Makari De Suisse Stands Tall as Leader in Safe Skin Whitening Products

We all expect safe and high quality standards when it comes to our skin care formulas, but that’s not always what we find.

Potentially harmful bleaching chemicals like hydroquinone remain on the market in numerous over-the-counter and prescription skin care products. These major beauty companies are aware of the dangers of using hydroquinone, and yet, they turn their backs on the consumer.

Makari De Suisse is a brand that stands proudly behind its name, because they will never include a dangerous chemical in their luxurious formulas. Their wonderful skin care line-up offers women and men with dark or ethnic complexions a safe, affordable and natural way to whiten and brighten their skin.

If you’re looking for a lighter and evenly balanced skin tone, then make it Makari. The brand has worked hard to build a global following with a respected variety of products. Makari believes in using pure substances found in nature that halt pigment formation, remove dark spots, freckles, acne scars and any other issue that mars your beautiful identity.

Makari formulations are botanically-based and include rich caviar extracts with a magic ingredient called Organiclarine. The company has patented the non-medicated natural substance which beautifully lightens the complexion within a few weeks and without irritation to even the most sensitive skin.

We all desire flawless, soft, clear skin that looks youthful with a perfect lighter skin tone. That could all be yours when you choose from Makari’s extensive line-up. Making a small investment in a stunning complexion is a smart idea, because Makari uses advanced science and formulas. The Makari line is now available in local beauty stores and around the world at private locations in Paris, New York City and Brussels.

The Makari Discoloration Kit is an amazing trio that features skin whitening at its finest, showing results in about two short weeks. The kit includes the Body Beautifying Milk, Clarifying Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap and Skin Repairing and Clarifying Serum. Discoloration, dullness and brown spots begin to all fade away, creating more evenly toned skin.

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The entrepreneur with a philanthropic heart.

Malini Saba is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Last month on 12th, she opened up about her life and the way she manages to balance between business and her family in an interview. She wakes up at 5 am to take her daughter to school and makes sure she picks her at the evening. Malini loves good food and fine wine. Malini is the chairperson and founder of the Saban Company.
In the interview, Saba says that for anyone to succeed in business; you must keep a close relationship with your workers. She always makes sure to visit any prospective site before anyone else in her company. This way Saba has always been able to assist and advise her staff. She also recounts her worst business endeavors. Once, she took a risk to invest in a corrupt country. Her firm Saban had to close mining fields to face court cases. She comes out successful. To be victorious in the entrepreneurial world; you should believe in oneself and trust your guts.
Saba was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her parents originate from Sri Lanka. Later her parents moved to Australia where she grew up. At the age of 19, she married a Stanford University student. They lived in the neighborhood of the institution next to a railway track. “The whole apartment could shake whenever the train passed,” says Saba. Her marriage to a student of Stanford helped her attend free lectures in the business and investment niche. She could also crash investment professional’s gatherings to gain more knowledge about their field of expertise. Soon, she started investing in real estate, commodities, and telecommunication sectors.
Today, she is among the world’s most successful women. Her company Saban invests in technology firms in the United States of America, owns oil and gas mines in China and also ventures in the real estate sector in both India and Australia.
She also engages in charity works. Malini founded a non-profit firm; Stree: Global Investment in Women back in 2001. The Stree: Global Investment in Women aims to change the manner in which the society perceives minimal wage infants and women and their roles in our communities. With the aid of Queen Noor and Bill Clinton; the former President of the USA, the charity organization, helps women access legal support, healthcare, and grassroots forums in Central America, Africa, India and some parts of Europe. Malini Saba donated $1 million to the 1st Health Center for South Asian people. Saba also visited Tsunami victims in India where she promised to give $10 million.