Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin, CPO of Virtual Health, Also Designs Technological Platforms

Jack Plotkin is the Chief Technology Officer or CTO of Virtual Health, which is a technology company with the primary goal of changing the face of healthcare by utilizing technological breakthroughs. Apart from being in charge of IT-related issues, Jack Plotkin is also considered as a chief architect of Virtual Health’s transformational population management platform and their care coordination software. His position also overlaps with that of a chief information officer, which is the primary reason why the world wide web has so many well-researched and interesting articles written by this enterprising fellow.

Jack Plotkin fits his role to a tee because he is a graduate of computer science and economics. Both courses are by no means an easy feat, with demanding course work the relies heavily on math and other technical details. What makes it even more impressive is that Jack Plotkins received these double degrees from the very prestigious Ivy League School in Boston, which is, of course, none other than the esteemed Harvard University.

Jack PlotkinAfter his college graduation, Jack Plotkin got into work straight away. He was employed in various Fortune 500 companies. Over the next two decades, he was busy working hard to spearhead technology design, along with the development and deployment of these designs for the many companies he worked with. This hardworking man also had other ventures across different fields from consumer products, healthcare, and finance.

Today, Jack Plotkin is considered as one of the best people to work with and ask advice from regarding enterprise solutions for large-scale organizations and companies that have the all-important task of managing complex consumer populations. Currently, he is hard at work in promoting Telehealth, which is a new technological concept that is designed to capture time-sensitive health information regardless of the patient’s location. Jack Plotkin explains that this ingenious device uses technology to do an early health intervention by providing proper diagnosis through the timely capture of clinical data when patients’ wear the device. This gives medical practitioners the chance to properly manage various illnesses.

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