Some Basic Information About The Fagali’I Airport

You will learn some basic information about the Fagali Airport so you can be better equipped during trip when visiting.

The IATA airport code for Fagali: (FGI)
International Immigration Rules: American Samoa

This airport is only a five-minute drive from Apia, Upolu, and a forty minute drive from the Faleolo Airport, which is the main airport on the island. Some people prefer flying into the Fagali Airport directly into Apia for business and tourism.

Airport Amenities

Chairs to sit down
Ticketing counter operated by Polynesian Airlines.
Customs booth.

The air taxi service to Fagali includes Samoa Airways and Talofa Airways.

Talofa Airways: Pago Pago, American Samoa. Tongatapu, Tonga.
Samoa Airways: Pago Pago, American Samoa.

Make sure to arrive at this airport at least 45 minutes before departure time. Some passengers report the ticket counter agents asking to stand on a scale to be weighed. This is to check the overall weight of the flight to ensure the aircrafts are not overloaded. Check in bags should be no more than 44 pounds and carry-ons no more than 12 pounds.

Aircrafts Used For Each Airline

Talofa Airways: Rockwell 690B Turbo Commander

Samoa Airways: DHC-6-300 Twin Otter

Both aircrafts can fit up to 9 passengers.

Hotels in the Area

Travellers Point Hotel
Pasefika Inn
Le Alaimoana Hotel
Le Manumea Resort
The Samoan Outrigger Hotel
Travellers Point Hotel
Taumeasina Island Resort
Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Hotel & Bungalows

Attractions in the Local Area

Fiafia Fire Performance every Friday.
Robert Louis Stevenson Museum
Samoan Cultural Village Experience
Maua Quality Homestay

The Beautiful Upolu Island

This is a majestic island full of natural greenery, beaches for fun in the sun, and museums and cathedrals.

Brief History

The Fagali Airport commenced operations in 1950 but decommissioned in 2005 because of noise complaints about possible environmental pollution. The asphalt was paved into the ground in 2002. The airport reopened in 2009 with renovations and improvement to ensure the local governmental safety standards were met.

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