Felipe Montoro Jens Discusses Public Interests

Recently, there was a meeting with the purpose of discussing the concessions that the government in Brazil had announced. The meeting was between Mr Felipe Montoro Jens and Mr Edison Carlos. The two experts talked about some main point that had to be involved in a discussion and each stated of them stated their thoughts on the matter.



The government of Brazil will be making the concessions a reality through their partnership with two large national corporations – the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. Mr Edison Carlos acts as the president of a large Brazilian company called Trata Brasil. Mr Edison Carlos talked about the many beneficial changes that would result from the enforcement of the concessions. The water sector, in particular, is approving of those concessions. Mr Edison Carlos also mentioned the changes in resource management that would happen in the companies of Brazil. That would lower the waste of water significantly which is a point that Mr Felipe Montoro Jens also brought up as significant. In fact, the corporations in Brazil and the public make up the whopping 90% of the sanitization of the country. That means that mindfulness is present and the percentage will probably become higher as companies will be forced to become even more mindful of water waste once the water concessions are in place. http://www.radaroficial.com.br/d/28075923



Mr Felipe Montoro Jens discussed the fact that the needs of the public should be put before everything else. The costs need to be revised to make sure the interest of the public is respected. For that reason, there will be a plan for each area. The program will be made according to what the citizens of the particular area need nd what their financial background is. The concessions will be beneficial to all parties according to the experts.

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