Enhance User Experience with IP Geolocation

The functionality of IP geolocation extends beyond traditional network uses. The innovative technology provided by LocationSmart holds the promise of improving your business in critical ways.

Depending on the kind of business you operate, specific uses of geolocation technology could help to increase your profitability, improve internal business operations and enhance the experience of your users.

Some industries are subject to heavy regulations which are often impacted by the geographic location of the user. For example, online gaming platforms are subject to both local and state regulations because online betting has some restrictions in some locations.

To remain compliant with the regulation and avoid penalties and other infractions, the geographic location of the user must be verified before payouts are completed. In fact, some restrictions may prevent the user from using the gaming platform altogether.

Using IP geolocation data, businesses can identify the geographic boundaries where the user is located. By tracking location data, businesses can positively enhance the user’s experience. For example, the customer’s IP addresses will provide automated proof of the user’s location.

This automated verification gives the user the ability to immediately engage the platform and avoid them having to provide physical proof of their location. Read more: LocationSmart | Capterra  and LocationSmart | Wikipedia

Online fraud is an unfortunate and persistent problem that can unfortunately impact your customers and business on some level. As a business owner, every precaution should be taken to prevent fraud. When the IP address of the user is collected through the network, exposure to online fraud is drastically reduced.

Businesses can rely on IP intelligence to determine whether the user’s account is being accessed from an unidentified location or device. Additionally, IP intelligence may work to identify if efforts are being made to make the user’s location unidentifiable.

In the normal course of business, your business system may adhere to protocols to authenticate the user. In some cases, the user’s access may be denied until authentication can occur. The user may get an error message or online instruction to contact customer service or the help desk to complete the authentication process.

This may be an inconvenience to your customer and result in loss of business. With the services offered through LocationSmart, the authentication and location can be seamless and enhance the user’s experience on your site and encourage repeat use.

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