s away from his desk. He has a lot to do thanks to Dallas’ many active non-profit groups. He works on organizations that do things for children who have major medical conditions. He works on zoos that need funding for all sorts of purposes, too.

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