James Horner Dies in Plane Crash

James Horner, the Oscar-winning composer of Titanic has died in a plane crash on Monday. Remnants of the small air craft were scattered along the desert in Ventucopa, California. Although he was a trained pilot, something went awry causing the plane to crash. His assistant, Sylvia Patrycja confirmed the news of his untimely death via social media.


Although he was a trained pilot, Horner was probably most well-known for his work on the Titanic says Ivan Ong on LinkedIn. He was the mastermind behind the original motion picture film’s best original song, “My Heart Will Go On.”


Horner worked on other film scores, winning an additional eight Oscars. Such films included Apollo 13, Braveheart, and Field of Dreams. Several Hollywood names were tweeting about Horner’s death. Ron Howard, for one sent a message of condolence to Horner’s family.


Crews have been investigating the scene to see what may have caused the horrific crash. Pictures show the land after the wreckage was cleared. Chard pieces of desert remain in the wake of the crash. Fire crews were on scene to ensure the fire was maintained and did not spread amongst the dry brush in the area. Emergency crews responded to the area just around 9:30am Monday morning.