Gustavo Martinez has been in the advertising and marketing industry for the about 35 years. He has directed some of most important business firms, observing icon ads being created and becoming pop-accustomed touchstone.

He has also acted as the CEO of J. Walter Thompson one of the most protagonist and largest firms globally. He has also had the chance of being the president of McCann world group also Ogilvy and Mather, two names in industry of marketing worthy of reverence

In an interview, Gustavo shared his insights and visions about his powerful sector.

Gustavo is seen to have gone slightly outside the tradition marketing scope. In a question on the role that acceleration of business and consultation play in marketing later in future, Gustavo explains consultation as a short way of saying a contractor providing services independently at a level that is operational and strategical. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

Hence since the beginning consultation has been eminent in the industry. It has been tested and seen to have top result in the industry for almost 100 years.

He says he has done consultation jobs in consultation agencies before serving as the CEO and the president of major firms. He says that creativity in firm marketing and advertising industry is one of the most important tools.

Advertising can be pictured as an artistry but these can only be in terms that are loose. Elements of business for running agency ad are hard of which he has specialized becoming an executive.

As for acceleration in business, Gustavo is doing a project together with UV Business Acceleration Company. Chances for freshmen startup are so low and most of them fail when they start. From his experience in the industry, the produce is the advert and the opposite is true.

Hence effortlessly we are assisting companies to modernize things like technology design, user experience and analytics in insight glean, hoping to increase the success which is getting complex yearly. We are also helping beginners in establishing brands.

On a normal day, Gustavo says some people may refer him as person who likes doing work. He says he wakes up 7 in the morning takes breakfast, if not travelling, goes through news business updates, checks the mails and goes to work from 9 a.m. to between 7 to 9 p.m.

He says that creativity is an unrefined ore from which campaigns in marketing are fabricated. Thoughts diversification experience and background tends to form the greatest depth of creativity and ideas in solving problems.

He explains that the one strategy that has given his business the edge to grow is by hiring the top talents and paying them well.

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