George Soros Predicts the Collapse of the European Union

In the last few years, Europeans have attempted to turn their many states into a single entity known as the EU or European Union. The aim of the EU has been to help integrate one of the world’s largest collections of states and provide a place where money and capital can flow freely from one place to another on this continent. The result of this plan has been a state that has seen both ups and downs in recent years as the many states of the EU have been faced with widely differing economies and all kinds of challenges that include differing people and differing governmental strategies.

One person who has been observing the area very closely in recent years is billionaire George Soros. Soros is noted as one of the world’s richest men and someone who has judgement that has been taken seriously by others who rely on his insights for help in understanding the world of the global market place both in Europe and in many places abroad. Soros is known for his keen observations of the world’s markets and his understanding of the many factors that may influence a specific nation’s ability to cope with certain kinds of problems.

In a recent interview with staffers at the New York Review of Books, Soros speaks of his views about the European Union at present. He believes that the European Union is on the verge of collapse in the coming years. Soros speaks about the current crisis that has shaken the European Union. The past fall has seen the migration of many millions of Syrian migrants to the European Union in the aftermath of the collapse of the Syrian state. Many such migrants have left their homes in Syria and fled to the countries of the European Union in the last few months.

Soros speaks on CNBC about his belief that German leader Angela Merkel is at the forefront of the current crisis and that her actions in this matter are extremely essential. As the head of the European Union’s most vital nation, she must assume the mantle of leadership in the coming crisis or she will face an ultimate problem with the entire European Union. Her work must be about helping the Germans assume their leadership role in this crisis. Without it, Soros believes that the European Union will face all kinds of challenges and may truly face a catastrophe.

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