How Cassio Audi’s Musical Life Shaped Rock Music in Brazil

Even as most people only know and recognize Cassio’s long streak in the field of financial management, little is talked about concerning his early career in music. In fact, most people lacked a story or two about his brilliant musical career that was cut short due to the desire to pursue a more corporate career.
How it All Started
Cassio’s solo musical career never became so significant after which he was invited over by friend Andres who had the wind about a group that wanted to start a rock band. Andres had for long recognized the incredible drumming skills that Cassio possessed, and it is through this urge that he encouraged him to join a group of three other friends. Together, they formed a band which they called Viper; all this happened in 1985. Immediately after its formation, Cassio assumed the drumming role at the band which he jumped into with a lot of zeal and passion.
Major Achievements
Together, they practiced, performed and composed various songs such as the Killeria and Princess from Hell which got favorable airplay from the media stations back then. Cassio began an active role in writing songs for the band as his friend Andres remained the main vocalist of the band. Their consistent efforts finally bore fruit as they released their first album which they named Soldiers from Sunrise in 1987. The album did very well, and in fact, they managed to secure more stage performances immediately after this breakthrough. Having won a lot of fans for his skillful drumming abilities, Cassio got more motivated, and after two years, they released another album entitled the Theatre of Fate which also happened to have marked an end to Cassio Audi’s short musical career in 1989. Even as he went to pursue further studies, the group remained active and still went ahead to release more tracks.

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