MAGFAST Solves the Modern Charging Issues

Regardless of the company behind the product, an electronic device will always come with a charger. This is an essential component as it means your device has a near infinite life as long as there is an outlet in the area. However, the trend towards unique connectors and the high number of cords an individual might own makes owning all of this device feel like a hassle. MAGFAST is s brand that recently came into existence under the vision of Seymour Segnit. He has been an advocate for better technology since his time at Oxford University and Silicon Valley, and beyond into radio. The website influencer expands how the MAGFAST charger would be a major game changer.

In order to understand the genesis of MAGFAST, one just has to see the resume of Seymour Segnit. He has a knack for thinking of creative ideas and bringing them to life. He boasts experience in both academia and technology through a history in both sectors. He cites the idea for MAGFAST as just a natural result of wanting a more efficient manner to charge his products. The core of the MAGFAST charger is being a portable device that could be used in a car, at home, or anywhere on the go. The variability in how it’s used is the main selling point.

The MAGFAST charger must be a product that fulfills all the needs of a 21st century consumer. Seymour Segnit laid out a plan for it to be easy to move, charge quickly, and work with nearly every device. MAGFAST has not hit the market yet, but the early crowdfunding venture was an instant hit. Each individual who participated will get an extra item with their order, in addition to a tree planted to invest in the world of tomorrow.