Dr. David Samadi Helps Make Menopause More Manageable

As a board-certified urologic oncologist, Dr. David Samadi possesses special training in both traditional and open laparoscopic surgery. In addition, he is an expert in the field of robotic prostate surgery. He also holds the positions of chief of robotic surgery and chairman of urology for Lenox Hill Hospital. He has a degree in biochemistry from Stony Brook University and he acquired his M.D. in 1994 M.D from Stony Brook School of Medicine in New York.

Postgraduate Training

Dr. David Samadi also completed postgraduate urology training at Montefiore Medical Center, as well as training in proctology at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Completion of his Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center oncology fellowship in proctology and a fellowship in robotic radical prostatectomy at Henri Mondor Hospital in France round out his impressive credentials.

Other Accomplishments of Dr. David Samadi

Now, all of that might be enough for some doctors but not for Dr. David Samadi. He also serves as a Fox News Channel’s Medical A-Team’s medical correspondent. And, he’s also written some pretty incisive and in-depth articles to help individuals worldwide with certain medical issues like menopause.

Daily News Menopause Article

One particular article is very enlightening for any woman who is going through menopause. It was recently published in the New York Daily News and is called “10 questions every woman should ask about menopause”. The article is very informative and answers ten of the most common questions that women have about menopause, including:

  1. Average age for menopause
  2. Difference between perimenopause and menopause
  3. Common symptoms of menopause
  4. How to deal with hot flashes
  5. How bone health is affected by menopause
  6. Increase in heart disease risk
  7. Weight gain from menopause
  8. Hysterectomies and menopause
  9. Hormone replacement therapy
  10. Management via non-hormonal options

An Article Worth Reading

The article describes all of the risks and benefits of certain factors of menopause and how to deal with them, including treatment for symptoms and better management of all phases of this important time in any woman’s life. It’s exceptionally good reading for anyone with questions about menopause.

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