Kamil Idris Talks About The Challenges In Enforcement Of Intellectual Property Rights

In a recent interview with Venture Outsource, Kamil Idris spoke about the challenges that countries are facing when it comes to intellectual property rights. In the interview, Dr. Kamal Idris laid out a few ideas of what governments should be implementing to safeguard content. He stated that this should be made a national priority with the increasing digitalization that is currently taking place.

With the rampant globalization and emergence of wider digital markets, the structure in which content is created, generated and stored often puts forth some challenges concerning piracy and counterfeiting. In this situation, the process of patenting is vital and challenging at the same time. To prevent others from misusing the content that one has put out or created, patenting is the route to take. However, even a small, mostly hidden change can render a piece of code or content original, thereby allowing one to bypass the restrictions that are imposed as a result of patented work. With the surge of digital content being released on a day to day basis, countries are often put in a tough position with regards to intellectual property.

Dr. Idris also tried to outline the factors that have caused the decline of globalization and the factors that have impacted the downfall intellectual property rights has seen. Two of these primary factors are piracy and counterfeiting which have increased extensively over the past few years. Dr. Idris also spoke about another factor that comes in the way of this development, which was the resources allocated to this sector. He stated that the right resources to be able to develop tools to be able to better aid information property rights is something that is needed but lacks the application to be able to safeguard digital content.


About Dr. Kamil Idris

Kamil Idris is a well-known name in the field of law and stands as an expert on the topic of intellectual property rights. He currently serves as the director for the World Intellectual Property Organization. He has served in important positions at various organizations that are geared towards societal and national development. One of the organizations that he has worked for in the past was the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants. Dr. Idris also has a number of qualifications in the field of law that have helped him become the well-reputed name that he is today.


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