Expansion of Agera Energy

Since 2014, Agera company has been active to provide energy to their clients; CEO Geoff Duda has been in the front line to expand the reach of the company across the United States. There are various subsidiaries established to serve many clients with renewable energy which is reliable and efficient. The mission of Agera is to make the supply of natural energy and electricity comfortable and convenient. In Agera, there is honesty and transparency in the financial and employees sectors since their primary goal is to educate and empower customers in making significant decisions regarding the energy supply in their homes and businesses. Watch this video about Agera Energy on Youtube.

Natural gas is used in various areas including; cooking, cleaning as well as working on multiple businesses including manufacturing, restaurants among other areas. It’s essential to join a company that is reliable and convenient. During the winter Period in 2014, there was a need for renewable energy since other companies were not credible. Agera took this situation as an advantage and started educating their front lines to offer the best standard services to the clients as well as guiding them on the decisions they should make in the energy field. Agera Energy uses customer approach since they consider the customer as the backbone to the firm hence the need to be treated with respect and dignity.

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There are more than 50 employees in Agera all experts in the energy supply field; they collaborate with the management team of Geoff Duda to increase the logistics of the company. Recently, Mark Linzenbold was enrolled as the new Chief Financial Officer at Agera; he has extensive skills gained from working in KMPG and Direct Energy for almost a decade. Agera Energy team is excited with Mark joining the company since he is expected to share his skills and expertise in finance, business management, and development. Previously Mark served in the top executive positions hence understands his responsibilities and mandate given.

Through the Facebook account of Agera people have shared their insight on the company services and most of them recommend others. Any new client has the opportunity to enroll through the company’s website. Read more about Agera Energy on medium.com.

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