Travelling Vineyard; Earn at the Comfort of Your Home

Today there are many job opportunities that people engage in while at home like writing, translating or even email support. However, nothing can be right like selling wine from your home. Therefore, Traveling Vineyard has come with great job opportunities for people who want to work from home; during their own time to sell well-refined wine. The wine guide job is easy, and it pays a lot if one employs great strategies to make sales.

Traveling Vineyard was developed in 2001 in Massachusetts. This company wants to help inexperienced, jobless or people who want to work from home by employing them as Traveling Vineyard wine guides. The company empowers wine guides with the necessary knowledge they need, and they are fine to go. Wine guides are paid on commission, and many people have confessed that they earn a lot per month from this job.

Traveling Vineyard business model works efficiently. A wine guide needs a Traveling Vineyard success kit. This kit contains enough wine bottles for at least two first events and tasting glasses. There are other accessories which will be provided to help you sell more and more. Traveling Vineyard also gives wine guides a personal website which is free for the first three months. These wines cost $15 to $25 per bottle. With the growing demand for perfect and smooth wine, wine guides get to earn more every day. Commissions are counted on each bottle, and the total amount is paid at the end of every month.

Travelling Vineyard comes with many benefits to wine guides and their customers. Making fresh and high-quality wines available in the neighborhood is a great thing. Wine guides have an easy time in finding clients as wine consumption has increased significantly among Americans. Therefore, finding customers is not difficult. Another benefit when it comes to Travelling Vineyard wine guide job is that startup cost is very low and the company doesn’t give you maximum or minimum sale targets. Thus, wines guides can work at their preferred time provided they make sales.

To make more sales and encourage broad business network, Traveling Vineyard educates wine guides on all the types of wine they sell so that they can sell the products with confidence. Also, they provide marketing tips to aid wine guides in their journey to success. The company encourages wine guides to get more and more people who can sell these wines, and they get bonuses on these referrals. Traveling Vineyard helps wine guides to be smart and the job will be as easy as a walk in the park.

Traveling Vineyard presence in social media like Twitter they have encouraged many people in joining them. Many people like their approach in wine selling and with their high-quality wines there is no doubt wine guides will be successful in the business.

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