Why George Soros Believes Trum Should Desist From Making Derogatory Remarks Against Muslims And Africans

When you are Forbes billionaire George Soros, you can firmly believe that Donald Trump is working for the ISIS because of his strong stand in matters related to closing the US borders on all Muslims will he become the elected President of the United States. George is the world’s number one hedge-fund manager when it comes to the depth of the pocket or better, the ‘fatness’ of the wallet.

Although the man considers himself to be in a semi-retirement status, he does not mince his words when giving his political opinions and more so; his financial markets opinions. The latter has earned him respect across the globe because of the rare accuracy it has in prediction. Regardless of the political affiliation, many have no choice but to subscribe to his school of thought.

Speaking at the concluded World Economic Forum recently, George Soros said that Trump is spreading a very dangerous message that he should stop. He said that the anti-immigrant vitriol the Presidential candidate is spreading might push Muslims to resort to turning to terrorism as the only way they can fight for their rights. He also said that all candidates Trump included should deviate from campaigning in manners that make some communities or religions feel inferior or degraded.

He also expressed optimism in the fight against terror in the fact that Germany and other European Nations have come together to integrate immigrants. Once an immigrant himself, he said that it is imperative that they are treated with respect and decorum and was sad to note that their treatment levels in the two areas have been declining instead of going up.

George Soros is not your usual hedge-fund manager. He is an exemplary example of a successful hedge fund manager who has managed to become a legend in the game. His financial market opinions have always counted heavily and as perfectly as his political opinions do to those who are at the opposite side of the table. His political affiliation belongs officially to the Democratic Party and he is one of the most respected fenders of its liberal causes.

He was born in the 1930’s and spent most of his childhood in areas that were to be heavily hit by the World War II. Sensing a bleak future, he sneaked to England through Hungary and managed to get the rare chance to get university education. The knowledge and skills would later on prove to be very essential in his rise to the top.

When matters related to philanthropy are concerned, he has not been shying away from helping those in dire need. He started the Open Society Foundation and it has been in a mission to provide better environments for better human rights, better open societies as well as improved lifestyles for the millions across the globe.