Marc Beer Impact in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Marc Beer has positively impacted the pharmaceutical industry for the past 25 years. His attitude towards solving problems facing those who are underprivileged is what makes him stand out. Various factors have contributed towards the success of his careers, such as his education and unique flair. Marc kicked off his career at Genzyme (NASDAQ: GENZ) where he served in the sales and marketing division and worked his way up to the Vice President position of Global Marketing.


During his time at Genzyme, he promoted the sale of products that would assist roughly 350 million persons who were suffering from rare conditions. Being at the helm of administration in the firm allowed him to promote the product line to those in need of it. Working at this firm motivated him to put in extra effort towards helping the disadvantaged. He wanted to bring hope to those battling with various medical conditions.


Given his work history in the industry, Marc was determined to establish his enterprise. He went on to found ViaCell, a biotech firm in 2000 which was aimed at helping the underprivileged. The company had over 300 employees and was set to go public with an Initial Public Offer (IPO) on NASDAQ as VIAC. It was centered on finding a cure for several diseases by protecting the blood stem cells of the umbilical cord.


Later in 2007, Marc Beer decided to put up the company for sale and was purchased by PerkinElmer at $300 million. At this time, both his personal and professional life seemed to flourish. However, it was then that everything started to crumble. After Marc sold ViaCell, his wife passed away at 42 years after suffering from a pulmonary embolism.


All Marc wanted to do after the demise of his wife was to dedicate all his time to bring up his three children. It was his 14-year old daughter who encouraged him to proceed with his entrepreneur venture. Thanks to her candid advice, her father began another successful enterprise, Renovia. The company originated as an idea from Dr. Ray Iglesias, who shared it with Marc. Learn more:


Dr. Ray Iglesias had spent his years as a gynecologist performing surgeries for women who suffered from pelvic floor conditions. He had dedicated close to ten years of his career looking for alternative solutions for his patients. When he gave a call to Marc, it was the sort of push he needed to make a change in his career. Under an alliance, with the help of Marc, Dr. Iglesias, and Yolanda Lorié, Renovia was founded.


A Brief History


At some point, Marc Beer served in the pharmaceutical sector as a marketer at Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT). In 1987, he acquired an undergraduate degree in Business from Miami University. He has been a member of the Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) Emerging Companies Section Governing Board. Marc Beer has also been the chair for different corporations such as Good Start Genetics, Inc. and Minerva Neurosciences Inc. (NASDAQ: NERV).

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The skills of Marc Beer

Marc Beer works at Renovia. It is a health company that deals with innovative operations to improve health. From the scientists, he has worked with and the many successful projects he has handled, Marc believes that the perceptions of people towards success are what define their destination. When one has a wrong perception about their abilities, they might keep putting themselves down, and this may render them unable to do what they have the potential of doing. A negative perception also causes downfalls throughout the tenure of a company’s operation. It makes executives consider them to be low and n worthy to administer the rest. It is good to have a good ego about oneself. Believing in oneself brings more determination to spearhead operations in all sectors fearlessly.

 People who like to be leaders should never have the trait of forwardness. With cowardice as a leader, the team following may also gain a lot of fear to face whatever is to come. Besides, cowards usually fall or traps that can never make them get to any place that they dream of in life. It may make their competitors learn their weaknesses quickly and overtake their companies. Coward leaders always bring downfalls to a venture. Brave people like Marc Beer have always stood firm to anything that they want to accomplish. Even when the intensity of the challenges they are t face too high, he is always sure that he will find a way to cope with it. For instance, in his medical testing procedures with scientists, Marc has never felt the need to find an outside party to help him endure any pain that he may experience in case his experiments fail. He places everything in his hands and that of the scientific experts knowing that he can deal with every outcome he might end up facing. He believes that this is the reason that he has acquired a lot of breakthroughs in the manufacture of medicines. 

Marc Beer also dislikes working with people who have subjective thoughts about everything. There is always a good aspect that may come out of everything, whether it is good or not. Even when he is not sure of the transparent properties of his methodologies, he goes on to try and test them know what he needs to change or add in the latter for greater results. Learn more:

Marc Beer insists that even at times when people set goals to guide people on what they want to achieve, they must not put a lot of attention to them. Everyone should place their attention on the progress of a venture rather than the objectives set. If the progress in the business is bad or low, it is possible that the company will not achieve any meaningful goal that it sets. Besides, most objectives are usually achieved and going well if the progress of the company is going on as expected. When people note problems in their ventures, they should try to find out their causes. If the management is the problem, then the entire committee should be abolished and another one set.

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Maarten de Jeu: Investing In Commercial Real Estate Might Be A Good Choice For Your Portfolio

There have been a lot of changes taking place when it comes to real estate investments in the last several years. Strategic advisor Maarten de Jeu points out that more opportunities are open for average investors when it comes to commercial real estate thanks to the Jumpstart Our Business Startups. Passed in 2012, it lifted many of the restrictions that small businesses were held to and opened them up to attract investors by offering crowdfunding options that required less capital than more traditional types of investments. The minimum that an individual non-accredited investor can put into these commercial real estate properties that have been pre-selected is just $5,000. This relatively low entry point is one of the things that Maarten de Jeu says makes these opportunities more attractive than they were in the past. Learn more:


Maarten de Jeu points out that the benefits of making this type of investment in commercial real estate are different than other vehicles that people and institutions can place their capital behind. The assets that they are investing in are very specific and not as subjective to changes in the market. There are a lot of different types of real estate that are considered commercial properties and some of these include apartment buildings, warehouses, retail locations, and more. Essentially, if it is going to be used to make a profit it is potentially commercial real estate. Some of the ways that Maarten de Jeu points out that people can get their investment returned when it comes to commercial real estate is through the increase in the value of the property when it is sold and also on the interest that is collected on secured loans.


Diversification of a portfolio is something that Maarten de Jeu and other experts consider important as risk management when it comes to investing. Commercial real estate is just one way that investors can choose to diversify in a way that comes with fewer risks than some other investment choices. The value of commercial real estate tends to always increase faster than the rate of inflation which makes it an investment that is considered low risk according to Maarten de Jeu. Even though the risks are minimal compared to other investment types, there is even still potential for short-term income.


Maarten de Jeu is a multilingual and MBA graduate of Oxford University. He is currently living in Chicago and serving as the Managing Director of SVM Business Advisory, the company that he founded in 2012. Some of the areas that this firm focuses on include financial services, international business, and commercial real estate. While the company is headquartered in Chicago, the business network that they have includes Europe, Asia, and North America. He is also the founder of SpeakUp, a European company that helps with compliance and ethics issues with public companies. Along with English, the entrepreneur and expert in finance also speak Dutch, German, and French. Some of the areas that he focused on during his education include management accounting, corporate finance, and macroeconomics.

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Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin, CPO of Virtual Health, Also Designs Technological Platforms

Jack Plotkin is the Chief Technology Officer or CTO of Virtual Health, which is a technology company with the primary goal of changing the face of healthcare by utilizing technological breakthroughs. Apart from being in charge of IT-related issues, Jack Plotkin is also considered as a chief architect of Virtual Health’s transformational population management platform and their care coordination software. His position also overlaps with that of a chief information officer, which is the primary reason why the world wide web has so many well-researched and interesting articles written by this enterprising fellow.

Jack Plotkin fits his role to a tee because he is a graduate of computer science and economics. Both courses are by no means an easy feat, with demanding course work the relies heavily on math and other technical details. What makes it even more impressive is that Jack Plotkins received these double degrees from the very prestigious Ivy League School in Boston, which is, of course, none other than the esteemed Harvard University.

Jack PlotkinAfter his college graduation, Jack Plotkin got into work straight away. He was employed in various Fortune 500 companies. Over the next two decades, he was busy working hard to spearhead technology design, along with the development and deployment of these designs for the many companies he worked with. This hardworking man also had other ventures across different fields from consumer products, healthcare, and finance.

Today, Jack Plotkin is considered as one of the best people to work with and ask advice from regarding enterprise solutions for large-scale organizations and companies that have the all-important task of managing complex consumer populations. Currently, he is hard at work in promoting Telehealth, which is a new technological concept that is designed to capture time-sensitive health information regardless of the patient’s location. Jack Plotkin explains that this ingenious device uses technology to do an early health intervention by providing proper diagnosis through the timely capture of clinical data when patients’ wear the device. This gives medical practitioners the chance to properly manage various illnesses.

Smita Shah Solves with Spaan Tech.

Dorky is how Smita Shah self-describes. As a kid in elementary school, she covert algebraic word problems into equations. Instead of track relays, she’d run what she called “math relays” during her years in college. It’s this type of mind that has led to her being a CEO at age 35. As CEO of Spaan Tech, she builds roads, bridges, and technology to integrate them both. Solving math problems has always been a passion for Shah. 

As an engineer licensed in several states, Smita was educated at Northwestern, Oxford, and received a master’s degree from MIT. Founding Spaan Tech in 1998 after graduating, Smita grew her business into one of the nation’s best. She has been award by INC. magazine, The Small Business Commerce Association of Chicago, and the American Council of Engineering Companies. Crain’s Chicago Business named her 19th most connected person in Chicago, as well. Ronald Reagan, William Rehnquist, Rosa Parks, and Frank Sinatra, and Smitha Shah were all awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations. Almost unbelievably, Shah was appointed by the Illinois Democratic Party as the youngest delegate at the Democratic national convention in 1996 A very successful and greatly awarded person is Smita Shah. 

She also spends her time serving on various boards around Chicago. Of note is her membership on the board of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation and the Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Learn more:

Most of her career achievements have been with the city of Chicago. Smita Shah helped with the solution to upgrade Chicago’s public-school system’s electrical system and designed traffic signals for the Illinois State Highway Authority. In a decade she has grown her business to over $10 million in revenue and 50 employees. 

In April of 2018, she appeared as a guest on the Steve Cochran Show. The opening topic Cochran was about Shah being an example for women who wish to be in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields. The discussion showcased Smita as an example of what women can do, and more should get involved. They spoke of her naivety when she first started her company, and how she wouldn’t be that way after her years of experience. Shah gave advice to young women and stressed the importance of women studying STEM. Shah feels that women need mentorship and guidance to succeed.

Smita Shah represents the America Dream. She shows that with hard work, anyone can, and will, become successful. Her awards and distinctions, her business, her revenue show that hard work and being dorky, literally, pay off.

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The Success Of Marc Beer

Many people have been tracking the career of Marc Beer as he has gone from one success to the next but a lot of them don’t know how he has become such a successful philanthropist and entrepreneur over the years. Fortunately, he recently had a discussion with Stephen Callahan to dispel the mystery and talk about a few of his career aspirations. As the head honcho of a new business called Renovia, he has always been adamant about his philanthropic endeavors and helping the disenfranchised as much as possible. In fact, he recently told the next generation of aspiring businesspeople how to succeed in the world of business. This often entails having a good strategy to keep your company afloat, make sure they always have enough money and have fun along the way. 

One of the primary directives of Renovia is to try and help people who currently suffer from a wide variety of pelvic floor disorders. One of the ways they are attempting to help them is by recommending that every single woman get screened to see whether or not they have urinary incontinence. This effort is in conjunction with the women’s preventive service initiative and the American college of obstetricians and gynecologists. In fact, the chief medical officer of Renovia, Samantha Pulliam, released a statement expressing her support for women’s pelvic health and thanking these other two organizations for supporting them in this initiative. 

This will allow their patients to be more in control of their own health status and help them feel more empowered. In the past, he has served on the board of the Notre Dame Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee. He has also worked with the Joe Andruzzi Cancer Foundation, an organization that tends to the needs of cancer patients and their families. While working with them, he served on their board of directors. He has also done some philanthropic work with Minerva Neurosciences Inc., a company that strives to help patients who currently have illnesses that affect their nervous systems. During this time, he served as the Founding Chairman of the Board and a member of their audit committee. He learned these philanthropic tendencies as a kid. Learn more:

He grew up in Florida and his parents quickly helped him to realize he wanted to go into the business industry so he could help those who are less fortunate than him. This is why he decided to major in business when he first enrolled in college at Miami University in the autumn of 1983. He quickly proved to be an excellent student which is why it came as no surprise when he graduated four years later as one of the top students in his class. After receiving his degree, he wasn’t quite sure exactly what he wanted to do but fortunately, he received a job offer from a company called Abbott. With no other options, he decided to take it and served on the marketing committee for a number of years before starting his own company.

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Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is Changing the Luxury Travel Industry

Being a young professional can be difficult, for Sergey Petrossov he is a young professional who founded and now runs a billion-dollar business. Sergey Petrossov is the founder and CEO of JetSmarter, a jet chartering company that allows its members to access chartered flights, to make up their own chartered flights, and to access discounted flights around the world.

JetSmarter started as a small, less than 50 employee business and it has grown into a company with over 250 employees and offices in some of the world’s largest cities like London and Dubai. Sergey has not let his success go to his head, however. He started as a young boy after his family moved to the United States when he was four years old. Though they started in California, his family eventually moved to South Florida where his business is now based.

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov went to the University of Florida and studied business before he began working toward starting businesses. He was part of a startup that created software for online customer service as well as being part of a distance learning company that helped create cloud solutions for schools teaching distance education. The JetSmarter founder worked to make sure that his approach to the private jet industry was something special and something truly different from those options that are now currently working on the market.

Petrossov wants his company to be a social one, allowing users to work with one another to find the options that work best for them. Customers are able to charter flights together, take private flights, and to take part in a range of other services as well like jet shuttles as well. His vision is set to change again however as he is working to create what he calls, predictive hospitality, where the needs of the customer can be determined before they even ask.

Maarten De Jeu’s Science Spin’s Program Taps Creativity in the Farrell Fellows

The Museum of Science Industry or MSI conducts the well-known Farrell Fellows internship every summer. They draw in numerous teens in the Chicago area to come to the museum so that they will become more educated and interested in the area of scientific learning. In the western hemisphere, MSI happens to be largest science museum, so they feel compelled to do their part in tapping the interest of the children who serves as the voice of the new generation.


The Successful Science Spins Program


One of its successful programs is known as Science Spins, and this was established by a successful financial professional based in Chicago called Maarten de Jeu. He is a popular strategic business advisor, who happens to be founder and managing partner of SVM Business Advisory. He has built a stellar career track record in the finance sector, international business dealings, and commercial real estate investment.


Giving back to the community is always on top of the agenda, so when he was co-chair for the Farrell Fellowship, he went all out for the Science Spins program to tap the attendee’s curiosity, encourage their minds to think critically, and to help them harness creative and innovative ideas. The Science Spins focused on the history of the bicycle, which he and his team conducted in a creative manner to spark the interest of the museum visitors, and most especially, the Farrell Fellows interns


The Founder’s Track Record


Marteen de Jue’s impressive career and community achievements are in line with his equally impressive track record in business education. He ranked first in his class for his MBA program at the prestigious University of Oxford. Marten has always believed in the importance of a good education, so he has always strived hard in school. He happens to speak English, Dutch, German, and French while being a member of the Economic Club of Chicago and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.


Partnering with MSI is extremely important for Maarten because he wants to impart his knowledge to the younger kids. He believes that inculcating the value of a good education begins when children are in their impressionable years. One of the best ways to do it is to make use of their valuable free time during the summer, which is what the Farrell Fellowship aims to do. The value of a good education, the love for learning, and the continuous quest for knowledge all become a determinant of future success.


The Nitty-Gritty of the Farrell Fellowship


The MSI’s Farrell Fellowship takes place during the summer months with the program lasting for five week. Aside from an intensive science course work, the teen participants learn other things that will become beneficial for their future. Aside from just touching on science issues, the kids deal with things like improving leadership skills, harnessing the gift of public speaking, and stimulating their imagination and creativity, all by working with the particular scientific topic for that summer period. The high light of the program is towards the end when the students craft and present their interactive science activities with their own museum displays and through their involvement with their communities. Learn more:


To illustrate, in the 2014 program, forty teens crafted the America’s Got Bubbles culminating show, where the goal is of course to learn the chemistry behind these fascinating bubbles that are popular with both children and adults. To further their cause, they visited seventeen public library branches in the Chicago area to present and explain to the community about the intricacies of bubbles and how it applies to real life.

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Maarten de Jeu Fixation on Global Economics

The signs of a globalized world are becoming more apparent each and every day. A person from one side of the world can easily do business with another country through the swipe of a finger. This individual could be sending or receiving money, buying goods, talking with a friend, or conducting a business transition. The current global population is higher than it’s ever been. This creates a unique environment where there is money circulating around. Maarten de Jeu is one of the most influential figures of this generation. The international viewpoint he brings to the table is recognized by many across the industry. The website Gazette Day recently published an article about how to best get a business started in a foreign land.


Maarten de Jeu hails from a very well educated background. In one hand he boasts a degree from the University of Oxford, and in the other hand are his multi-language skills. He also has business experience around the world. All of which was combined together in 2012 when he founded the SVM Business Advisory. This gave him the ability to not only direct individuals on optimal business decisions, but he could have a direct hand in bringing select companies into the global stage. There is no doubt of how his influence has forever reshaped modern economics.


In the article, Maarten de Jeu describes a series of tips for getting a business started halfway around the way. It all begins with a few key fundamental principles. The first of which is understanding the local people and customs. A business should communicate with them on equal footing using the same language and mannerisms that the locals will better understand. This level of connection is essential to not overstepping social boundaries and appearing genuine in the eyes of consumers. Similarly, a business should understand what is legal and illegal in this new land. There are products that are simply not allowed and others that consumers will not enjoy.


The following steps have an emphasis on protecting the bottom line and the reputation of the company. Maarten de Jeu wants all businesses to understand if they are going to make a product for an overseas market, they should expect the same level of quality as back home. A business that is conducting underhanded practices or cutting corners will be exposed at some point. The risk of public shame is too great for companies to risk making such moves. Learn more:


However, the most important tip is for businesses to hire locals. This cements the image of the company being a permanent fixture on the local scene, while building a relationship from the ground. There is unlimited wealth hidden around the world.

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Dr. Walden Receives Thousands of Great Reviews

Dr. Jennifer Walden has become a well-respected and successful cosmetic plastic surgeon based in Austin, Texas and New York. She has over one thousand overwhelmingly positive reviews. Patients have posted around the web about her excellent service, care, and performance. The Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews are independently collected and the reviews are posted in full. The reviews have been posted on Facebook, Yelp, Rate MDs, Google, and many other sites. Along with the results of a variety of services, customers are equally impressed by the care they receive from Dr. Walden. Dr. Walden offers rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, breast lift and liposuction along with many other procedures.

Many patients have come to Dr. Walden for revision surgery after bad experiences with other doctors, and they have been very pleased with the results they have received. Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews have been posted for years, and many people have posted that the post-op care they have received is one of the reasons they gave her such high marks.

It is not just Dr. Walden who has received such high praise. Everyone at the clinic has also had five-star reviews. Her staff has been described as sweet, professional and caring. Several of the reviews mention that Dr. Walden takes the time so that every patient is aware of what the process will entail, and she keeps people informed the entire way through the procedure. Many people also mentioned in the reviews of how affordable the procedures were.

Almost all the reviews say the same thing. Dr. Walden and those that work for her offer the best care and service in the industry, and the amount of five-star reviews is a testament to her professional and caring attitude to all the work that she does.