I’m Thankful For Our London Vacation Rental Through London Escape

When I first decided to take my girlfriend on vacation I thought it would be a tough thing to plan. I thought I would have to spend hours of my time and loads of energy researching things and answering emails. I am happily surprised that I found LondonEscape because their service made it so much easier to book a quality room in London from the United States. I had never been to London before we took the trip last summer, but my girlfriend had been there a number of times, so I wanted to show her that I could pick a great location for our vacation, and LondonEscape made this process simple.

Their site is mapped out for easy use, and they have a search engine that produces results based on your criteria. Best of all, their pictures for the rooms and amenities are accurate representations of the real thing that they offer. I was happily surprised with this, and my wife even commented on how the pictures looked just like the real place. I can’t tell you how many times I have visited a place on vacation and found that the room looked completely different than the way it seemed in the pictures. I’ve had miserable vacations where the amenities were closed down. Everything went smoothly with our LondonEscape vacation.

I would certainly promote this website to my friends and family. In fact, a guy at my office asked if I knew anywhere to take a vacation. He was looking for ideas. I told him how great our trip to the United Kingdom was over the summer. He looked at the pictures I took. Some of the pictures were of the apartment we stayed in, so he asked where I found the place where we stayed. I told him about LondonEscape, and he made a reservation for a place. They are going to visit London over the winter. They picked out an apartment that is similar to the one where we stayed on our vacation. It is in the same neighborhood. I’m truly thankful for what LondonEscape has done.